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  1. Mortys morge you kill em we grill em
  2. Didn't he auto asphixiate himself in Thaidye land if I recall.
  3. The ****ing Clinton's did it I am sure.
  4. Peter Frampton died again?
  5. So anyow, no? I'm surprised the breakfast at guy hasn't ’poked’ his way into this thread yet.
  6. I tie dyed my hair
  7. Yes I mean no I mean who is asking?
  8. Don't drink one within 23 days of a urine test. Or is it hours. Or mumfs. Possibly minutes. I guess or something
  9. Go on the dole Agamemnon. why not. Move to Philly. Yo..
  10. I ask them to spell bored.
  11. I'm surprised he didn't shoot it.
  12. Lol. A personal bodyguard maybe should be a consideration. I am a self proclaimed fool but once would be it for me.
  13. The Dead pulled off the patented ”lets blow the big ones”. At least the who rocked. Lol,
  14. The thing that terrifies me is that Jase can't spell embarrassed. I truly believe that if you raise your children right they will take this silly **** over and correct it. It's our only hope.
  15. The $ made on financing in my industry is 5 points on the sale and knowledge that we are paid in full. Go in knowing that.