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  1. Did the exact same thing,. Sold the revo moved to the outback, weeks later the announcement comes out.
  2. Negative. Super Strike sells quality bottle darters and regular darters, or as they call them “zig-zags”
  3. I was outfront Tuesday, ready for albies or bones but no sightings. Acres of bunkah out there tho. And with the swell forecast off NJ, it’ll be a while before we can get out there. 77A756C4-0861-4F9F-A053-29BE582CAFAE.mov
  4. The fun continues into a new month...
  5. Hey Bob, by any chance was there two guys out on red kayaks where you were fishing?
  6. I had to white out some of the email, but this should answer your question. I contacted Hobie on Friday about when they would ship, this was their response.
  7. And that drum is fried food and rolling rock. I’m 275lbs, myself with my crap loaded into the revo: I was setting a new standard for the term low rider. I’ll end it here as to not start another thread of opinionated bickering BS. BTW I prefer tang over koolaide.
  8. Not by a long shot, the minute there is a comparable pedal drive on the market, I’d jump ship (or kayak). I’m on the water 3-5 days a week usually with an ocean trip mixed in. I sold a 2012 revo 16’ to purchase a 2018 outback, to better suit my needs (and wants). There’s nothing wrong with modifying your boat to serve you, But to say your not drinking the koolaid as you have a cup in your hand, and want seconds is a little strange to me. As far as wanting the low riding revo back, I understand why (stability and center of gravity). To loosely quote TimS, if the majority keeps squeeking eventually they will get their grease.
  9. So if the vast majority of your fishing is done from a hobie, how exactly are you not “drinking the kool-aid?”
  10. I agree. Honest question, what fishing kayak do you find yourself using the most?
  11. They begin shipping in September.
  12. Looking forward to seeing it in person. I just picked up a new 2018 outback about a month ago, maybe I should’ve waited... quick edit—just got an email from hobie about pricing, here you go....
  13. I make them myself as well, swimbait heads are a dime a dozen, but bucktails that’s a different story lol. Last night wasn’t the best, a lot of rats on the flats. Bigger fish were hanging low in 20-30’, the bass pictured was probably around the 28” mark. I’ve witnessed a few other fish in the #15-#18 range landed this month.
  14. I should take more pics! Regardless it’s been a pretty good few weeks of bass fishing.
  15. IMO the outback is an all around better fishing platform then the revo. I can’t comment on the compass as I’ve never fished from one, but I did own a revo and sold it after a year to switch to the outback. I do a lot of my fishing in the back bays for fluke and bass but I don’t hesitate to launch out front. It handles both sides of the coin without a problem (thus far). The biggest pro to me with the revo was long distance peddling and speed. The revo cuts through wind and current with ease compared to the outback, IMO.