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  1. I’ll grab these
  2. Hi and thanks for that update... apologies but have to pass... heavier than was expecting... good luck with sale.... these are beauties
  3. Hi Kevin, If it comes to splits would be interested in the lava. do you have the weight on these by any chance? Thanks, Mike
  4. MOCO Got back to town midday from a work trip... took a peek at some beach cams and saw a blitz in progress... ran up to the suds and got into some fish-a-cast action... stopped counting after 20... cookie cutter schoolies with 2 that might have hit 27-29 inches. Bait was still getting pounded and I expect there were more to be caught but I was lucky to even find a bonus round of fish so I left before i normally would have... the building south wind played a part in that decision as it was starting to whip and I had gotten an arm pretty wet releasing fish so the blistering wind put the chill on. good luck it AINT over
  5. Funds received... reel ships Monday! Thanks again Jim A and thanks SOL
  6. Seconds if these fall through for any reason ... or if you happen to have more in some secret stash
  7. Thanks Italianbuca and thanks SOL
  8. Awesome... PM coming
  9. Hi Winch lot. Purple lightning crackle crazy madness. 2.25 ounces just under 6 inches (test swam / marks to show) Orange / yellow pencil. 2 ounces about 7 inches (new / uncarried) Winch eely cloud pattern (chartreuse spots over silver grey) 1.75 ounces about 7 inches (unfitted / some discoloration on the swivels) $81 PP shipped
  10. Hey Luca, Can't go that low... plug is barely used but I try to disclose full condition so that anyone who collects won't be disappointed. I am going to close this up and post a pair... let me see what I can do on a winch lot. Thanks as always for the kind offer. Best, Mike
  11. MOCO Pulled full sun up to sun down day. Worked for the fish but I was as close as I have ever gotten to a 100 fish day. Found them at the end of the day in an epic frenzy and left them blitzing... literally could not function by the end of the day. Fishing was epic but best part was getting to experience this craziness with my brother for half the day... what a rare treat. today was one for the record books. too many keepers to count in the mix... epic. just epic. this sunset peanut was in near new condition this morning... we beat the paint off them today. at one point my brother went from fish a cast to missing every one... all of his hooks were pin straight. epic. my wish is that everyone gets one of our today in their memories...
  12. Funds received - thanks oldowan and thanks SOL
  13. Thanks Jim A!! PM sent
  14. $250 shipped - deal done. PM coming thanks