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  1. Hi, where are you located? Thanks!
  2. Worth a shot... Left my NRS Pilot Knife on the rear bumper at Gallo Monday morning around 7 a.m., dive style knife with black sheath and orange grip. If anyone has it there's a six pack offered for its safe return. Thanks!
  3. Hey, What's the model number? Is this the mm2 or mhmf2? Thanks
  4. +1 for Ribb. Great small family business, its ran by Mr Ribb's widow and daughter. I went to their shop and bought a rake ~9 years ago, ended up repairing some of their tooling through a machine shop I was working at. The rake is great quality and holds up really well.
  5. Not going to have to worry about them speeding in the no wake zone. "We're never going to make it under that bridge, I'm freaking out!", same for the dike.
  6. Sounds good Tony, PayPal OK?
  7. Tony, would you consider an offer of $475 shipped to 02740? Any history on the reel? Are you the only owner, any service history? Thanks!
  8. I guess not. Your photo looks a lot like a guy named john who went to my high school who also joined the armed services. Sorry to bother you!
  9. I'm not a fan of carrying over the quota. Kind of a snowball effect, make a bad situation worse.
  10. Thank you to everyone who participated! We had a pretty good turnout with 1,302 comments total, mostly in opposition to the rule. There was some debate but everyone kept things civil and it didn't turn it into a shouting match. Thank you all! Without further Adieu... The winner of the raffle, chosen at random by post number is: #55 @Bmackerel Please PM me your mailing address and I will send you a couple of D-rings for your surf belt. They are made with 316 SS rings, heavy duty webbing, and 135# test military grade thread. Thanks again everyone!
  11. @FlatWing Based on watching the website for a while, its slow. 929 of 1,115 have been accepted but the remainder have not necessarily redacted, just not reviewed. It took my comment several days to show up and this was a holiday weekend which will slow things down a bit more. Your comment seems well within the guidelines of what they should accept.
  12. We might, the fish and the ecosystem don't. We're at 1,115 comments right now and they were hard fought. 3 threads on this forum, emails to magazines/journals, and dm's to well followed IG accounts. Thanks to @Nick F for help with that. I'm not going to lament or feel defeated, I'm going to keep pushing for signatures and hope that you and everyone here will do the same. Tell your friends and family who support your hobby. Thanks to @TimS for including this in an announcement on the home page, this gained more support over the weekend than in the previous couple weeks.