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  1. What a great trip. Thanks for the report.
  2. I use Solarez thin, do not like the thick. I get the 2 oz bottle which is not practical for applying the stuff. I got a cool tip on you tube for using smaller ultrafine tip applicator bottles for UV resin. I've gotten them and they work great. Only thing is the bottles only come in clear so he recommends spraying them with plastidip to keep out the light. Best, easiest, cleanest method of applying UV resin I've used. Here's the link to his video. His videos are great- mostly centered around lure building (not fly tying). Gets to the point about 40 seconds into the video. There's a link to the bottles in the video's description.
  3. Paint pen as well.
  4. Was thinking the same.
  5. I'll take the last Antagonizer. Round 1 Kphresh - 0 Rrocco- 0 Antagonizer - 0 MrScott - 1 Mmanolis - 0 Kima - 1 Rollincoal - 0 lonellr - 0 Round 2 Kima Mmanolis Lonellr Rollincoal Antagoniz Mr Scott Kphresh Rrocco
  6. Amazing! I'd have been dying waiting for that last wave to push her ashore. Congrats!
  7. Right back at you Kphresh, I'll take one of yours. Antagonizer is up next. Round 1 Kphresh - 1 Rrocco- 1 Antagonizer - 2 MrScott - 2 Mmanolis - 2 Kima - 2 Rollincoal - 2 lonellr - 2 Round 2 Kima Mmanolis Lonellr Rollincoal Antagonizer Mr Scott Kphresh Rrocco
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Sorry double post
  10. Wow! Really amazing work guys! They really are all beautiful and swim great. Truly hard to pick one over the others. With that said my vote is for Kphresh.
  11. sorry double post
  12. Here's my build guys. After seeing these big Dannys in white primer, all I could think of was Moby Dick. I apologize if it's a little out of bounds, but I took some artistic license on the "blind" part of this build to convey the attitude I was looking for. I tried to get away without any indication of eyes, but everything I tried fell short. This was a fun build and I tried to push myself technically and creatively. The body is basswood, 9" long, epoxy sealed, with 5/0 trebles. Total length from tip of lip to end of whale-tail flag is almost 14".
  13. Amazing work guys! I decided to go big (for me) on mine. 9" long out of basswood. Primed up they looked like a set of bowling pins. Took a bit of doing but I got them to swim nice. For comparison, the one on the left is the usual 6" danny that I make. Going out on a limb a little with the paint, but I became inspired and went in a different direction. Hoping it works out. Rob
  14. I'll take them. Please PM me with payment/paypal info.
  15. lonellr and mrscott24 your plugs look great! Beautiful paint and very clean finish.