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  1. Thanks! Nice pack. All set for now
  2. I think I am ok. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Thanks. A little more than I was looking to spend. Nice packs!
  5. Interested. Pics, price and details please
  6. Might be interested in just the Osprey. 85 is a bit big! What would you do for that?
  7. What would you want for the atmos and rei? Got a model on the rei?
  8. My son is crossing over to boy scouts and our camping tempo is about to jump up. First campout is in 2 weeks. Looking for 1, maybe 2, backpacks. Around 5000-6000 size. In good shape. In Central Connecticut but willing to pay shipping for right deal. Anyone have anything?
  9. shutting this down to sell the remainder elsewhere. thank you!!
  10. Ok. I'll get a shipping cost and send you a total by pm. Can you message me your address?
  11. 375 is gone. Can you pick up or need shipped?
  12. Sorry. 220 swift and 222
  13. Great! 220 swift is it
  14. Looks like I am shipping. Want any of the remainder?
  15. Ok. 7mm sold 375 hh sold 257 tentative to surfinhorns 204 off 220 swift, 300 win mag, 30 06 remains