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  1. Good thread Dinghy. I'm one of the lucky ones. My Dad is 90 in a few weeks. The last couple years have brought on more degenerative stuff such as oxygen all the time due to Lupus attacking his lungs, but in general, he's in fairly good shape. He is going to outlive me.
  2. All it takes is a simple retainer fee.
  3. I've rebuilt the carb on that saw at least 3-4X and it always runs good following the service. I haven't tried to start it in several years now, so I'm sure it would need a good cleanout.
  4. Hey Rick. Back in the day when I first started seriously heating my house with wood, I was using this old Homelite saw. Not for the faint of heart or spindly arms. Thing must weigh 20-25lbs. It was very slow, but it would just keep chugging along day in and day out. I still have it, but I bought a nice Husqvarna in the mid '80's for the big stuff and a small Stihl for limbing.
  5. I hope Peaches is getting royalties for the use of his pic.
  6. That boy can split wood better than a lot of the limp wristed crowd in heeya.
  7. I don't heat with wood anymore, but I have used these quad wedges and find they work quite well. Looks like this.
  8. I read here that if you're heating a whole house with wood, this is the way to go for efficiency.
  9. It's what I do best.
  10. Did Tom ever get off the sauce? I mean, didn't he do the nightly news for years hammered? If I were him, I would just say I was drunk and move on.
  11. Belmo on his way to the beach in the new cart.
  12. From a lot of what I've read, dentists/orthodontists write way more scripts for opioids in total than MD's. All this is, is political posturing in order for someone to get a feather in their cap for their contribution to the "war on drugs". They know they can't stop the real causes of opioid overdoses (illegal street drugs), so they target the low hanging fruit.