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  1. Yes I you can fish there at night. You have to park out front by Andy's though. They close the gates around 6pm this time of year. You are allowed past the catwalk all the way down to the end of the jetty but be careful. It gets slippery and large waves can come out of nowhere closer to the end. December , in my experience is slow. You'd probably have better luck on lbis beaches.
  2. I believe they don't make this anymore. If anyone has one they could part with or know where I could buy one I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. Fish the south inlet. Fluking is good there that time of year. You can Wade the banks and cast into the channel. You may find weakies by the bridge there at night also.
  4. Can anyone give me an address? I'm coming.ing up from South Jersey.
  5. I will take this for asking at the show. If it's still available.
  6. I have this bag in black. It's bulletproof.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. If it's still available I'll take it for asking. Pm coming
  9. Will you accept 120 picked up?
  10. Lol. Wrong thread. Please disregard
  11. I'll take it for asking. Pm coming
  12. I'm in nj. I'll send you a pm
  13. Will you accept 50?