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  1. Is there a decade or two missing from this story. Garp came out in the early 90s. I think. I wont look it up. It doesn’t mean that much to me. John Irving is a decent author but that’s not enough anymore.
  2. Kangaroo meat gives me the hiccups.
  3. Lithgow you cave dweller. Do you get Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland mixed up?
  4. Ok. Thanks for talking me down. For a second, during that dream, I could see things spinning away. Some kind of break some kind of Spinning Away
  5. Well just stop. Thinking. It hasn’t gotten me any where. oh, wait. It has. Anyone have Billy Joel tix? I’m willing to go up to .25% mark up. That’s it. Ok .35%.
  6. Is owned by Hershey Which is owned by: Nestle. so who do we boycott and/or blame?
  7. DOES NOBODY REMEMBER THE SLEEP DEPRAVATION tall extremely unbelievable Russian yarn? Terry must!
  8. Transitioning into Abe Vigoda?
  9. They should rename ‘Haulover’ I think it should be ‘Walk Around’.
  10. If it’s a flat key-1/8 drill bit slowly. Some pins are clad in anti drill shmutz. A cylindrical lock like an EPCO2 you may get lucky and the security dude has one on his key chain. Any lock with pins is easier to drill out then defeat in any other matter whatsoever except when Terry is involved.
  11. I actually thought you were talking about parrots.
  12. How about anybody read the one where the commie scientists run a sleep deprivation experiment on some unfortunate subjects. The individuals who were part of the test revolted after like 3 days or so. I think they killed everyone and ate weird parts of their bodies. I find that commercial where the bear chases the camping couple straight up a tree to be very accurate-as realismwise goes.
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