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  1. It's all good man, I'm sorry if I offend. I look forward to getting the plug.
  2. I did not ask for a picture. I asked if it was the same plug as the one I sent you. You could have said yes, or no, and I would have believed you. I am not offended if you refund my money and keep the plug
  3. Thanks, didn't need a picture just wanted to make sure, I trusted you, just had it in my hand unloading carb snapped a pic. Payment incoming
  4. If you'll do $25 I don't even need pictures
  5. Bump
  6. Bump
  7. Second plug of G is still available due to retraction of offer (misunderstanding). Carried atom swimmer with some marks very fish-able $15 (+$2 shipping as with all lots). All others w/ red lines sold.
  9. incoming
  10. Firm at $15 on that one.
  11. Pm sent, sold pending payment
  12. $18 and I'll message you potential meeting places along that area?
  13. Traveling, will send pm with total and address tonight
  14. All prices add $2 for shipping. Can meet in RI and MA most places between So. Co. cape and Boston and Worcester. Subtract 10% for more than 3 lots. $150 for all. These are all "to be fished" many will have some marks etc. They are "very very good used to like new". All function like new. A) sold B) sold C) Floating needle (uknown) carried, 2 Maine-iac floating needles (wadds), fished but in great shape $35 D) Floating wadd/hybrid needle (unknown) carried some small marks in finish. $15 E) Yozuri swimmer never used, storm thundersticks like new (maybe carried?). $23 F) sold G) sold H) sold I) JNski slope head. Epoxy has come off the head about 1/4 down the plug. I carried this a couple times. I have hung onto it because I was told it was semi-collectible. I am moving on. $20 J) SOLD
  15. Closed