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  1. definitely interested. Let me know what you come up with. Appreciate it.
  2. Last time the opportunity popped up I believe i paid $20-$25 for 2 packs What would you say an honest fair price is? How many packs are you thinking?
  3. If your interested in anything BM or SS i can probably pull something together. Would make it very easy for me to know of a style plug you might be interested in. I have a crate full of custom builders i can look through.
  4. I know this is a far shot but i'm down to my last one and i have to give it a try. Name your price. They do not need to be nip. Appreciate any offers.
  5. Me and a few guys have been putting in a decent amount of time locating the holdovers in DE. Never gave it much thought in the past. This mild weather has fish still biting consistently in certain areas both day and night. Sometimes catching in 2ft of water. Other times its been jigging deeper water. mostly shorts but there has been a few outings around full and new moon when keeper class fish are biting. Once we see an extended period of real winter weather the bite will stop so get out while you can. There's plenty of fish around.
  6. The bottle a deep diver by any chance?
  7. I will take bottom right
  8. Recently acquired 2 old school MTK darter bodies. Hardware was included. Anyone here willing to put them together if I cover all the costs? If not could anyone point me in the direction to someone who may be able to help. Thanks folks. Ky
  9. That used? Looks like a blue got a hold of the front of the plug. The eye chipped or damaged as well?
  10. Someone mentioned you have to find someone who thinks like you. Has the same drive and patience as you. I try to cover as much ground as possible. I would much rather hunt down a bite then sit in 1 spot waiting for fish to cross you. Not everyone is ok with walking miles and miles through the night. This is the main reason why I enjoy fishing solo. I've met a bunch of great guys over the years but only 1 will stick with me and fish the way I do. Most of the guys I meet do not put in the time and effort to make things happen. Make reports. Never follow them.
  11. And you guys are ok with people from out of state joining?
  12. Happen to keep a log? Curious to know what the ocean temps were like for ya's back then in Jan. Them fish had been eating pretty good.
  13. You do have to work the sinkers faster but try to pop it alittle less while reeling just fast enough to keep it wagging on the surface. They will wiggle slowly on top with a steady retrieve. May take an extra pump or to to get it popping again...
  14. Just stick with the basics. 1/2-3/4 oz bt's, 4 or 5 inch tsunami shad, 5in rough sided fins, and tins. Not made anymore but the vision sand eel accounted for a lot of fish over the weekend. Awesome little plastics. Rarely fish the point but I would bet on SP's if fishing there with that added sweep and current. Up your porfile if you ever run into bunker. They do pop up from time to time especially in the spring.
  15. White Wrangler? Has to be the guy I saw at the inlet (Sunday morning I believe) as I was coming off just after sun up. Never saw him before. Not sure if he's a regular or not.