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  1. I have to say after 15 years or so on this platform that the support I amgetting is so astounding that all I have to say is **** you. see you on the other side.
  2. Don't cheep out or plan on new ones often. Keep a servialbe spare or learn to hop. I hear there is a bunch of famous actresses hanging in Asbury
  3. I had to log on because my notifications were going off. stop it im not SIM. No one ever tangibly did anything for us beyond passage on the Fluke Fling. Had it been offered again it woud be declined. Its weird how a place that can give you support and friendshi in one breath can be a 13 year old in the school hall way the next. again, thanks and peace
  4. Thanks, everyone! I feel so much better now! Have a lovely weekend.
  5. Just got my official denial letter from social security. Looks lke my (failed) attempt to work in May makes me have to begin the process anew. Who would have thought getting up at 4 am. And working ten hours only to get home to a wife already asleep in bed would **** one up so bad. go on and tell me that Im wrong. everything is wonderful
  6. 4 Way Street is a great album
  7. It was some one once told me that thier are two kinds of funny. Funny once, which is abundant (99%) and funny forever.
  8. I'm not making lists. I'm not doing anything. Thanks for all the positive thoughts.
  9. Yes of course i beat women Goldy. WTF is wrong with you?
  10. Thats because they try to look Mexican
  11. Are you ****ng kidding me???? Jim Landyroo works on a less formal social paradim. But unless you are saving me from death's dooryard ****off!!!!
  12. So as not to **** up someone else's perfectfuly fine thread and because Cornhole asked nicely and even though I am very dconfident this will not serve the intended purposes, I don't like being called Jimmy. If I had to guess the reason it would be because I am the youngest of a family of five boys. My brothers all called me Jimmy. None of them are speaking to me now that mom and dad have passed. I'm not sure why but I am pretty sure that my ex's family had something to do with it. They filed a PFA on me on the eve of my 5th shoulder surgery. I was obviously beating up women right until the moment I had my shoulder worked on. Anyhow, while I had my first of several back surgeries later that year the inlaws emptied my house of all things worthful or not. Everything I had since childhood. Anyway the really ****ed up thing they took was all my W2s uand other documentation regarding my work history. I am 59 and started pulling a check at 14. I put my self through CA atholic high school. Anyway, I didn't realize that I would need those documents until just recently. After taking myself off of private disability several years ago and fighting like **** to try to work I finally had to throw in the towel. I can't do it. So now I am in the midst of reapplying with Social Security to get established as a bonafide cripple. My story is not as heroic and certainly not as majestic as some but the fact that I didn't just cop to the disability thing when it was the easy thing to do has really messed me up. My wife although she has a masters degree works at an inner city school. She has never be n happier than she is now helping the kids she w irks with get in to collscholarships and grants. I guess I'm still somehow being evasive so please be direct and refined with your questions and I will answer them if it doesn't interfere with any statutes.
  13. Lets say other things such as the last elections were tampered with or maybe lets take over the capitol. Its all useless drivel.
  14. I never stopped i need to sleep. I will gladly adress all this tomorrow. New fodder on its way!