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  1. I picked up the bucktail pouch from Gear Up at Surfday. I first looked at the Mak & Ebbpoint at show (all were nice). The Gear-Up fits my needs and looks to be very well made. Now considering getting the 3 tube from Gear up as well.
  2. If you need to hear it run, then it will have to wait for warmer weather. Right now hose water spout from house is turned off for winter, so I cant run earmuffs out to garage. I am in Nutley NJ.
  3. photos sent to your email
  4. Pricise, If you PM me your email, I can send you the pictures of outboard.
  5. Its a 1994 with very few hours on it. Been in storage in garage. Litterally about 10 hrs running. I can email you pics sometime next week.
  6. I have an 8HP Nissan 2-stroke NS8B in essex county. $400 including 3 gal tank with hose &"earmuff" connection for running engine w/ hose
  7. final bump here. After that I guess its mine.
  8. From the photos on camera it belongs to a fisherman.
  9. Appears in good shape. Describe camera and I'll get it back to you.
  10. If you last had it while leaving the Captree upper lot on Wed night, then thats the one. Found it in middle of road while leaving. I didnt try it on, so I dont know if it's tight . Im probably fishing Jones or FI areas on Sat & Sun night. I could meet you then, or send me a PM w/ your adress and I'll mail it to you.
  11. Found a good quality cap w/ logo "Global" when leaving the upper lot last night. If its your lucky hat let me know and I'll put it in the mail.
  12. That would be me who was eeling. You were respectful when you arrived and asked me if you were in my way. I told you there was enough room and we fished comfortably until that group arrived. They rudely pushed you out of your spot. You politley asked him not to cast over your head. I would not have been as polite. Then after the dufus fell in the water, you offered to help him out. Once I saw he was not injured, it was very difficult not to laugh in his face. After you left he fell in again, and stated swimming there. That was my signal to leave. Lets hope the cold weather coming starts to thin out that element of "surfcasters". Nice fishing w/ you.
  13. Unfortunately for him it's wrong gear & wrong state. What I found was only worth about $25. Thanks for looking though.
  14. Great.. If it doesnt go through tonight Im still interested