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  1. . Na man, wasn’t photoshopped lol. All of my rear trebles are either crushed or removed, fronts I like to keep as is. Thats what I get for carrying a boga and never using it.. Unfortunately he didn’t send it all the way through, I had to finish that job on the walk back to the truck for cutters. The bass still being attached to the rear treble made it....exciting....
  2. They got me last night...
  3. What size?
  4. Fishless puts hook protectors on Sheisty’s plugs when he isn’t looking....
  5. I had the exact same thing happen. 2 different people must’ve thought I was Mr. Miyagi. Both wanted to ask me every question they could come up with. To top off the night, an hour into a mediocre bite and there’s people everywhere with lines getting casted over n around me. I bailed shortly after.
  6. Hope you’ve got your elite high tide swimmies...
  7. ......And you’ll cast three miles past it.....
  8. That was all bass on top. As someone else mentioned they were “sunning” on the surface after a big chew. Yes I was with a buddy out there, he was in a red revo 16 and I was in a red outback. We both have whistles, a ton of reflective tape, and he had a light on all day. Left my light at home which I regretted as soon as I got on the parkway. For some reason me and that buddy are an **** magnet. If they are out there we will find them...
  9. After the March we had down south where I live on short action, I’ve been trying to weed them out, trolling/casting all 6”-9” wood/rubber/plastic plugs.
  10. Both of the fish pics are from saturday. The mark was from Sunday. Last weekend and this weekend we saw the same thing. We would connect only when dragging trollers deep under them. Ahh that sucks! I agree with the amount of boats, luckily it wasn’t to bad with clueless boaters. We had only one moron come close. Dumba$$ was going full throttle through the fleet of boats/kayakers. He attempted to stop and give us crap but it quickly back fired.
  11. You mentioned using big wood.  Can you share what type of plug?  Any idea idea of the depth its swimming at?    what speed you troll?   Makes lots of sense.



  12. I was out yesterday from 630AM-1PM on RB. Fishing wasn’t great, but I got some pretty good GoPro video of that dense fog, glassy conditions and big bass swirling on the surface. I’ll post it after I get a chance to edit it down. The last two weeks has me hooked on trolling big wood behind the yak.
  13. Even better. Money’s been sent. Thanks. Closing this down. Jeff
  14. Ok, I’ll just take both groves for $60. PM me PayPal info. Thank you!
  15. Is that yellow over white? How is the oxidation on the hardware? I’m definitely interested in that one if you will split them.