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  1. Nothing wrong with a M'Dew and some gas station nachos.
  2. Dang! And I thought Boxers had big tongues.
  3. Thanks. It goes well with their farmhouse style decor. Wish I could still take on little projects like that my friend. I'm afraid those days are behind me.
  4. Nice. I made one similar for my daughter and son-in-law a couple years ago. Rough cut 1" boards for the top, 4x4 legs, and the cross beam is 6"x9" rough sawn pine with pegs holding it in place. Then a couple of matching benches.
  5. Maybe Red Minnow can fix it for him.
  6. ZING!!!!!!!
  7. It's just being used as a doghouse anyways so he might need to roll it into a shady area.
  8. Buddy of mine is catching a lot of Seabass and Tog right now in Buzzards Bay.
  9. Go back to working for yourself. You'll be working every weekend.
  10. Irish/Jooooo
  11. There's not a whole lot of life left in those anyways, so I would say no.
  12. So do mine. And I didn't even go fishing.