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  1. So I'm getting a new rod (bday present from the fam.) here in the next couple of days here and need some advice TSUNAMI AIRWAVE ELITE 1) 9'6" - 3/4 - 3oz 2) 10'6" - 1 - 3-1/2oz Or DIAWA COASTAL SALT PRO SURF 3) 10' - 1 - 3oz 4) 10'6" - 1 - 3oz Or Other options...... Mainly Fishing from SF to Monterey Chucking for Stripers SP Minnows Lucky Craft Poppers Buck tails Ect... Matching with Penn Sargus 6000 lures currently 2-1/2oz - 3/4-1oz Previous rod was a Diawa Emblem 10' - 3 - 6oz Caught lots o fish but not right. All opinions welcome and appreciated even if I'm way out of line. Thanks J Ice I've read some previous opinions here previously but wanted a fresh start.
  2. Sill lurking like Lurch. In Boulder Creek now fishing my new "Peninsula". HA!.... Your such a tease
  3. What's the typical weight for these style plugs? I'm getting a new rod and don't want to left out. Those are beauties! J. Ice
  4. Great topic people. Long shot, but if anyone would like share some info, I'm headed to the Monterrey area this weekend and my wife has allowed me some free time in the morning. I've been looking at the Carmel high lands area but access looks like it could be an issue. So.........if anyone wants to share off line (PM) i would appreciate it. Vague info is great I'm not trying to blow out anyone's spots neighborhoods / general areas. On another note last week, I got a tug off the rocks north of Santa Cruz that almost pulled the rod out of my hands on a full squid. Ended up breaking off looks like the hook leader got rubbed the wrong way on the reef / rocks. Thanks J. Ice
  5. Im not familiar with those rods, but if your thinking about swinging a two handed rod, I'd look into beulah fly rods they have two handed specific surf rods in the lengths you are looking at. I've found some set ups used last time I was looking at them, but i chose to stay with my 10' single hand rods just cause I did not want to get in to the light weight by grain game (think spey casting). Shooting heads are specific types of line that are roughly 30' +- depending on what wt rod your using they are then followed by the shooting line. Typically you would cast the shooting head and the shooting line follows the head during the release of your head. This is where your casting bucket / hip basket and line control comes in. * Too much info to list shoot me a PM and we can talk or if you want to go out some time let me know. I've got some extra set ups. J. Ice
  6. I've been doing it for the last few years and really dig it. Was fishing Pacifica and SF primarily where the surf was real rough and it was a real challenge but lots of fun and satisfying when a good cast was made. I've recently moved to the Santa Cruz area and the surf is by far more negotiable. Double hauling is for sure something to know. You defiantly need a stripping basket and line handling skills Shooting heads have been what I've been using 6 and 8 wt- T8 - T14 with that a new casting style. A good rod warranty to go with the shooting heads. I've broken my rod 3 times with big clousers. Lots of Patience. I'll say if your a flyfisher in general, theres nothing like the feel of the line shooting thu your guides and "hitting" the reel when you cast all the line out of your basket. That is the BEST!! Good luck
  7. Looks great. One thing I've heard but have not tried, fluorescent light bulb tube guards they are a thinner plastic and I believe they hold one minnow each (cut to length) they should have them at Lowes or HD. May lighten the load and you might have fewer hook to hook hook-ups. All in all well done!
  8. I got that rod from a guy how had planed on fishing it off a boat for marlin or sail fish as well. It has sat untouched in my room for a few years. All I've been able to get from others is that it has the action of a broom stick! That being said, I recently took it out and tried casting with a clear I line and I did well 60' +- hauling the hell out of it. It was a work out for sure. I plan on rigging it with some a Leviathan shooting head and one day going rock fishing with it from a kayak or if I make it to some warm salt some of the more exotics. J. Ice
  9. Thanks guys, Yea, I dried them off really well first, cut slits, salt and pepper ginger inside and out. Next time I'll fry them whole or try as sashimi . Good to hear that they are typically a mushy fish. Good for my experience, bad for steam cooking & eating. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I got a perch question. I caught a few slabs on Saturday and cooked them on Monday night. They both turned out mushy, uneatable. Maybe you guys can tell me where I went wrong. 12" perch Steamed in bamboo steamer with parchment paper underneath. Set on a wok 1st try - Cooked for 8-10 minutes. Mushy texture - uneatable. 2nd try - Cooked for 5-7 minutes. Mushy texture - almost under done - uneatable. Any thoughts? Could it have been how I kept the fish. Caught strung up and dragged in the water while wading. 2 hours but kept in the water for 90% of time. transferred to cooler with ice and water. Cleaned and keep in fridge for 2 days. Cooked FAIL! Help a brother out!! Fish caught on flies and 3/4" grubs (6 for the day) ICE
  11. All kidding aside, I saw a rig at Baker that I thought was pretty clever, guy took a golf bag caddie and converted to a fishing caddie that held his cooler, gear and multiple rod holders. Self standing, big wheels all and all a pretty clean set up. One of my favorite parts of fishing is getting ready for the next outing, rigging my gear and the rig to carry it. Currently I rock an old WWII Framed back pack with a 5 gallon bucket w/ plywood cutting board / bucket top seat, and all the lash points needed for sand spikes, extra rods you name it. It carries more than I need. The only problem is when I want to keep what i catch I don't' know what to do with my gear that I carried in, in my bucket!! What to do what to do..................................... Ice
  12. A wheel chair might be more comfortable. ADA approved for the bus, padded seats, arm rests locking wheels and if your worried about the weight capacity, I've seen double wides available. Sorry couldn't resist. Good luck
  13. Thanks again to all that have posted and sent me P.M.'s. I've looked over the area using google maps and there is a lot of water and access looks rough at best. Oneeyewilly, I appreciate your offer and will send you a PM hopefully if you & I have schedules that match and we can hook up. Again thanks for all the help here. This is truly a great resource for like minded folks. J. Ice Thanks for the permit info I've done it in Florida on the water by phone and it makes it really easy and convenient.
  14. Hey folks, I've posted most of this in the NJ form looking for some info, and now I'm gonna try here. I'm coming from the SF Bay and headed out on Tuesday the 29th for Westwood NJ and leaving for Norfolk on the 2nd. I'll be between staying some wehre around Westwood and Carteret, NJ. I'll be part of and attending a Project specific PTI training seminar for the Bayonne bridge. I though I might bring a couple of rods (7 & 8wt), and see what happens. If anyone has some thoughts of what I might expect and point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Not sure how much time I'll have, but bring them if you got them right? I'm moving on to Norfolk VA on Friday and will have a full day on Saturday and will be attending a PTI convention there I'll be in VA until the 6th. I'm gonna hit the coast and see whats going on out there again if anyone can point me in the direction to help a brother out and narrow down some options that would be great! Water Water Every Where Now Where's One To Fish?. I got a couple of days left before I head out and would appreciate any info that could be shared. Even if it's leave it at home and see the sights. Thanks J. Ice