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  1. the3fishheads Enjoyed the video. Can't start looking too early. Sometimes I wonder how much you're paying just for the name when you buy something. Regards, ctg
  2. I'm thinking about it. It looks like some of the local shops here in South Jersey have not received their St Croix stock yet for 2024. TackleDirect has 'not available' for most of the St Croix stuff. Maybe production has not ramped up yet. Thanks, ctg
  3. The reel is a Shimano Miravel. Decent drag and not too expensive as far as reels go. I like to throw light bucktails with trailers and soft lures with jigs like paddle tails, etc. I like the Slam Shady lures, too. Regards, ctg
  4. Interesting. What were the models? Inshore? Regards, ctg
  5. I'll check 'em out in the AM. Thanks, ctg
  6. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you. ctg
  7. Nice rods, but they seem to be out of stock locally but budget prohibitive anyway. I was thinking 275.00-300.00 max. Regards, ctg
  8. Ocean City, back bay for fishing. I get down there often. ctg
  9. Hello...Southern NJ, fish off off bridge, back bay, Fluke and occasional resident striper, etc. Need help selecting a spinning rod for 2024. Some budget constraint but will consider others. First, I like to 'spot' cast. That is, casting to a particular spot repeatably. Last summer I used a St Croix 6'8" Victory MXF. Very accurate casts with a 3500 reel/braid but rod only handles up to 5/8 oz. Never hooked into anything that challenged the rod. I'm thinking of going up to 7'0". I'll need something that will handle 1 oz comfortably. Something with sensitivity but with some backbone. I like St Croix but will explore other suggestions. Probably stay with a 3500 reel. Look forward to your suggestions and questions. Any help appreciated. Best regards, ctg
  10. Hi all, What are you guys using, if any, trailers on the bucktails? Regards, ctg
  11. Okay, this might be a case of 'I've got too much time on my hands' but here goes: Anyone that has bought a container of pre-cut Pro Cut squid strips knows what the product smells like. The squid oil has that certain smell to it. The Fat Cow bottle that was marked 'SQ' did not have that smell. It was more of a 'bunker' smell to it. So I emailed Fat Cow with a photo of the bottle and they emailed me back and wrote 'yep', that's squid. In the same email they wrote ' we don't make the squid oil, just the brown gel you see in the bottle. So I think the bottle of brown stuff I got from Fat Cow might have some squid in it but I'll bet it's mixed in with other stuff like bunker and mullet, etc. In fact, that's what's on the bottle. The only place that shows up as 'squid' on the bottle is on a paper sticker glued to the bottle and the letters 'SQ' written in marker at the neck of the bottle. So I got into a conversation with a sales guy at TackleDirect and was telling him about my doubts and he said he had a 2 oz bottle of Pro Cut Squid Scent. I told him I had the Shrimp version, but I would try the 'Squid' So I bought a bottle and guess what? It has the same smell as the Pro Cut squid strips you buy at the bait store. This all started with me asking Fat Cow what scent their Fat Cow Jigging strips was laced with. I told them it smelled like squid. The got back to me and verified it was squid oil. I said "good, send me a bottle". So I found a guy that had it, supposedly, ordered it and that's when I got a bottle of brown liquid that smelled nothing like squid oil. So why am I writing about this? I do have too much time on my hands. (Isn't that a Styx song?). I'm just trying to level the playing field, here. I did not want to recharge the jig strips with something other that what scent came with them. So now I can get a good night's sleep. (I hope this was a good read). Regards, ctg
  12. I don't know but my wife says it has a 'bite' to it. I can see where this is going. Regards, ctg
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