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  1. MOCO Morning conditions... water on my patch was completely brown-town again. White water for miles... Aside from the off color water looked juicy. Wind was swirling early with no real push in any particular direction. Foam and bunker in the wash line. Stay safe.
  2. MOCO Conditions only... water cleaned up nicely. Minimal wave action but every now and again a thumper would come through. Wind was tolerable but blowing Northeast. Raining and chilly but nothing to keep away the brave. Adult bunker still littering the beach. Stay safe.
  3. MOCO Morning was a switch to North East wind. Sweep changed direction completely and was coming across north to south steadily. Water was still brown and badly stained. Sunrise was spectacular only in that is was ringing in 2021. Welcome to the new year... I hope for everyone that the best day of your past is the worst of your future... may it be all up from here. Stay safe.
  4. MOCO morning... At least for me the sun did not pitch up as hoped. Chrome skies, gray light. Water was pretty flat but some sweep lingering. West wind. Browntown water... very stained. The bait snatchers were bobbing and diving 10 feet off the beach so I expect something had their interest but nothing I could see. Happy New Year.
  5. MOCO moon report It seems like the moon must read SOL and so as not to be outdone by news of today's sunrise, she shown her best and brightest. Conditions were beat. Harder than expected south. Huge sweep south to north. Rollers that were hitting at odd angles. But worst for me... super super super soft sand like fresh powder snow... if I stood anywhere in the wash line i would sink 12 - 20 inches as the wash receded... this trip was about fishing and not the fish so I walked 1/4 mile and called it a season. Best to all and looking for a better 2021. Mike
  6. MOCO as others have said... star of the show this morning was the sunrise. I am going to take the walk now for my last night trip of 2020... try to get one in before the rain and then that will be all she wrote for me. Stay safe.
  7. MOCO Flat water. Not stained finally. No signs of life... unless you count loons and ducks. Threw the fly rod for a bit. ZIP Throw some storm eels after walking back to the car for gloves and spinning rod. ZIP Rounded it out probing the horizon tossing metal out of visual range with the west wind assist. ZIP Trying to decide if that is three little skunks or one massive skunk. Either way... stinks! Good luck... likely packing it in but will likely continue with some morning conditions or looks for anyone who either enjoys them or does not have easy access to the sand. Stay safe.
  8. MOCO Forgot to submit.. dang. Conditions looked great. The water did not... badly off-colored in my stretch. Watched one guy throwing for a while, but he did not connect. Spearing on the beach and still a good number of bunker washing in. Going to give it a shot in the morning... Stay safe.
  9. Leather punch... It is... Have a few sizes and love them
  10. Made one for my brother this year. Used the pelican 1920. Same one I have used for years. Little bit of a labor of love but i had the bits i like for this... essentially i use a double layer of photographic gel filter sheet to give a really nice crimson red lens with no white bleed through.
  11. MOCO Morning. Browntown water conditions... chocolate soup. West wind was whistling and blowing the tops off the rollers as they came steaming in. Smoke on the water conditions... beautiful but I did not even consider wetting (freezing?) a line. Fun to watch. The nut-job faction of the surf brigade was killing it... must have been a dozen guys making a go of it this morning. Stay warm, stay safe.
  12. Merry Christmas SOL. Love the ones you got... they are all that matters.
  13. MOCO Merry Christmas reports. That's it... you have it. Merry Christmas if you celebrate. South wind was jamming already... I did not fish. The water was super stained. South to north sweep was pushing hard. Reconnecting to SOL this year after some time away from the beach has been a highlight. Big thanks to all the posters, commenters, MODS, googans and lurkers... everyone is part of the season. Stay safe.
  14. I test cast them earlier this week and they swam surprisingly well... Bit of casting resistance but I am pitching them parallel to beach along the lip so not concerned with distance