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  1. SUP

    Don't let the inflatable part of the equation stop you.
  2. You've got a lot of pics to upload I hope.
  3. SUP

    Slack tide, you can go out to the spit. Launch from the Herring River off the Driftway. Nice parking and a small dirt boat ramp there. I've caught many Stripers up there.
  4. Closer. I was just gonna call it more of a Cuban than Banh Mi before I read your follow up.
  5. SUP

    Just be careful. I'm sure you're aware of the current. Timing is everything.
  6. SUP

    North River?
  7. I did that for a while when I got out of the Army in the 70's. I worked at a few other employers as an equipment mechanic with the majority of that time working for Raytheon and then at Gillette in Boston for 25 years.
  8. I understood that. Just relating personal experiences.
  9. As I stated in that older thread, I've never worn a suit to any job interview. If I felt I had to, it wouldn't be the job for me. I was always successful in my career choices. I just wasn't office/desk job material. I made a good living working hard with my hands and skills.
  10. I'll pass on the trike thank you.
  11. Couch lock. You'll be immobile for the day.
  12. I never have trouble viewing your pics.
  13. I'm the last person to ask for attire advise so I'll just add; good luck Jim. I can't even remember the last time I wore a suit or even a tie.
  14. No, but her nephew can. I wasn't in the Apple store for a cracked screen.