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  1. He offered all of his parts to me but I would have to buy everything. It was too much at that time.
  2. Its always best to close it by hand. After a while its second nature.
  3. I would be glad to service you if needed. No charge..
  4. You have to remove the gears, drag plate, everything to get to the bearing inside the handle side plate.
  5. The part key #9b is a retaining ring. It hold everything in place.
  6. The Penn 20/0 is sitting next to a old Penn 80. Keith
  7. Snowy you are looking at the schematic like all of those parts come falling apart. Most of the head plate is inclusive of all its parts. This reel is no harder or indifferent than any other. I do know a little about Penn reels and where they are made. Most good Penn reels are made in the USA. I was the largest Penn parts purchaser two years in a row doing a minimum of one thousand reels a year. The only Penn reels I use are one Slammer III and a couple of the Baja Specials with the upgraded bridge from Cortez Creations. They are my guest Snapper reels. Without that upgraded bridge the reels anti reverse system fails every time, Thats why I use Shimano! included are pictures of the upgraded bridge and the crappy original. Also a picture of a Penn 20/0 reel. Only 20 were available and will never be available again. I did add pictures of the Penn US Metal 113H. I own 5 of them NIB. No others available. Cheers
  8. Here are where your fathom reels are made..
  9. There are bellville washers and a spring along with the cheap clicking spring that makes noise when you turn the star. its simple
  10. Ive never had luck with braid on the older Penn reels either
  11. The GOP party doesn’t want anything to do with TRUMP.
  12. No different than any other star drag reel. They should be greased with their grease.
  13. WIHA screwdriver are the best. For philips you will need a JIS screwdriver. No joke its for Japanese screws.
  14. Now to fix the terrible drag on those reels!! Great Job..!!
  15. Its the right side plate or pinion bearing. Each time you push the drag lever up it puts a side load on that bearing. Bearings dont like that.