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  1. The mileage aspect is mostly a price to pay for a true 4wd system. Myself, I would not sacrifice the 4wd for AWD and slightly better mileage.
  2. Mike, why did they do away with replaceable fuel filters? Is it mostly due to the high pressure lines due to fuel injection?
  3. The only good thing about that movie was Susan George. Snaggle tooth and all.
  4. Start a Dear Tim thread about how much he sucks at running this site.
  5. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  6. The only thing numbers hates is deodorant, fun things, and the half of the country that thinks differently than him.
  7. Those orientals are despicable!
  8. Camel turd monkey rug.
  9. Praying for the best outcome Red. Hang in there brother. I'll try not to be such a pain in the ass today.
  10. Wooden pallets are usually free. They match your decor.
  11. Admiral Robert Duvala.
  12. Seal will sleep like a smiling baby tonight.
  13. Something like this might be an option. They make these belt holsters in various sizes and the knife is right there on your belt.