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  1. Haven’t had a drink in 20 yrs. I’m not advocating putting yourself in a risky situation , although that doesn’t seem to stop quite a few folks sitting on a 40 lb. piece of floating plastic. It would be helpful if you could compose a concise , literate sentence. I seem to have touched a nerve , based on the hostile response . Close to 15,000 posts.... Little too much screen time for me.I don’t hold it against you , I’d rather spend time actually doing the things I enjoy outdoors than texting about it . It’s all good , stay safe Bill J
  2. This app that app computers .....Put the thing in the water & fish . Windy ? Find a place out of the wind , tide ain’t “right”? Hang around a while , it’ll change , been doin that for a few years now . It’s great to use all available tools , however , there’s no substitute for actually doing it . Live & learn Bill J (crabby Ol dude )
  3. I agree with Nessmuk, the Dem/Lib tactics seem to be effective. A taste of their own meds. could be benificial to Republican efforts. When Judge Kavanaugh spoke up for himself , the phony indignation on the Lib/Dem side was laughable. “He lacks the temperament... He showed a lack of restraint....However , they paid attention didn’t they? When confronted with tactics that mirror their own , they fold , like most bullies or individuals with little substance to their argument. Bill J
  4. Another fake tough guy, gets confused , cant distinguish between real life and his BS “job”. Like the other big mouth Bobby D. Baldwin’s like the punk when you were a kid , run his mouth , throw a sissy punch, always when someone’s around to break it up .He also has a habit of hitting people who don’t /won’t / can’t hit back . Typical Bill J
  5. Mr. Fisher , my sentiments exactly , I don’t think I could have stated it any better . Well done sir! Bill J
  6. If you notice my SOL “handle “ , you’ll understand why I feel I am uniquely qualified to comment . The eye patch comment I can handle, anyone who knows me knows I have a sense of humor . However , it’s the “whatever “ remark that I found appalling. This douchebags remark is typical SNL, not surprising at all. This kid couldn’t buy the balls or integrity this Frogman has. I’m also a proud USN veteran. Its a sad commentary of the times we are living in . I have a suggestion , this kid should put an eyepatch on and leave it on for 24 hrs. See how funny it is . Bill J
  7. “Easy “ Quick” ? Compared to what ? Shot of leader material , swivel ,clip, cast . Easy , quick . Bill J
  8. I believe the POTUS went to Pittsburgh with honest, compassionate intentions. His appearance and behavior were compleatly presidential. He stayed focused on the brevity of the visit . He acted like a President should, as did the First Lady . The MSM , as usual , interjected their bias and hate into the coverage of his visit. This, in my opinion shows a total lack of respect for the for the people who were subjected to this horror . I’ve come to expect each & every incident , issue to morph into an opportunity to vilifie , demonize the POTUS and or his policy’s & ideas . Bill J
  9. I won’t pretend to be a constitutional scholar , that being said , POTUS’s proposal seems like a simple , straight forward approach to the issue. Part of a plan to revise & improve the immigration system . Not overthinking it is a plus . IMO Bill J
  10. A wind turbine was installed not far from where I live . It’s been down/offline for far longer than it’s been producing juice . People if spoken to cite imported components , bearings , seals , fasteners , etc. as the main cause for delays. Labor cost also factors in , as well as shipping said parts . It’s just one thing after another. I said it at the inception, does it make overall sense to install 1? Seems like an expensive novelty , it just doesn’t seem like a good return on the investment . Bill J.
  11. I totally agree with LBI S/R, Yes , he is a scumbag . I’m from Hudson County , I’ve seen my share of share of ****head politicians .Years ago I foolishly reached out to him & the other piece of **** Donald Payne Sr. for help . No Bueno from the former , shoulda worked on ma tan , yo , from the latter. Follow me ? I consider myself a realist not a racist , I’ve no doubt race factored into their decisions not to get involved . So yes , he is a scumbag .
  12. I agree with Maine Guide & Joey Zac completly. I like to think I’m fairly aware of what’s going on around me , I pay attention to a large & diverse asembledge of media. Try as I may, I fail to see the horrible rights destroying policy’s and attitudes certain individuals & media outlets use as their basis for attacking the POTUS . I realize I may be biased , however I try to be objective , yet I still don’t see it . I support him & his agenda . Bill J
  13. Not a flyfishing book , however while doing some research I came across an old favorite , “Men’s Lives “ Peter Matthiessen .Published in 1986 , it’s a gripping account of “Surfmen & Baymen of the Southfork”. A prolific author , Mr. Matthiessen, led an interesting and varied life . Hope you find this helpful , Bill J
  14. I could be wrong , however it appears to me that regardless of what is done to advance a Palestinian State / People , it will never be enough for it or them to prosper, for a number of reasons . A peaceful solution would be the preferred result , however at this & future junctions , I believe vigilance & a tall fence /wall is in Israel’s/ Jewish Peoples best interest . Bill J
  15. I’d touch that ol fillet knife up a wee bit ... Yikes Bill J.