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  1. Just figured I'd follow up on the problem. It appears that there is no problem. I've been out the last three days with it and it's been working great. Smooth and no gearyness, if that's a word. Maybe it was sand.....maybe it needed to be broken in. I don't know but so far, so good.
  2. I think a 200 is all you need. It holds plenty of line. I believe VS reels were designed when mono was still used by most guys. With braid the bigger sizes aren't needed so much....IMO
  3. Yes, I did notice the grease was very tacky.
  4. I don't think so. I did get hit with a couple of sandy splashes. The sand did get between the rotor and the body and made for a couple of grindy cranks but it would work itself fairly quick. The grind I'm talking about feels like it's inside the reel. The odd part is it comes and goes, not after a wave hit. I tried the reel this 30 degree morning, it feels a little stiffer than normal due to the grease being cold. Outside of that it feels normal right now.
  5. It wasn't packed but everything looked coated with grease.
  6. Thanks again Scoob. I'll have to look into getting the tool.
  7. Thanks Scooby, I was hoping you'd respond to this. When it was acting up, I spun the rotor and it turned freely. You think it could be the main gear bearing?
  8. I've got a Salt-X that I've used 3 times. First trip out nice and smooth, no problems. Second and third trip, it started out smooth. Then after about an hour or so the reel got very stiff and geary. That lasted about a 15 or 20 minutes then back to smooth again. It stayed smooth the rest of the outing, no problems. It wasn't dunked but did get splashed. I opened the side cover, the main gear bearing did not stay in the side cover. It was on the main gear shaft. Should that bearing be pressed into the side cover? Outside of that, everything looked fine. No water or any signs of intrusion. What would cause the stiff/gearyness to come and go?
  9. No problem. I can get it in the mail today. I'll send you a PM.
  10. I think so, where you at?
  11. This reel was never dunked. Always rinsed after being used. It's the latter version with a roller bearing for the line roller, no bushing. It has enough mono backing to load 300yds of 30# braid. New price- $180
  12. I've got a very nice 5500 Slammer III I'd like to sell. I bought it new last summer. The only mark on it is on the stem from riding in my rod rack. Comes with the second knob, box and paperwork. $195
  13. Any pics of the Salt-X ?
  14. It seems worse without a swivel.