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  1. I’d come up to $88 shipped if it makes a difference. Otherwise, GLWS
  2. Thought I was going to be the sacrificial lamb
  3. If he passes, I’ll take it for $120 + shipping
  4. Some of y’all need to get laid…… From over a month ago.. but iykyk…
  5. If that was post Bill’s passing, that’s impressive. I’ve caught from boat, land and yak with his pike—it’s definitely a catcher. His DP4 gets down deep, I’ve fished one from land, then proceeded to donate it to the bay when it snagged bottom
  6. I have a few that’ll be written into my will I’m sure. I know a couple people with one or two as well who feel the same
  7. Wasn’t sure where else to post this, figured it would garner the most responses here. Has anyone actually seen one of Bill’s DP4’s or Pike’s sell after his passing? If so, how much? No nefarious intent behind the question, I’d just be interested to hear what someone paid or saw someone pay for one. Disclaimer: Im not looking to sell/purchase any of Bill’s Pikes or DP4s, genuinely curious if someone here has bought or sold one since his passing.
  8. I don’t think I implied that SOL is a worse contributor than FB or IG. My point is that the reports thread IS a contributor to crowds. Not nearly on the same level as the book or gram, but still a contributor.
  9. I used to debate this with guys on here regularly…it’s not that you’re “burning” a spot. It’s that your inviting company that would otherwise have no clue when to go, let alone which county to start in. Add those reports to all the surf cams and tackle shop reports up and down the coast, it’s really not a challenge to put yourself within a few miles of fish. then you have people posting pics that have any identifiable building when there’s google earth… 20 years ago pounding your chest was writing your name in you favorite shops log book, today it’s posting pics/reports all over the web.
  10. since this thread has become a therapy session…. All people fish for is validation anymore, like their parents never told them they’re proud of them… Post pics of their fish here, insta and Facebook before the fish is even released. Tell everyone of their friends where and when they caught, who then go off and tell everyone of their friends where and when, and so on. The wannabe YouTubers and insta-heros out there, no one but guys like Skinner and BlackTipH to thank for that. I know people like to defend the reports thread here, but it’s not much better than other platforms. Just because SOL has the “holier than thou” rule of no spot burnin, it’s still a significant contributor to the problem. Call me crazy, I’d rather a $*** Spring, where there’s a grind to stay on fish as opposed to what we’ve seen the past few years. I don’t handle fishing crowds well at all, I won’t do it without a buddy with me. And the crowds are to the point that in the middle of the week, between 1-4am, there’s still crowds in otherwise quiet spots. Never seen it so bad. IMO, the reality is- 99.999% of fisherman are the problem. Anyway, nap time. Late tide tonight
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