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  1. I haven’t seen or made any. The drag assembly on those reels is totally different than the other Mitchell’s.
  2. You must be using Penn reels. Most all of them use the 8mm center center hole. Go to McAllister Carr
  3. Some of the 706 models had two bearings. The top pinion bearing and one on the shaft of the main gear. The 704 model only has one pinion bearing just like all the other 700 and Z series reels.
  4. I don’t know of any revisions on that reel.
  5. In the sets one of them is thicker. It goes into the spool first. I’m still using the originals in my 2500 Sustain.
  6. Hello, I saw a post from you about a spool shaft pin for a VS150. Do you know where I can purchase one?

  7. Try Alan Tani website. He will know more than me.
  8. I have the part you want. It’s probably too late. I have the metal ones only. I bought a few when they were available
  9. Make sure the braid isn’t slipping on the spool too. The Penn Baja reels do the same thing.
  10. I use a bench press using the adapter shown in the top picture. I don’t use the long adapter shown in the kit. That’s for using a hammer. I only make ones for odd reels. I buy the kits from Dawn at Smooth Drag and the sheets from her too. The sheets are expensive for the real Carbontex. The kit shown is around $300.00..!! I have their metric kit too so I can get them just right. Most of the time it takes a mix of metric cutters and inch cutters.
  11. I use these to make Carbontex drag washers. Just measure the inner and outer dimensions and I will send you some. Measure the inner of the spool or metal washers and the outer of the spool shaft or the inner of the metal washers.
  12. I have one of the original VS 300 reels. The serial number is 00087.
  13. Many of the Penn reels use that same size bearing. From the Z series to the International 30’s. Was your bearing all metal or did it have a white nylon inner race?
  14. The bearing size is 3/8x7/8x9/32. When looking for bearings make sure there is an S before the other numbers. Even SS bearings will rust. The SS used is 404.
  15. If that reel uses a line roller bearing that’s it..