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  1. I sent you another PM with additional info Mike.
  2. Thanks Mike. I have some other stuff slated for the Christmas fund, so if you want these for $30 they're yours. I'll send you a PM.
  3. Thank you for the offer. It's gonna run me around $7 to ship, so in the end, it's hardly worth my effort. I'll probably end up donating them to the Christmas donations. Thanks though.
  4. Can we settle on $30 shipped?
  5. Once it's cut up and cleaned out, it can be disposed of at a metal recycling facility. That's what was done with mine.
  6. You surely don't know me, nor does anyone else that thinks I set my hair on fire over this issue. So not to continue adding to your stress, I will concede the topic and Wayne can gloat all he wants. Good day sir.
  7. Flex Seal.
  8. Get on it ASAP. If he's converting to gas, you can usually sell the oil to the guy pumping it out and removing the tank. I've also seen people offering the oil for sale on craigslist (not sure on the legalities of that). If you're just replacing the tank, the oil can be filtered and pumped into the new tank. Been there and done it before.
  9. Throw an offer at me for the lot. I honestly don't know what they're worth.
  10. I haven't sent or received PM's from or to anyone in quite some time here. Go get your face ****ed!
  11. I fully understand what you're saying Tim. My response was not aimed at Wayne asking the question, but rather questioning the admins here being heavy handed. Of course he can ask the questions regarding site policies without a doubt. I was only suggesting that if he is not happy with how mods or admins are handling things here, he is welcome top start his own site where he gets to state policy. I'll just keep my mouth shut then and he can whine all he wants as long as he leaves me out of the blame game of shooting flares to get a thread moved. At that point, I will continue to call him a miserable douche.
  12. I have a lot of B&D Ent CCShads, CCSquid, CCBunkers, and Super Spins metal lures. These actually produced very well for me when bass were keyed in on smaller bait. I'm selling my unused ones here. $45.00 or BO for the lot shipped within the US.
  13. Red's new hunting dog?
  14. Exactly. Offer them the help they need, but do not legislate it.