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  1. Yep, damn shame. Another fishery gone, for time being anyway. Remember catching whiting, ling and herring at night off Coney Island and Long Branch piers at night in the late 60's - early 70's. Bostons and herring in the daylight. Late November to March.
  2. Sudsy, while some will call me a cynic and dogmatic on this issue, my money is on the bet that 99% of the reason the surf run is "off" is due to beach replenishment's destruction of habitat, altering of structure and just messing with Mother Nature.
  3. Could the off color water just be suspended particulate (sand, sediment) matter? Aren't most chemical contaminants colorless? PS: I would love for mankind to find the answer to this question and I don't care if my theory is completely wrong and you are 100% correct. I would just love for any future grand kids I may have (and future generations) to enjoy some of the decent surf fishing my son (b. 1985) enjoyed on NY, NJ, DE beaches.
  4. While I don't know for sure, I doubt they test sand for contaminants because if they found any then: 1) the ACOE would be idle 2) million dollar homes (think donors) might be at risk 3) favored government contractors (think donors again) would lose business 4) tax dollars might actually be spent for the benefit of all taxpayers, not just the privileged. Sudsy, I fished NY harbor in the 60's and 70's when it was a "tad" contaminated (PCB's, crude oil, etc.) and we caught (but didn't eat) good amounts of striped bass. I seriously doubt that possible contaminants in the sand are the cause. Striped Bass are resilient, strong fish in my opinion --- how else could they be able to continue spawning in the Hudson River? My money is on continuous habitat destruction as the primary cause the fish don't come into the surf as much as years past. PS: Same thing happened on Sussex County, Delaware beaches after beach replenishment started there in earnest about 15-20 years ago.
  5. So no physical barriers of any type ANYWHERE on the border?
  6. We all know what is wrong ---- beach replenishment destroys habitat which alters migration patterns. Until that stops (which I doubt for various reasons) the fishing will remain as it has over recent years.
  7. I don't thing they have spent $0.01 on that spot since 1990, the first year I fished it. PS: Fishing was better then, especially in IRI.
  8. Predicting there will be another recession is like predicting humans will die or the sun will rise. Regular events. The banks are in much better shape than they were in 2008 and will not need to be bailed out IMHO that is infomed by over 30 years on Wall Street. PS : I believe Bernie would have won in 2016 if the DNC and Clinton lovers didn't rig the Democratic nomination.
  9. Just love this comment -- perfect response.
  10. Why not keep Fishing Reports on one thread, Red Tide Reports on another, Red Tide Suggested Solutions (including taxing, politics, politicians, business restrictions, etc.) on another, and so on. Keeps the discussions clean and focused. And, while I consider myself a moderate ........ the more you tax something the less you get of it (basic law of economics). That is why population is declining or growth slowing in high tax states (NJ, CT, etc.). I would support a surcharge on fertilizer though I am generally anti-tax and fled the Peoples Republic of NJ for just that reason. And, stop subsidizing Big Sugar with price floors, import restrictions, quotas, and environmental law exceptions.
  11. Several slow days in Indian River and Brevard counties (for me) over the last week. According to my buddies, the usual suspects are around sporadically if you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right bait, which I wasn't. Generally small snook, decent to bull sized Reds, ladyfish, jacks, blues, and a very few small black drum and sheepshead making a showing on occasion. Need a good cold front to get things going I think.
  12. Haven't been able to get out recently with red tide and personal obligations. Will see what next few days hold weather wise as more appts today. Good luck to all.
  13. Plan on being out tomorrow AM. Will report results and conditions. Thanks for update. Spoons, bucktails, poppers and shad bodies are all I am bringing. Tempted to bring large baitcaster to live line bluefish or jack for heck of it but will decide in AM.
  14. Had dinner last night at Ocean Grill with wife and one of her friends who came down from up north. Saw a few dead fish on beach and all of us noticed Red Tide in air. Suspect that switch from west winds to north wind had something to do with it. Really a shame. And, winds all over the place this week, from every direction so suspect some days will be better than other. Thanks for update. Best.
  15. Dennis not Dennis Watched, fat fingers