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  1. It's official...lmfao, I'm unsubscribing from a thread I started.
  2. I've been fishing the meat of the incoming when the water is moving fastest...the micro bass hunker down and you can get a pick of the bigger bass
  3. Always flouro....no doubt about it...
  4. Who me? Ouch.
  5. And honestly, I use to have crates full of beach master, after hours, tattoo, gags, Habs, etc....but when you pay 30 and up for a plug you don't want to use it and lose it...at least I didn't...so I sold them all...the only wood plugs I have left are 2 rm peanuts and 1 football jack bass thumb...i only kept the peanuts because football jack is not making the thumbs anymore and the rms were the closest thing...and those bass thumbs kill....so i stick to plastic nowadays, it's cheaper, and they all swim perfect right out of the package...and if I lose one I can easily just grab another...super strike, yozuri, sp minnows, sluggos, shads, bucktails Tipped with gulp, or bait (live or cut)...and I catch a lot of fish...just last Thursday I had a 40 plus fish day with bucktails on the north shore of long island...so i just stick with what works for me, cause in the end I don't fish for style points, I fish to catch fish. And I don't even keep any...they all go back...it's the fight that keeps me coming back
  6. Lol, I am the original poster....
  7. Oh, now don't get your panties in a bunch...lmfao, I was just making sport of you. That's why I don't post as frequent anymore, you guys are all full of yourselves
  8. You might be fishing them to slow, believe it or not....try to speed it up a bit...and add a twitch every 2 or 3 cranks...you gotta incite the bite...it's not like fishing a bucktail or needle fish.
  9. I believe this^^^^^ is the douchiest thing I've ever heard....you guys are so full of sh1t...lmfao
  10. I don't believe that is true...i believe the best lure is the one you have the highest comfort level fishing and the most confidence in...i love using bucktails, but do you know how many people, including my best friend and fishing buddy, say bucktails don't catch fish. It's a confidence thing.
  11. I use 2/0 gami saltwater treble hooks and same size split rings just stronger...i crush all my barbs so handling fish is not an issue
  12. Blurple, laser shiner, bunker, and sand eel...those are my colors
  13. I have caught more fish in the last 2 years on daiwa sp minnows than all other lures combined...i prefer the sinking and bullet models, they cast stupid far and have sick fish catching action. I do change the hooks and split rings right outta the package, but for 10 bucks a pop, they are hard to beat. As of right now my mak 3 tube bag is loaded with sp minnows, bucktails and a few diamond jigs. And I don't even bother with pork rinds anymore....gulp is the way to go.
  14. Keep a log, very important....and I definitely agree with picking a handful of spots and fishing them at all stages of the tide. A few pieces of advice for right now in the season.... 1. Fish the south Shore beaches on outgoing 2. Fish the north shore on incoming Both work for me at my honey holes
  15. So I've had a vs200 for like 12 years, never been serviced(don't fix it if it ain't broke) and it's been abused every season and works perfectly....I am looking to pick up a vs100 (old style, not that x ****),) for my 7'6" fluking rod, a friend of mine has one with a fried anti reverse gear...how much do you guys think that would cost to fix. Thanx in advance