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  1. Yes I am. I’m not the most informed person but if I can help, I will.. dc
  2. Not exactly the answer you’re looking for, but one thing that is overlooked too often, is variation on the presentation . I’ll rather explore thru multiple presentation (slow, very slow, fast and furious , inerted,..., and working with current and its effect than change fly... when all those variations failed and there is evidence of fish activity, that is where I go crazy and try each and every fly at a frenzy pace... your mileage WILL vary.. :-) dc
  3. Most people use an intermediate line. Some use floating only. I think you can go with a floating if the conditions allow (not fishing deep with high current). You can achieve good presentation using long leader and weighed flies. Start with what you have and you should be able to adapt and make your own mind depending on the conditions. good luck dc
  4. +1 on the conventional. Fishing in kayak expose the reel to splash and possible dunk.. Distance is usually not a factor, I always factor reels that can be easily maintained in a salt environment .. good luck, dc
  5. 1 wind. You will be much more exposed. You will have to cope with technics and heavier lines. 2. Line management. Exposed to wind, tide, weeds make using a basket mandatory in my experience. 3. Presentation will be easier (no dry presentation), take less subtile in general but dealing with night conditions may need adaptation, both in casting and fishing. dc
  6. Making my youngest daughter cath her first striped bass using a fly rod. Getting further in my journey with spey casting: i’m clearly not yet at the level of understanding and control i’m looking for... dc
  7. I totally agree: the weight of a 5# versus 7# is not so much different (140 versus 185) IF following AFFTA and the difference should not be to difficult to handle for a beginner. I’ve started fly fishing in my low teen and I was using a 7# and it never felt too much and it was over 40 years ago when rod were not on par with modern ones. I’m using a 7# for saltwater fishing as long the wind stays under 10 knots, afterward, i go to a 10# with a 400 grain line, but those conditions are not for a beginner... A modern 7# would also be my recommendation for a sw beginner. It can easily be used for fishing big river and many fw conditions... for over 35 years, I did have just one rod and is was a 7# and it served my very well.. dc
  8. Go for a short rod, the difference especially using heavier lines, is considerable. 350-400 grain over a 8’ lever versus 9’ is really felt less demanding... PT and all is a long term solution and will be beneficial in all aspects of your life, which is a plus... practicing casting alll year long is a good mean to improve the casting mechanic and keep your body conditioned to the specifics of casting. good luck dc
  9. My bad: confusing... I was not referencing the particular setup of the OP but the overall strategy which is to compensate with equipment instead of working on casting fundamentals... thanks for pointing out. dc
  10. Practice.... is my recommendation ... Technic allow to compensate for sub par equipment , the inverse is not true... Have fun! dc
  11. Choose an headlight that is confortable and ideally, which can switch between white and red light. Red does not impair you sight as much, does not spook fish as a white one (in my experience) and is much more friendly to other fishermen if you cross some... don’t forget to bring a spare... which is working... have fun dc
  12. This is a situation where having a good rollcast may helps.. When unrolling, the tip/snagged portion of the line will be rolled forward, in a similar manner as if you were in the opposite direction. Sure it is not as strong a pull as with your hand, but it will save your situation in many circonstances... my 2 cents, dc
  13. I’m only fly fishing except for mackerel using kayak. Being able to quickly going down while we are in a pod of fish mandates the use of jigs and alike. I should also note this is the only situation where catching is important for me since we filet and froze the fish to get a nice source for all year consumption. Otherwise, it is fly fishing only because I just enjoy the casting activity, both OH and Spey style and being outside in the water in those beautiful surroundings, experiencing with flies, presentation, ... I could fly fish each and everyday of my life without ever getting bored: the anticipation, the magic of the discovery Will always feed my addiction for fly fishing... dc
  14. Nice pictures and you seem having managed to get the best of your opportunity... is it an European dipper (the bird in the pictures)? dc
  15. I amusing Loom streamline. it is biodegradable and the results satisfies me. I did not make an extensive experiment of all the available products but my expectations are fulfilled with this eco-friendly product. good luck dc