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  1. We are OK. They got my grocery store. Stock's and Czwer's are fine.
  2. Grateful Dead 100% American
  3. You should go back to seeing the first doctor.
  4. I know that place.
  5. We had someone ask a similar question a while back. I wonder how @happytim is doing.
  6. You will
  7. Yo
  8. We are doing OK. Grand Mom turned 100. It was a Hell of a party. The next time Im out there I'll try Delco Steaks.
  9. But they had Kitty's Luncheonette???
  10. Lol. They are waiting for the Today show to call. Too funny.
  11. If he caught it with a Penn, why would Abu cut him a check? Didn't he travel around with the corpse like a serial killer?
  12. Sad to hear this, Pete. RIP Dan.
  13. Do yo u mean Ho-Hos?
  14. Deb. The music director must have changed as well. The last 2 seasons sucked on a few levels.