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  1. Always considered them a deep water dweller until I caught this one this year trolling a mojo for bass. Guess I was getting it down pretty deep. It was probably the most surprising catch from the boat. Lol.
  2. monkfish bottom jaw I think
  3. Sunday 11/18. Northern Moco. We kept going deeper, and it kept getting better. I thought it was usually the other way around this time of year.
  4. Agreed. "jig" is the worst name for them. They really should have been named something else. There is no jigging involved.
  5. Good info. I think because the jig bite is so much more sensitive that a smaller bite/smash feels like a "good" bite on a traditional tog rig. I have to make some adjustments it seems.
  6. Just started fishing jigs last year. I'm snagging a lot of fish. Yesterday snagged half of the fish I caught probably, usually right under the chin. Bigger fish are going to be lost like this...Bites felt solid like I should swing, but I guess I am too fast on the trigger. Any tips from experienced jiggers? Thanks.
  7. True. They recognize the importance of the resource and put their work in. Vs. a guy that hires a charter once a year to catch his "personal best" by getting dropped into a bunker blitz. Lol.
  8. Beautiful fish. Must have been brutal in that current . Amazing that surfcasters are more apt to release a big fish than the boaters, when it is 1000X harder to catch a big fish from the surf. There is still hope...
  9. Assuming you are fishing in the ocean, most charters would cancel with that forecast. Even Raritan Bay is ugly with a strong westerly.
  10. Most of that sand was taken from Inrock Hill which was a productive fishing lump off Mantaloking. It's completely gone now, cut down entirely. The Corps also has plans to dredge the Manasquan Ridge as well for future sand "borrowing" as it's known. The Manasquan Ridge is one of the most productive fishing spots in our area. These underwater sand hills which have existed for thousands of years are prime fishing spots for boaters and provide habitat and forage for many species, including fluke, striped bass, sea bass, etc. So while they are destroying surf fishing and inshore habitat with sand pumping, they are also wiping out the underwater hills to obtain the sand. The environmental destruction to our marine environment caused by sand replenishment can't be understated.
  11. You can mail a metal pipe bomb with 6 stamps? Where's the post office stamp/marks showing it was processed through a USPS facility?
  12. Lots of loonies on both sides. I would think that if someone from far right really wanted to harm one or all of these folks out of anger, at least one of the 8 would have detonated somewhere along it's travels. I'd like to hear if they were even possibly able to be detonated, or if they were dummy bombs. Which leads to the next question of who would want to send fake pipe bombs to prominent Democrats two weeks before a major election. What is that person's motivation?
  13. Funny I walked out on a jetty yesterday to cast at some bird action. Saw something huge jump out of the corner of my eye, 5-6 footer. Minute later a smaller one jumped nearby, brown and white. Definitely sturgeon. Shot out like a cruise missile but landed stiff as a board.
  14. Yeah that's right. They did change the jig type. Not sure why because his first PBJs were great. I jigged my biggest bluefin on the original silver one with the stock hardware. I don't know Dave that well or why he changed it up, or even changed up the companies, but why fix it if it ain't broke!