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  1. Yes I you can fish there at night. You have to park out front by Andy's though. They close the gates around 6pm this time of year. You are allowed past the catwalk all the way down to the end of the jetty but be careful. It gets slippery and large waves can come out of nowhere closer to the end. December , in my experience is slow. You'd probably have better luck on lbis beaches.

  2. I have grip studs in my Omnitrix felt soles and they hold great. I used an ⅛" drill bit to pilot holes and the grip stud goes just past the orange plastic. I only put the studs on the outside perimeter so the felt in the middle will make contact with the rocks. I feel that you get the best of both worlds this way. I don't slip on dry granite like I did with full spikes and it's way more comfortable on my arches for some reason. I also very quickly hit the felt with a torch every once in a while and it brings them to like new condition.

  3. Has anyone used these gammys?

    I don't believe they are sold in the States. I found them on an auction site and ordered one pack to see what they are about. I would like to order more but am not sure about the sizing. It's kind of a gamble ordering online. They also have a single inline dedicated to seabass but I'm not sure what that means because these are for Japanese fisherman and I think it's safe to say that their seabass are not the same as ours.