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  1. Yeah, and that other pic wasn't a raw pork chop. Wish I had better stuff to report. It's not good Bud.
  2. Sweet Baby Jesus Red! What in the actual fuq? @redfishkiller
  3. What's up with all the side pop up ads?
  4. Hi Pete. My wife is not so stressed any longer now that hospice is visiting daily.
  5. Rav, you're looking a bit grumpy today. Did Steve piss in your Corn Flakes?
  6. Looks like Red isn't taking too kindly to self quarantining too well. No mask, no clothes! Nobody tells Red what to wear!
  7. They all emulate their master.
  8. My first job after paperboy was raking Irish Moss in the salt marshes along the North River in Marshfield, MA. Didn't make a whole lot of money, but we used the opportunity to fish after we were done raking for the day.
  9. What's up ladies? Sorry I haven't been on here. Not doing so well. I sleep a lot and when I'm awake I'm dealing with the pain. Hard to focus using the tablet. My daughter said that some of you fellas wanted to have a meal sent to the house for the whole fam damily. I think she explained to boB that my wife and I are just afraid of this covid stuff and don't trust take out food, or any food for that matter that she hasn't prepared. I sure do appreciate the wonderful sentiment though. You fellas are awesome! Thanks to @Firinne for keeping tabs through my daughter. Just your continued support for my family is more than I could ever ask for. We really don't need anything. Some thoughts and prayers for my family as they continue to deal with all of this. Especially my grandson Bo. It's really been rough on him. Thankfully he is done with classes for this semester and doesn't need that added to his worries until the fall semester begins. The regulars in the Main can say what they want about the Tavern regulars, but I say I couldn't ask for a finer bunch of morans to call my friends. Thanks to each and every one of youse.
  10. Sorry about your friend Pete. You're a good guy for helping that woman out.
  11. @fishing pete my deepest sympathy and condolences Pete.
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