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  1. Well in all reality, did the place suck?
  2. Waaaah!
  3. I see a joey statue outside the Art Museum.
  4. Apparently Toronto is another story altogether.
  5. Because he knew how to wield a machete?
  6. Lol. They didn’t lose A screw, they lost 6.
  7. I'll come back and read that after you edit.
  8. They have gotten very rare. My friend had one in the 80's and it was great.
  9. That block thing is an elevator shaft/ Fire stair tower. They are going up more than 2 floors.
  10. These Moops probably laughs at the Mumers.
  11. Get some 4” schedule 40 PVC and glue on caps and bury the ****. It can’t be located with a metal detector so don’t forget where it is. My friend forgot and when he died there were 30 people digging holes in his back yard. It was never found.
  12. Yeah CnR. In the eternal words of Mr. Bromberg ”if you don't like it here you can go”
  13. Lol
  14. He wasn't talking to you, AH. LOL
  15. I know Pete. I humor them solely based on there idiocy.