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  1. Guys like Red don't limit themselves to passing gas.
  2. Fatty acids decompose the grout. Epoxy grout lasts a little longer.
  3. I went through it with my parents. Their final years were rough. Just remember that if they are in pain it may manifest itself in meanness toward others.
  4. Grateful Dead and Clapton both covered Hand Jive.
  5. Who said that?
  6. And I pronounce Bob as Boab. LOL. Fiat is gone. I had to get rid of my truck before my surgery. The reason I go to Maine is because my best friend lives there. He hooked up with a British lady with a PHD and they are aqua farming. I have been to Jamaica Belize Guatemala and Mexico.
  7. Thank you for that LT. Been a while since I heard that. Miss those folks.
  8. Hawk Mountain is a sanctuary now but it used to be a place to go shooting for raptors during the migration.
  9. I did a four year term at The Gallery. Pigeons eat pigeons. Rats eat pigeons. Pidgeon's eat rats. Mice are the vilest of all. They have no bladder they trickle all the time and there bros follow the chem trial. But wtf do I know. Lots of treaty and historic inside here. Watch ”Birdie” or read the book. And then read his other ones. Phily
  10. Not surprisingly
  11. I thought the punch line was ”i farted and shot the dog”? But whatever. Suryp the real stuff. Not aunt Jemimah high fructose crap.
  12. SEE THREAD: Why my hawks are fat.
  13. SEEE????????????