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  1. In!
  2. This stuff looks pretty cool. I found this video where a guy does a demo on a lure with a nice home build UV box. As I am a user of long curing e-tex, looks like a potential game changer.
  3. Here's the whole gang together. These are going to do some serious damage! Everyones work is so impressive. I am honored an inspired. Looking forward to the next build. Thanks!
  4. Very nice!
  5. I use an acrylic pain pen with a fine tip. Cool idea incorporating the text in the stripes!
  6. Your poppers are very nice. Nice cup, slick paint job and nice pop on the move. I am happy to be getting two of them. Thanks!
  7. I'll take a mmanolis spook! What a beautiful plug. mmanolis -1 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 2 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  8. Since I'm so lucky to be getting one of each of the plugs, I would like to pick last on each round. That would make Chunkah next and put me after Mr. Scott this round. Then I'll go last round two.
  9. Awesome stuff guys! They really are all beautiful plugs and swim great. Mine was a tough call as well, but my eyes are drawn to Chunkah's popper. Well done everyone!
  10. Your spooks look awesome! Don't give up on the whopper plopper. I've noticed the originals have a clear spacer between the through wire and the rotating tail. I'm guessing it pushes the center of mass outward helping with the rotation. As it looks a bit weird on the original I'd bet it's critical to its function.
  11. Thanks! Love the domed eyes on yours as well.
  12. Put a little extra POP in these poppers! Little necks in AYC. Now ready for a new home.
  13. Amazing work guys! Mine are done too. Will post some pics soon.
  14. I find that to spray metallics and pearls that I generally have to use higher air pressure and more reducer/thinner then when spraying more typical paints. If I don't I usually will get clogs and or spitting from the airbrush. I use createx as well and use light and multiple coats to get the saturation I'm looking for.
  15. It’s ok with me.