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  1. Permetex dielectric grease. I don’t use much, just enough to help prevent corrosion.
  2. I have been using the elite 5ti since April. Zero issues thus far. Have had it out in the rain a bunch of times and it also takes some splashing most trips. Like Bill said, I use all weatherproof connectors, kept below deck. Inline fuses are also in waterproof holders below deck. I rinse down the unit after every trip and dry it off with a towel. I also keep a small amount of electric grease in the transducer and power connections on the back of the unit.
  3. Summer hits and my yak pretty much stays in the bed of my truck. Only have to throw rods in and go. Cant see how it takes 20 mins to drop the yak in and go
  4. This year has been dookie. 3-4 trips a week, only 5 or 6 keepers thus far. Nothing of size. A week before opening day a friend and myself were out doing some R&D and it was drop and reel fishing. Season opened and fishing went dead.
  5. Seconds on this..I’m right in Bayville.
  6. $80 shipped for the GRS?
  7. Grease definitely traps sand, no question. The only thing that was ever greased by me was the idler pulley bearings and drum bearings. The rest got WD. Older drives IMO were pretty much foolproof, truly “click n’ go.”
  8. I didn’t think using WD40 on the internals of the spine assembly was a good idea. Bearings on the spine assembly were packed with what looked like a graphite based grease. I was under the impression WD40 breaks down grease.
  9. 6AD2585C-F4FA-4137-9290-A045E64B171F.mov
  10. Dealer took photos, I can more than likely get them from him. I disassembled the spine assembly completely, one carbon bearing cracked and split locking the forward sprocket in place. I now understand why hobie says disassembling the spine assembly is not user friendly. Both sides of each sprocket and both ends of the spine have about 10 carbon bearings each. Ended up overnighting a new spine the day I spoke to my dealer, he told me a minimum of a two week wait. Luckily Pma lent me his back up drive to get me back on the water the following day. It’ll be a few days before I can get the pics but, the gap in that red circle as you know usually sits kind of uniform to the sprocket. Mine had about a 1/4”-3/8” gap, pushing outwards. If that makes any sense.
  11. Had a spine lock up on me last Sunday while on the water, one fin was completely stuck in place. Got a call from the dealer this morning, new spine assembly arrived today.
  12. I believe we’ll be taking a similar trip in July....that new moon looks to good to pass on. As far as a fishing report goes. Fluking was good before the season opened, then not so good, no it’s good again.
  13. Anyone else struggle with convincing yourself to chase stripes once fluke opens... I’ll see all you Menhaden Mafia, Sand Eel Syndicate and Herring Cartel members in October.
  14. I rarely just see “dots” usually it’s arcs with the occasional shadow when I see fish on the side scan. And with fish reveal on down scan I will see the piece of structure with red highlighted arcs if there is fish on it. I completely agree with the need of a bigger screen. I run an elite ti5, if I’m using side scan it’s the only thing I will keep on the screen. It is great for finding structure you didn’t know about, or getting back on a school of bait or fish you may have drifted off of.
  15. Watched a guy flip his sit-in kayak yesterday in Ocean County. Water temps were 59, he was in jeans and a sweat shirt. Current was flying, heard him screaming for help about a 1/2mile away. Homeowner nearby dove into the water and got him out. EMTs, police and fire department were on scene shortly after.