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  1. Home Depot and Lowes sell sheets of 1/8" fiberglass panels for bathroom walls and such. Cut the sheet to size and drill a series of drainage holes all around. Nice and lightweight.
  2. Still a very poor analogy to compare a living creature to an inanimate object.
  3. One Wipe Charlie's from Dollar Shave Club.
  4. Plus he gets all fragile like when neighbors have a fire on a school night.
  5. Same reason windknot harassed that pig.
  6. No safe space needed. I went out on my own terms. **** them!
  7. It's got nothing to do with fragility. How about taking a stand against an issue you do or don't agree with. I'm sure you probably agree with football players taking a knee in protest to whatever they feel they were wronged of. You certainly voice your political views or displeasure with many issues. Those are just a couple instances where people express their opinions be it at the polling booths, protests, boycotts or whatever. Because current progressive ways of thinking want to strip away one's biological make up doesn't mean we're all going to lay down and let it happen. I love women for being feminine and I believe the majority love men for being masculine. I saw the inner working of P&G when I worked at Gillette and I can tell you with all certainty that their progressive agenda as spewed in that new ad is very real. They were stuffing it down our throats with threats of termination if you didn't play along.
  8. Yeah, I have to admit last night he was better on his predictions than usual. He's a smart guy. Too bad he couldn't apply some of that knowledge when he played.
  9. He just wouldn't shut the **** up! He's awful with his play analysis predictions and usually wrong. It's just the overboard blabbering that is distracting. Someone put a muzzle on that guy.
  10. Not to take anything away from the Rams, but a Brady/Brees matchup would have been sweet. Two of the best quarterbacks in the League. And it should have been the Saints going to the Superbowl.
  11. Congrats Maruthu. Wishing you two a long and happy life together.
  12. And they get heavy, sag and sway when he walks.