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  1. Saudi's are the root of all Sunni based extremists. They are the only ones with money to fund. Don't forget 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi's. Yet we went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. We should have lit them up after 9/11.
  2. But the metro districts are how Obama won two elections. The Dems hit the metro districts and urban centers of the states hard with get out the vote campaigns, city by city, block by block. Their base is already there, they just mobilized them at an unprecedented level. The population centers in the swing states carried the vote. If you look at county by county in these states, the majority of the counties go red, but they are rural and less populated, while the blue counties have the population. Whether they can drum up the same support for midterm Senators and Congressman is another story.
  3. Terror plot
  4. sure, one that you can see the intersection from a least a half mile.
  5. The Newburgh 4. If you know who they were.
  6. How do you possibly miss this in broad daylight and blow through at 60 mph? Driver must have lost brakes, or been incapacitated?
  7. Sandy Hook yesterday. No fishing, but while out surfing saw two big seals right in the wash. There was another one in Allenhurst as well. Never seen them here this early. Water still warm.
  8. No better example of a one thriving US city that was decimated by the decline of US industry. Campbells Soup, RCA and the ship building industry alone once employed over 50,000 people in the city limits. All gone by the 80s. Add in some 80s crack cocaine, rampant political corruption, gangs, and got Camden today.
  9. FBI complete an investigation in one week? Whaa?
  10. Just turned it on for first time. Discussions on farts and vomiting from high school. Amazing.
  11. They are coming for that entire area. Jackson, Howell, Toms River, every town that borders Lakewood, because they are running out of room in Lakewood already. A very well known and influential Rabbi issued an "edict" a few years ago and instructed the community to move here, actually naming surrounding towns to populate. Basically this is to be their new homeland. They are coming from all over the world, mostly NYC though. Anyone or any town that puts up a fight is sued in federal court instantly under anti-Semitism laws. It's unstoppable.
  12. Did you just dip a sand crab in epoxy? That's amazing work.
  13. Two main groups of groups of residents in Lakewood, the Orthodox/Hasids and African Americans. I think this kid was of the latter group. Lakewood is truly a mind blowing place. Someone needs to do a Netflix/HBO documentary on what is going on there.
  14. After they cut and notch the jetties, don't underestimate the tide and that you could be stuck on a jetty through entire high tide cycle.
  15. Check in with the Conowingo utility company on the dam opening schedule before fishing the lower Susquehanna. Almost cost me and a friend our lives.