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  1. Will try to stop over. Good to see some momentum against this again.
  2. RIP to a great captain. I remember fishing the boat years ago for blackfish and even though I wasn’t a regular he’d always come down and check on me and my buddy to see how the bite was. I remember him showing us how to tie a quick Belmar Rig. My thoughts are with his family and many good friends he had.
  3. Does this also ban “snag and drop” weighted treble hook fishing for live bunker?
  4. It used to be 15-20 feet deep off the end of Marine. One of the deepest ends of the jetties. Now it’s about 5 feet.
  5. $200. Price drop
  6. Fished once. 10/10 body condition. Handle is from another reel so that needs replacement as knob is loose. No upgrades. No box. Clean as they come. $225
  7. Big cuts are coming. The more the merrier I say. I’ve also heard ban on snag/treble for bait fishing.
  8. 1 fish 24-36”. No mas
  9. This website has 20 years of people posting and encouraging conservation. Too many fish being killed. Too many spawners not being released. “We are killing the golden goose”. Many comments and concerns falling on deaf ears of Charter-come-lately’s claiming fishing is good as it gets, best they have ever seen, when they started fishing 3 years ago. Just tryin to make a living ya know. The regs say it’s legal. Party boats filled with 30-40 Lbers day after day. Get yer bonus cards here. Tackle shop heroes. Personal bests on the fillet tables, headed for the freezer burn. The fish just keep coming and coming. They were just suicidal. Blah, blah, blah.... Well, for the first time in 30 years the SSB is now officially overfished. A very, very bad assessment. Turns out we were right all along.
  10. The Lord works in mysterious ways
  11. Interesting. Thanks. Any farms like this on the East Coast?
  12. Received this below viia email from a fish market in NJ I visit occasionally. What exactly is a pure bred striped bass? Are they farm raising real striped bass now? We have wild tilefish, lemon sole, grey sole, haddock, codfish, whiting, beautiful beeliner snapper, black sea bass, swordfish, and tuna. We have farmed tilapia, branzini, arctic char, Atlantic and king salmons. Looking ahead, I think we will be trying a new farmed striped bass. We are prevented from selling wild striped bass by ridiculous New Jersey law, and the farmed product which has been available is a hybrid of striped bass and a perch. There is a new product coming to market which is a purebred striped bass. I have tried it and seems closer to the authentic flavor. It isn't cheap, but I think I will try offering it here soon. In shellfish we have lobsters, shrimp, sea scallops, clams, mussels, cockles and Blue Point and Village Bay oysters. The kitchen is producing grilled vegetables, sweet peppers stuffed with shrimp, scallops, rice and mozzarella, and bruscetta.
  13. Agreed. We are one recession away from empty high rises and half built abandoned buildings. If and when all those new condos are filled Ocean Avenue, the traffic is going to be unreal.
  14. 150 year old historic property gets demolished for gawdy summer homes occupied for 2-3 months a year. Blue Creek Construction square shoe box Miami Beach eye sores on the way probably. Well done Elberon.