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  1. Consider this line stolen. There are no visible copywriter marks. I miss Otter. The copyritten squirrel image would be so fun write now.
  2. You managed to kill it twice.
  3. It’s ice cream!
  4. Do you ever set foot out of your Hamlet?
  5. Dear Wayne no one will beat me to so in the best possible way I can say it: **** you.
  6. Crib means something else here in Philly.
  7. I'm still waiting. They emailed me just now to say they are close to deciding.
  8. I think you am wrong
  9. There is nothing left. I grilled it rare.
  10. It was spectacular
  11. Happy Birthday, Bud!!
  12. He thought it said mark forum, Red.
  13. Yes, I did email the three people I met with.
  14. LOL and he takes old Septa tokens. Seriously though, Pete. Thank a whole ton for the good thoughts. It is appreciated more than you know. I'm on the edge of the ghetto but the gig is solidly in the business district. A nice little mall with a couple of attractions connected to it.
  15. Wayne, it is a very large company. Having dealt with one before (Kimco) I know that these final decisions are not made solely at the property level. They need to wait until corporate and HR gives the OK. They call me every few days to say hello. They told me I would hear end of those his week or early next. They offer pet insurance as a Bennie.