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  1. Chris... It was a great pleasure to meet you... Best of luck with the rod. Thanks again and thanks SOL. Mike
  2. Let's call that a deal... Will work out particulars in pm... Thanks!
  3. MOCO dusk report... hard sweep was setting up on my local beach as darkness fell... wind was building from the north... scooters? were diving everywhere like bobbing for apples... did not see any bait and did not manage a tap. good luck to the guys that are hanging tough... this was my last trip for 2018 tight lines to all...
  4. MOCO morning.... NADA turned off where I have been fishing... Cold at sun up. Water was gin clear but no signs of anything... Couldn't find even a tap out there.
  5. MOCO morning... found another pair of little guys this morning... both on white rubber fished slow... the water was clean and there was only a slight breeze out of the NE... saw a few other guys but didn't notice any bent rods... its quieted down where i have been fishing over the past few days.
  6. MOCO as darkness fell... picked a pair of fat little guys and that was it... was getting cold. Bait was showing with some sporadic busts on the surface but was hard to tell in the twilight what it might have been... birds were feeding in the wash but there was little action for me and after dark not even a tap.
  7. MOCO morning found some rolling water but fishable with cloudy water but not the brown town we had a short while back... Managed around 10 on a white bucktail all right at the lip and on the smaller side of the dink scale... Still a fun start. Shared the session with another guy up the beach who I saw catching as well and some sunrise surfers taking advantage of the swell.
  8. South in MOCO afternoon... cloudy water with fish pounding just on the outside of the mudline... close but not close enough... plenty of rods on the beach and saw plenty of small fish getting picked periodically... looked like there were lots of small bait / silversides in the cloudy water... i managed to pick one and called it a day... might get after it again in the AM and hoping another turn or two of the tide might clear up the water
  9. Took a ride to OC this morning... ran OC up into to MOCO with a couple stops along the way and didn't come across anything... spoke to a number of other guys and no one has seen a bent rod all morning...
  10. i hit the surf after dinner and was surprised to find some heavily silted water... really clouded up badly
  11. MOCO as darkness fell... no signs of life anywhere... did not see bait birds or busts... managed two fish that were a bit better then the dinks i have been catching and then finished with a shad... good to hear some other guys finding a bite in MOCO... just need to GPS track them
  12. Ice the ferrule for a good bit... as mentioned latex gloves or some of that grippy kitchen shelf liner can help... get it good and cold and go slow
  13. MOCO... need to change my user name to "One-N-Done" No signs of anything at all... one hit and one landed just as darkness fell. Little dude was stuffed so much so it look like he might burst... Just to keep the ball rolling on the color of the day... took him on a small white rubber swimbait... Back at it in the morning.
  14. ALMOST SPIT MY COFFEE OUT MY NOSE... this mad me laugh out loud
  15. needles first followed by darters...