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  1. I have them in charter boat reels that are 5 years of use. These are Penn 113H and 114H reels.
  2. I would lock down the drag and pull on the line while watching the spool. This way you can make sure the braid isn’t slipping on the spool. Mark the spool with a sharpie if needed.
  3. The Carbontex drag washer is a great improvement over the stock canvas washer. You should be able to get the cooling shield off by turning counterclockwise. Use a towel to hold one end and turn hard.
  4. If it has a plastic bearing leave it. It works and will save you from changing the bearing twice a year. Stainless steel bearings are 440 stainless steel. Highly magnetic.
  5. You take the top parts out first. It will them come out the back. Remove the pinion gear, 3 little screws, and the pinion bearing. Now you have room to pull the crosswind block and spool shaft out the back. That the only way to completely service the reel. there is a small retaining clip showing on top of the right side bearing. Remove it to to get the main gear out.
  6. I always remove the pinion gear and clutch bearing then slide the main shaft out the back. Doing their same during reassembly.
  7. Take the line roller side off. Bend the solid wire where it lines up perfectly to the bail arm. Most problems of my bail wont flip back over is because its not lined up.
  8. Mineral Spirits is the fastest way to clean parts. Aqua shield grease is super thick and tacky. I wouldn’t use it on anything. If you get it on you or your clothes good luck on getting it off.
  9. Oops I didn’t read all the posts.
  10. It it wont go back into freespool the left side of the spool shaft is sticking in the graphite body. You have to carefully drill it out. If it still has the label on the left plate take it off and then glue it back on
  11. Send me the measurements and i will check my inventory. I am a dealer for Smooth Drag. I can also make them in any size and thickness. Keith Plus I am cheap..!!
  12. I would first use some WD40 to wipe it off. You will need a T6 Torque screwdriver to remove the rear cover.
  13. I have never had a problem not marking the gears. I do hundreds of these each year. i just finished a box of Stradic’s, Twinpower’s, and Saragosa’s for a inshore charter captain. They are smooth as butter. 26 reels total.
  14. You can send it to I me at.


    Keith Rawson

    OCD Reel Service

    1311 Soundview Trail 

    Gulf Breeze, FL



    850 712-1650


    I will be in bed tomorrow, Thursday, back to work on Friday.

  15. Will do. I was in the hospital last week for skin grafts on my feet. The largest one failed. Not enough blood flow. Tomorrow is angiogram on both Femerol arteries and hopefully another skin graft. It never ends. I will pm you now.