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  1. Socket issue. Clean that little,silver thing to the bottom. If there be two clean them both
  2. Wow, I thought I made that post for a minute there.
  3. Twist a bone and listen to Wooden Ships by C,S,N + Y
  4. No, never got put in the car. If there was any kind of team, Fran was the captain, lol.
  5. i was driving home pretty late, or maybe it was really early. I was on a 4 lane road (West Chester Pike). Right about at the Thunderbird I hit a tractor trailer tire and it got, no ****, stuck on my leaf spring. It spun me around and I landed on the median facing quite the opposite direction. Not wanting to interrupt anyone's night (morning) i got my jack out and tried my absolute damndest to get myself off the middle of the median before sunup. About a half hour of kneeling in broken glass and busting my knuckles, the police arrived. I was standing with my hands on the hood and my wallet on the roof of the truck so as not to have to reach for anything. I somehow knew this at 19? The officer proceeded to have me think I would be waking up in handcuffs. Suddenly a second cruiser arrived. The Sargent got out and asked the first guy for my papers. He looked at them for a minute and asked"Jimi L******?". I said yes sir. He asked if my father was Fran. I said yes sir. He said "Your dad is the captain of my bowling team. Get in my car. You can get your truck tomorrow." My first and only get out of jail free card. I will never forget.
  6. Aim for the hippies. They can't afford lawyers. Oops!
  7. Swing low
  8. I have never had a bad experience with a police officer. And I'm a hippie freak. Treat people with respect and you will usually get treated that way as well.
  9. algae
  10. Maybe you should hire someone to put holes in things for you. You might start a fire and burn yo face.
  11. Wow. Wayne what????
  12. Lol
  13. I always say "welcome fellow humans" but now I'm thinking fellow is gener specific so. I need to change.