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  1. Still emptying the garage.....last bump. Wagon, wheels, livewell, rodholders (roof and sand) Tiny shopping cart, perfect for the pier and fits in the car. Carwash stuff,, junque. Whaddaya need? (No Van Stalls, sorry) oh, did I say FREE?
  2. There are more fish on the points, than in deep water (at night.) Kayaks can get right into the rocks, boaters don't dare. Mea culpa.....I have launched where such a thing was never anticipated! But it wasn't prohibited either! It is better to beg forgiveness, than to solicit a "NO!" That "NO" that you found, will affect all who come after you! Don't be the one that spoils it. "I'm sorry, I didn't know" will get you a pass every time "show me the law" gets you arrested. "Can I fish here?" "I don't know..." "Can I fish here?" "I don't know?" Can I fish here? NO! Satisfied? Got the "NO" you were after? SHEESH! You are a tough act to follow! Try to make someone's job easier, they will be grateful. I remember the Chief of Police in a North Shore Village... ...they had a private parking lot, residents only, by permit only. I would come in to fish, and the Chief was there. He challenged me "Do you live in xxxxxxx?" I smiled, and softly told him that he knows that I don't even live in the County. He said: "Well you better be careful, the Patrolman is going to come around." I never once got a ticket there. Other beaches, yes. (Short Beach without a permit ticket takes 20 minutes!) I could be very happy in Peconic Bay, or even Greenport Harbor. You can have my share of tugboat wakes, current, and chop. Truthfully, the Western Sound is only special because it gets the first of the migration in Spring. By the time school gets out, Suffolk is MUCH better than Queens. But when the dogwoods start to bloom, grab those binoculars!
  3. There are at least three places to launch in Port Wasington Hempstead Harbor has boat ramps on both shores. There is a launching ramp in Huntington Harbor, and in Little Neck Bay. You can launch under both bridges. Where are the fish? They are in the water. Where are we? We are in front of the computer. (Only gefilte fish here!)
  4. There are several Western Sound locations to launch from. Yes, access is EXTREMELY limited. I can think of a few North Fork locations almost as bad. I don't know if it is the population density, or the cultural background, but the further West you go, the more trash you find. People that live Soundfront just don't want to live in a garbage dump. They have driveways. No parking. Fishing inside the harbor isn't bad either. Most harbors have a ramp. But you just can't post a spot that won't accommodate dozens of newbies. Go park in Sunken Meadow State Park. Or Wildwood.
  5. Say I know a few spots where parking is extremely limited. I list them here, or anyplace else on the Internet. Every year, thousands of people read my post. Maybe a hundred of them actually launch there. Problem is, when I go there, all of the parking spots are taken. No place for me, and I can only thank my thoughtlessness. Catch me fishing, buy me a cup of coffee, I just might give up a spot or two. Just don't put the information on line. You don't even need me! Any B&T will tell you where to catch fish. They want their customers to succeed, they want their customers to come back. Keyword: CUSTOMERS (Translation = BUY SOMETHING) WARNING; Put the info on line, and YOU won't be able to park there!
  6. Two tips to a better catch: 1) The number of fish that you catch, will vary directly with the amount of time that your line is wet. 2) If you don't know how to read the beach, chase the birds.
  7. I see "adult" humor is now acceptable, so I must share one of my favorites. I guarantee you will tell this one over and over..... A golf pro is marooned on a deserted island, which is hundreds of miles from any shipping lane. He doesn't get discovered for 10 years. He survives by eating coconuts and fish. One day, he is sitting on the beach, when a beautiful blonde wades ashore... (wearing a wetsuit and air-tanks) He rubs his eyes, not believing what he sees. "Something wrong with your eyes?" she asks. "I just cant tell if you're real, or if you're a mirage" he replies. "Oh I'm real enough" she answers, "Ten years, how would YOU like a cigarette?" "A CIGARETTE! YES!!!!!!" (She unips the top of her wetsuit, reaches in, and removes a waterproof cigarette case.) She gives him a cigarette, lights it for him, and he is puffing like a chimney. "Ten years! How would you like a drink? "A DRINK! YES!!!! (She reaches in the other side of the wetsuit, and produces a silver flask.) She pours him a capful of Brandy, which he eagerly quaffs, some dribbling down his chin. As he continues to fiend on the cigarette, she asks... "Ten years! How would YOU like to play around?" "DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU'VE GOT CLUBS IN THERE!" Now that you've got your golfing buddy laughing, sieze the moment, and follow-up with THIS one..... Grabbing an unexpected opportunity to enjoy 18 holes, Charles was only mildly inconvenienced when the only tee-time available was on the PUBLIC course. (Oh the sacrifices we make for our obsession!) The 9th hole was next to a fence that had a highway on the other side. When a funeral procession came down the highway, Charles stopped what he was doing, and held his cap over his heart. "Mighty sensitive of you" his partner exclaimed. "It's the least I could do, we were married for 41 years"
  8. It has been such a long time, I cannot remember if I ever contributed a joke. In the spirit of Christmas, here is one that you can share with your grandchildren. "Two cannibals are sitting in a clearing. eating a clown..... turns to the other, and says: DOES THIS TASTE FUNNY TO YOU?"
  9. The Live well for SUV is gone, the Sand Cart is gone. Live well for boat still up for grabs. November is half gone, comes December 1all you get is "sorry." tempus fugit.
  10. Guys, the stuff in the garage is free. Photographs are $1 each, payable in advance. I have no intention of paying anyone to take this stuff. The garbage hopper is 100' from the garage. Thank you for understanding, "bless you" if you don't.
  11. I posted the live well previously, but cannot find the O.P. My garage must be emptied by the end of the month, and it would be a shame to toss these items. 1) Live well for boats, homemade from a Rubbermaid garbage can, thru-hull fittings, hoses, etc. 2) Live well for your buggy, designed to slip over a spare tire mounted in back. Bilge pump, hoses.....a GAS, provided you have a rear-mounted spare. 3) Several ski-type rodholders, you must have a roof-rack. 4) Ladder-type roof rack, heavy duty. Bolts to rain gutters, needs paint (rusty, but strong) Wheels that I stripped from discarded "big-wheels" which make a great sand-cart for those with more time than money. I gave one of those away, still have a WAGON that uses those wheels, but for gardening. The catch? You have to pick them up at my garage, in Bayside NY. I Live three blocks South of LIE (x27) or exactly 2 miles South of TNB. Away Thanksgiving weekend, available most days. AMMO
  12. My kayak is a vestige of when I was fat. I used to weigh 325, now less than half of that. My OK "Malibu 2" is tricked out with an electrical system, rodholders, hatch covers.....etc. "Surf to Summit" seat, Werner paddle, depthfinder...etc. I havent put a price on it yet, figure about half of what it sells for in the store? (E.g. Half of your BEST price, not half the LIST price!) Frankly, it is much more important that the kayak fit your butt, than your budget. The best deal in the world is not what you smile about at the end of the day.
  13. Sand Cart to Pat, live well to Nick, Surf combo to Mark, with ski-rack type rodholder. All FREE....I am not around this weekend. Springfield Blvd/73 Av for your GPS. Daytime please. Free cooler rack still up for grabs!
  14. Amazed there aren't more responses. Guess "FREE" isn't cheap enough?
  15. The chum grinder is the one in the Offshore Angler catalogue. Like New, half price. It fits in a rodholder, has a cutting table, and a professional quality grinder.