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  1. GCIT Fishing cub Fishing Flea Market, March 18th 1360 Tanyard rd. Sewell NJ 08080. Interested vendors contact Eferrari@GCECNJ.org
  2. Ace Hardware white primer See it talked about in old post. Are you guys using rattle can or Brush? Eddie
  3. Shipping included for the glitter lefty?
  4. Trying to fine tune my home made duplicator. Its mounted on two sets of ball baring slides. So far it slides smooth side to side and in and out. Need to build the stylus and template holder next. Any suggestions would be appreacited! Eddie
  5. Sure was fun Lou can't wrait to get back out!
  6. First Bass of the year out Back. Worked pretty hard to get the Bass.and Blues from the Boat were a blast.
  7. Hey guys please help with the ID of this Plug and a little backround info. It measures 4 1/2 " Eddie
  8. From the album Plug ID

  9. 3/20 update Truck is at the dealer getting new frame installed. They gave me a 2015 max cab tundra as a rental while the work is being done. I was told the work will be done by end of next week. So far happy with the service. Eddie
  10. building a duplicator found great resources using the search feature. My question is what cutting bit is preferred and any help locating a quality bit would be appreciated. Eddie
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by rick1201 I am currently looking at 2015 Tundras. Is this a problem still in existence or was it just a few years in the mid seventies? Thanks for any feedback. Rick My truck is a 2002 tundra, I haven't heard of any issues with the 2015
  12. March 11th update, Called toyota dealer today and waited on hold for another half hour. Eventually talked to Service advisor. Iam scheduled to drop the truck off on March 18th at 3:00. I was told I will get a loaner truck and the frame replacement will take 2-3 days. Sounds really fast to me. But iam not a mechanic. I will update after the appointment on March 11th -Eddie
  13. Update 3/5/15 So its been roughly 12 weeks since the frame was ordered on Dec 9th. I called the dealers service department today. I sat on hold for 1/2 hour but when the girl returned she said the frame has arrived. However I will be contacted to schedule the work. She mentioned there are several frames so she couldn't tell me when my truck would get in or when I would be contacted. So back in limbo for now till I get a call. Plan on calling Monday afternoon, I will update if I get any answers. Eddie
  14. great looking plug for a great cause.
  15. I know its known for great Plug Builders. But last year I got some great deals on Bucktails for fluke. Something there for everyone