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  1. Maybe I am a little wet behind the ears but I have never heard of people land based squiding with any consistency in NJ.
  2. Those are all legal tuna. Bluefin-2 @ 27”—<47” and 1 @ 47”—<73” per vessel There’s 3 yellows mixed in those pics as well, also all legal. Yellowfin 3/person @27”
  3. Been a fun summer so far.....
  4. One bump before it heads to flea-bay.
  5. Closed
  6. Title says it all, I have a brand new still in box and freshly spooled VR-175. Spooled with 30lb PP. Located in Ocean County, NJ. Asking $525 shipped.
  7. Keeping it a combo, thanks. Perfect set up for most NJ tuna.
  8. For anyone interested the seeker blank is a Hercules GTS60H.
  9. Not right now, no. Thank you tho. As far as the Seeker blank I am not 100%. Blackcloud Bob over at Grumps seems to think its a Seeker Hercules GTS60H. I had it built 6-7 years ago (by Mike Malek at Grumpy’s) for tuna up to 100lbs. It had a few yellowfin in the 70lb range on the deck in under 15min. IF you are interested in both I would let them both go for $1000...
  10. How’s $480 sound?
  11. I’ve got a lightly used Okuma Makaira 50Wii 2 speed on a Pinnacle STX 6010 short butt. Reel is spooled with 500yards of 80lb Momoi. Combo was used maybe 4 times since I owned it. Asking $500. Second set up is an Accurate 500 Boss Xtreme BX2 on a 6’ custom seeker Hercules GTS60H. All Fuji guides and aluminum aftco reel seat, built by Grumpy’s B&T. Reel is spooled with a 50yard top shot of 50lb momoi and 400(ish)yards of 50lb depth hunter. Asking $650. Both combos are like new. I am not separating rod from reel. Local pick up is preferred, located in OC, NJ. Will meet within reasonable distance.
  12. I may have one laying around, I’ll check the garage tomorrow. It would have come off a split shot transducer if it matters.
  13. For those looking for a rake, a tackle shop in Toms River on 37 has a couple in stock.
  14. Second one is a shad, my guess would be a hickory shad. First pic looks to me like a small seabass. Hard to tell by the pic.
  15. Permetex dielectric grease. I don’t use much, just enough to help prevent corrosion.