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  1. Hey Phil. Going to hold tight for now bud.
  2. Thread closed
  3. Removing the Bigfish danny from this lot. Squeelie and junior $30 each shipped Take both for $56 shipped.
  4. Yes that's DE. Cool pic
  5. It was worth a shot. Good luck with your search.
  6. Happen to have any BM eelies?
  7. 3 new rough sided jointed redfins 1 used stout Redfin 2 new Normans. $33 shipped Money order or check please.
  8. Good deal. Pm coming
  9. I would like to get $32 a piece for em.
  10. Will split if anyone is interested.
  11. New old stock 3oz BM Blue/silver/white belly. New 2oz Tattoo Black/maroonish belly New 2oz Tattoo Black/green/gold. small mark on top as seen in photo Light orange/white belly 2oz Tattoo Thrown a few times. Hairline crack on the belly as seen in photo. Easy fix. Swims amazing. $145 shipped. Money order, check, or cash please
  12. There yours. Pm in route
  13. Can't do PayPal fellas. Sorry..
  14. Was told this one was a lex a while back by someone here. 24 grams..
  15. Nice lot. Do you know the specs on the small swim darter?
  16. Missed more fish then I care to admit in the spring. Total # of catches we're way down from last year. Lost alot of time this fall due to a car accident. 4 maybe 5 keepers all year. Nothing big. Recently bought a kayak that I'm decking out this winter. Looking forward to a solid 2018 season.
  17. That's a good 1. Wish I had the extra funds. If it doesn't go and your willing to make a trade I'd be interested. Good luck w the sale.
  18. Looking to get my hands on one or two of these plugs in the 4-5 inch range. Floating, suspending, or sinking. Open to all colors. Have some Ss, Bm, tattoo, and other misc builders I could trade.
  19. Deal... Pm coming
  20. I would like to keep the yellow junior if your cool w the Donny. Not a fan of the black/green Junior?
  21. I'm cool with letting go either of em. Donny looks dam near New. Yellow junior shows a bit more wear. Your call.
  22. Change of heart on the darters I originally spoke of. I apologise if this was a total waste of your time bud...
  23. Resin darter Lithos swimmer w the stamped lip. Both lightly used. $43 shipped check, money order, or cash please
  24. Just going to hold on to them for now. Thank you for the offer though. Thread closed. Thanks Tim+crew