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  1. Bump. $10 off
  2. 7 to 8 foot, light or medium light. like classic lamiglass or similar. kind of a flier. what ya got?
  3. i think we have reached the last of the cleanout. as pictured in good working order. $95 shipped continental us, $80 picked up Central Connecticut. Trade for pliers, costas, classic glass lami downrigger rod
  4. Deal. PM coming
  5. Deal. PM coming
  6. $60 shipped all 3 and I'll throw in a bunker spoon.
  7. Recoil decided not to go through. Bronson this is yours. PM coming
  8. Headed to the post office tomorrow, can ship all 3 for $75
  9. I am not heading up to Boston anytime soon. Recoil this is yours. I can ship tomorrow.
  10. Where in mass?
  11. Central Connecticut
  12. As pictured. Cast once or twice. Label still on even! 9 foot 3. 1/2 to 2 oz. $50 picked up. $65 shipped
  13. Penn 4500 USA made $45 Fin Nor Ahab Lite 300 $40 Lews 400 Size Spinner $20 All work and in physical good shape. Penn and Fin could use lube and clean. Prices are picked up central Connecticut. Add $10 each to ship
  14. PM sent
  15. Price Drop. $70 shipped, $45 pickup