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  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. We jut got in a limited supply of the Hand Cut Pork Rhine/Rind from a close connection of our. I have personally used them and can say these things last!! Whether it is Bluefish or Striped Bass, they last and are super durable. The reason I am letting you guys know is if you come into the shop we have them and I definitely recommend them. Also letting you guys know for an alternative to Uncle Josh as they will soon be no more. I have been testing them for some time now. The gentleman we get them from, literally hand cuts these pig skins himself, dyes, them and bottles them up. If you are out, come on by and see for yourself. I have included a pictures for you too see and compare. These actually blow away the Unlce Josh for longevity and durability. See what you think for yourself. Will have plenty at our party this weekend too. Thanks guys!





  2. Time to do a GIVEAWAY in honor of our 4th Annual Spring Cast Off Party this weekend on May 14th & 15th at White Water Outfitters!!!


    We are giving away TWO BEACHMASTER MINI NEEDLES!!! We will pick a winner Sunday night when our party is over.


    To enter the giveaway all you have to put is "White Water 4th Annual Spring Cast Off"


    See you guys this weekend!!!!!!





    This Weekends Party Is Almost Here: The White Water Marine Center presents our 4th Annual Spring Cast Off (Click Link Below For Full Details) held at the White Water Marine Center in Hampton Bays, New York. The event will be held on May 14th & 15th. Be sure to come on down for an amazing event! http://www.whitewaterboats.com/event/test/

    Their will be Sales, Boat Show Specials, Giveaways, Raffles, Food, Drinks, Live Music, Contests, and SO MUCH MORE!! See you all this weekend!!!




  3. White Water Outfitters & White Water Marine present our 4th Annual Spring Cast Off held at the White Water Marine Center in Hampton Bays, New York. The event will be held on May 14th & 15th. Be sure to come on down for an amazing event!


    Their will be Sales, Boat Show Specials, Giveaways, Raffles, Food, Drinks, Live Music, Contests, and SO MUCH MORE!! Just save the date as this will be our biggest event of the year and just in time to kick off the 2016 fishing season!!


    The Party is May 14, 2016, which is a Saturday. But the Sales, and Raffles will run the whole weekend and we will pick winners Sunday night. The bulk of the party with the food, contests, giveaways, music, and drinks will be May 14th. We are more than excited this year and look forward to seeing all of you there again. If you have any questions at all, give us a call or stop by in the shop.


  4. Another reason why you guys are the best! Can't wait for them to be in and give me an excuse to go out there!


    Thank you!! See you soon!!


    Let me know when ot available. I'll grab a few.

    They are available. Can call if needed!



    Do you know if it has a slit for the hook ?

    No sir.

  5. Hey guys. Just wanted to give you all the heads up that we have Hand Punched Real Deal Pork Rinds. These things are durable and tough! Size 70-S, 15 per jar, 8 colors! All hand done out of some pig skins!! Just thought I would pass the good word around as I know people are looking for a top quality replacement of the Uncle Josh Pork Rinds as they slowly disappear. Any questions feel free to ask guys!




  6. I always wish I could just step on the open beach with my CTS VT & VS200 and catch up a nice Marlin or Tuna. But hey, we aren't in New Zealand or Australia (Bucket List Fishing trip). Well ... I probably wouldn't use my Vapor Trail for those species of fish lol. But you know where I am going with this.


    What is a species of fish you wish you had the opportunity to go Surfcasting for but won't be able to?!?!?

  7. The season is here for some and waiting for others. As your approach your 2016 Season, what are your goals and what are you looking to do? Thought this could be a fun topic!


    My goals this year are to simply get out more and learn some new spots I have been looking into over the past couple of years that I have not hit hard in the past. Also my goal is to get out to some newer locations that I have never even been that are a bit far from me. Also looking to do a Cape Cod Canal trip this year.


    What about you guys?

  8. It has been too long! We need a giveaway! From one of my favorite builders, LI.Fishin.VT Danny Style Plug and a Custom Plug made back in 2005 w/ the initials SKC on it. The SKC Plug was on my shelf for show as I won it myself and liked it a lot. But one not give it to someone who wants to use it!


    To enter all you have to say is "WHITE WATER OUTFITTERS" and I will pick a Winner on February 3rd (Wednesday)


    Good Luck! (Picture below, I messed up!)

  9. I pose this question because I am ordering plugs for the shop and would love to see what people like to see in their local shop and ours that you may not have! Obviously don't say Big Rock, GRS, or guys like that as we know they don't sell to shops right now as production is limited. 


    But what brand of lure would you like to see in your local shop that you do not have right now? 

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