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  1. Mike and Killie This is what I am worried about. Just because the dude behind the counter says "I've never seen one sent back" "never seen a broken one" etc.... Doesn't mean jack, because I could be the first.- I am the exception, I get it. Because you're right: I have never seen someone fly fish like I do, although I know that a few of you exist. Hell, I don't really see that many guys spin fishing in wetsuits. And certainly not regularly- a few days at Cutty, Montauk, BI doesn't count. Lots of talk, very little walk if you get my drift. I'm out there 20-25 days a month especially in the spring and fall. Ugh. I was at the Bears Den fly show today. Someone suggested cheeky to me too. Someone who fishes hard...from a boat. I went over to looke, took one look and was like "no way". They are really nice reels, very good guys, seem well priced, the company is supportive of conservation...but I took one look at the complex drag assembly and I was like...hell no. Guy says they're easy to replace, and it's quick and they will work with you. I was like "every month?" And he just laughed...I was serious. I bet they are amazing on a boat, from the sandy beach. Not going to work for me. He also told me he talked to someone who claims to have caught 4 fish over 40# and 1200 fish last season, all fly. I was like damn! Then he says... BOAT... Don't care.
  2. What about Galvan Rush? No bearings at all. USA made. I was just playing with one at a shop and it was pretty compelling. They have dozens of reels and the sales guys didn't even hesitate to give me that one. They said unless I want to buy a $1000 Abel it's my best bet. They were so so on the other reels I mentioned and I asked them point blank. They seemed to think the VS VF was better than 3-Tand. I have no reason to, but I trust they were telling me the truth
  3. I guess I need to: 1) accept more maintenance. I will do what I need to do. 2) the Colton, 3-Tand, and VS reels are what seen too appeal to me the most for few reasons. The Colton is "cheap" relatively and I've yet to read a bad review of it (USA is a plus). The VS I can get a hefty discount and I do feel some brand loyalty. The 3-Tand is sold a few hours from me and yet to read a bad review. 3) I wanted a reel I could use for 8/8/10/11 rods. That was being stupid. I don't fish for small fish, and even so an 11 is still very fun with 30" fish. Since I have no money because I'm a fishing bum I am going to just go all in on the 11wt and to hell with the 8/10wts. No extra spool, maybe part way through the season I can get one. I use INT line 90% of the time anyways, and when I don't I tend to be fishing one of a couple spots and stay on them for a few days at least so I can just commit to whatever line I'm using. This helps me afford the reel. That... and a wife with a great job. Oh. And accept this is never going to be like a VS or ZB spinning reel and I just need to get over it and move on with that thinking.
  4. Solid logic for sure. If all my days were spent fly. One day, but not yet. 50(s) first on plug (before it's too late). When I go fly or die 101% this will be my move. Right now though, a grand isn't going to happen. And if that's my only option, I'll just have to wait. Which I can... But don't want to.
  5. These look pretty great
  6. No. I'll take that money and put it towards time on the water. Or towards retirement so I can fish more
  7. This. I'm not tearing a reel down mid season. I could pretend, fool myself and say I will- but I won't. When I'm fishing, is all I can do to stay employed (I am married too, if you believe it). I barely have time to rinse my wetsuit. I don't sleep much. I eat 2 meals usually in the car. I do like the idea of the battenkill, I've seen it before recommended. I like the idea of simple. I can cup the reel for drag if I have to. I've broken a couple rods and lost a real nice fish this way. I don't anticipate ever landing a good bass if it gets 50, 75 yards of backing anyways, so letting it peel drag is a non starter for me in the surf. I know I "could" land it but let's be real. But I don't have time to F around with used stuff either that may or may not be ok. Hence me thinking "new". I can't go cheaper though. I tried that too "hey here try this reel it's $80 it's super simple and it'll last you a few months at least probably the season and you can then just throw it away". It was not turning in like a month, and I semi tried to take care of it. I think it was an Echo? There is something I really really don't like about that anyways, fundamentally. I don't want to consume reel after reel if I don't have to. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Reinforcing what I thought actually
  8. Most of the reels were around $100-150 I had bought. I admit, I didn't care at the time because I just needed something to hold line as I mostly caught schoolies. Drag was irrelevant. I thought if I bought cheap I could just keep servicing them. Didn't work that way. The $400 was a lamson... 2017 I bought it. So I guess that says it based on comment above. To be fair I didn't pay $400 paid like $225 or something on sierra trading. The cheap Chinese reel I have is still going it was $200 but it's a pig the thing is a boat anchor. I had a $700 (or whatever) Vo2 Orvis for a hot minute but it was ridiculously heavy for me. I only ever test casted it. And I bought it so cheap I had to sell for profit...gas money. I want to make clear if I need to spend money I will, it's just I don't know how I'll swing it yet, might need to wait a year...or hock something. I'm serious about it though. I need this to happen.
  9. I caught well over 700 stripers last season, 250+ (350?) over 15lbs, few dozen over 20 and a handful over 30. I fished 140 nights and 25 days last season. I lead with those numbers to clarify the rest of my post. In those numbers, probably 150+ are fly fish up to about 16-17lb. I would like to increase my fly catch this year to over 40% of my total catch, and I want to finally focus on it instead of doing it "on the side". I want a 25# on the fly in 2019, period. I am, I guess, hard core is what I'm saying. I fish in a wetsuit 80% of the time, maybe 90%, even while fly. Over the last 7 seasons I've gone through 9 fly reels. I'm so sick of it. They ranged from $69 to $425. Only 1- a super heavy Chinese no name with sealed drag- still lives but it's a beast and I hate it. Even the $400 reel is dead after 6 months. Yes, I rinse, but these babies go under water...a lot. What the F do I get? I don't have money, because I fish too much and don't work enough. I can't spend $1000. But I'm willing to do what I need to within reason (I buy the BEST line because I think it matters the most). I fish VS reels spinning, because they are the thing that lasts for me. And I still need to service them every year. So I get a VS fly reel? But I've read it's... Well it's not the same as the spinning reel. Alternatively, I read the Bass pro gold cup reel is pretty good... They're $170. If I could just get ONE season- full season with full function, no issues- out of one I'd be happy. I'd buy one every year- or maybe I could but that warranty they offer. I could afford a spare spool or two with that reel- which would be a major plus for my sink-float-int lines. I fish an 11wt mostly, but if possible I want this to work on 8 10 & 11 and be LIGHT. I don't F around and I'm false casting for 3-5 hours a night. I don't need 200 yards of backing (yeah yeah I know retrieve speed blah blah). My wrist, biceps, and elbows hate me after a couple nights. I want light. But more than that I want DURABLE. Thoughts? Am I delusional? What does the interwebs say? I've read, and been told, it just might never really be possible to get 5 years out of a reel given how I fish.
  10. It's all good man, I'm sorry if I offend. I look forward to getting the plug.
  11. I did not ask for a picture. I asked if it was the same plug as the one I sent you. You could have said yes, or no, and I would have believed you. I am not offended if you refund my money and keep the plug
  12. Thanks, didn't need a picture just wanted to make sure, I trusted you, just had it in my hand unloading carb snapped a pic. Payment incoming
  13. If you'll do $25 I don't even need pictures
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