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  1. There isn’t a nerve left to hit
  2. @Goldy @fishless
  3. You’ll get it. It’s a lot more fun I think. Plus for fishing bait or dragging snakes it’s almost essential. Switched to pretty much all baitcasters on the yak.
  4. @hurricane1091 yeah definitely free spool that reel with the clicker on. Tightening that drag will take a lot of time. Not to mention that progression into more tension may pull the hook out of its mouth to early. free spool, when the fish hits give it about a 10 count then close it up.
  5. No problem Bob. I don’t blame you. Im lucky to have a couple pond darters. One of my favorites from Bill. Looked around in the garage a little while ago. No luck yet. I will keep you posted brotha. Hope all is well.
  6. Soon as I am home I will post pics. exact model is Lowrance elite 5 ti. Believe it was discontinued last year for the ti2.
  7. @fishless yo buddy. Believe I have a couple mini darters in the garage. Not sure who the hell the builder was. They were similar to the pond darter. Maybe a hair longer but similar weight. They caught fish but they haven’t left the garage since I started buying pond darters. If I can find them I’ll dig them out, you can have one.
  8. 5” Lowrance elite Ti. Little over a year old. Still in great condition, works as it should. Comes with totalscan transducer. I’ll post pictures if anyone wants them. This unit does have side scan if anyone is looking to upgrade. Believe it has the US coastal charts chip in it now. Located in Ocean County, NJ. Shipped—$360 Picked up—$340
  9. Double post.
  10. Not sure if your being funny or not. there was no wind early am. Couple strippers from Saturday were covered in red bumps. Time to get checked out...
  11. We cannot assume their gender or body shame. It’s 2021 after all. Don’t want to find yourself SOL cancelled....
  12. One grumpy old timer likes his thumbs down. Haven’t seen the red thumb in a while. Must be show season.... I was out in an unspecified county on Saturday off the dicksled. Gender neutral stripers were there. They had no preference of the unspecified colored plugs I was throwing.
  13. $30 shipped?
  14. Do it. Wave to the guys on land
  15. It’s over