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  1. I was agreeing with you Jase. Joey skipped the geography lessons that day. Along with the obvious that Belmo pointed out, where does it say that someone representing any particular country must look a certain ethnic portrayal of what Joey envisions?
  2. Really! Moran
  3. Did you use a rasp or a coarse grinding wheel to apply the edge on that beast?
  4. Old school Google.
  5. His last posts were today about his awesome video game life.
  6. Despite my best efforts, my wife continues to throw all her kitchen knives together in one drawer. Lucky for her, I enjoy putting a nice edge on knives. Also despite my efforts, she likes using cheap knives she brought home from Vietnam. I will say though, they are very rugged, very thin slicers that work extremely well with a good edge applied.
  7. You're all glossing over the fact that Red is probably on a no fly list.
  8. I thought it was Cheese Whiz.
  9. Not that I've tried a lot, but every gluten free product I've eaten tasted like ****. Spare me the whole Celiac thing please.
  10. That whole breakfast probably tastes like cardboard.