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  1. Same thing happened to me last week at dawn in the back. Fought a fish for a good 2 minutes. Was out targeting weakies. Just after dawn hooked up to something really nice. Hook pulled as I was gaining. Ruined the rest of my trip. Was out with a couple others. No bass or blues caught. My mind is stuck on it.
  2. .... just saw no PP. never mind. Thanks.
  3. Yours. Pm coming.
  4. Little beat up but works as it should. $115 shipped. PP only.
  5. $115 shipped.
  6. I have a black 4 tube gear up i would ship. not in the best condition, but still works as it should. I’ll get some pics for you when I’m done with work.
  7. Nope. Being “essential” had me for a double shift yesterday. I was out but on foot and late. Short of a light and some reflectors on the plastic yachts, you wouldn’t know where we are.
  8. Woah...a blue label underneath the name. There’s a new sheriff in town.
  9. Do tupperware reports count again?!?! Sweet.
  10. Almost every fish that night was hooked in the side or top of the head. Casting into 2-3ft of water. Second the plug would hit the drop off bass would explode on it. back barbs are crushed. Made the surgery a little easier.
  11. I don’t think the teeth broke on that sprocket. I’ll double check in the morning. I believe in the pic it’s the “top” of the sprocket. Which is all gums Against the current and wind. Couldn’t peddle hard or it would start making god awful sounds.
  12. 2nd failure on the spine assembly just outside a year.
  13. Was out last Saturday night. Had a squeak on the drive that got worse and worse as the trip went on. 3-4 miles from the launch the drive seized. Took it out of the water, nothing seemed out of place. Put some pressure on the pedal and it freed up enough to get in. Next morning, I took an actual look at it.... I got all the warranty BS in motion. But am told with the lockdown it may take some time from Hobie. Had a new spine assembly in the garage so back on the water a couple days later.
  14. Somewhere in the middle. I just let my AI fish finder take me to the fish. I crack a coldy and go for the ride...