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  1. No , stupid , it’s directed at you & your ilk . Don’t insult me with this ????? Who me BS . You fools do it every time , I’ve said this over n over , your so smart you outsmart yourself , always pushing , happy now JO? Lol
  2. I only comprehend the very basics of this Roe vs Wade decision , the fact that it gets these scumbags all riled up is all I need to know , that’s good enough for me .
  3. Eff that d-bag , him / she / it & his BS music , always sucked , runnin it’s mouth , like most of them , won’t go anywhere
  4. A”coup” lol Yea , the Nitwit with the horn hat was runnin things , have REAL inquiry into what went on , before , during , after. Unbiased , equal time all around . There is no interest in such a investigation , hearing , whatever you’d like to call it . What is being televised isa scripted , predictable production , being produced by a man who specializes in this nonesense , it’s neither unbiased nor spontaneous . Right up all you drama queens alley , relax petunia , there’s no “coup “ .
  5. Rock , your kid witnessed a good one yesterday , good for him !
  6. Ahhh , Richards Wild Irish Rose , M/D 20/20 , Tango , Boones Farm , Bali Hi , Country Club Malt Liquor , Hoppin Gator , the list goes on , the beverages of my I’ll spent youth , Bud Nips , 7 oz.’s of ice cold heaven , Rheingold Chug a Mugs lol Ballentine Ale , Long Neck Miller Hi Life’s The good Ol Daze , nights weren’t bad either !
  7. A Buck tooth jackass Murphy encounter with the Ol Fool Biden could explain Hunter , one of em should have pulled out
  8. “ Dad, thank you for teaching me to be a man , even though I’m your daughter “ Printed on a coffee mug gifted by my youngest daughter , I stressed from an early age it’s rough out there lol
  9. Happy Fathers Day !
  10. Never mind the BS celebrations , special days , flags , proclamations etc. , use the time , energy , resources to actually improve the lives of current & future generations .
  11. Hookup , you people can’t handle the truth , the truth ? If this BS was on the up n up , equal time , the ability to respond to accusations , unedited messaging , biased, phony “ cops “ blubbering , sniffling like the little girls, the accused having the ability to confront their accusers , honest answers explaining the gross security failures, Americans being held in gulag like conditions while savages run free after burning cities , destroying businesses , assaulting , murdering innocent people , hanging medals on an ignorant scumbag coward for executing an unarmed female veteran , etc, you want the truth ? Address all these things and much more , you’ll have your truth , but keep in mind , the truth can hurt .
  12. Great comments . As an aside , I have noticed a very marked increase in trash , garbage and most notably , human feces in all the outdoor spots , fishing , picnicking , soccer fields etc, since being deluged with Mexican / Central American fence jumpers . The poaching and utter disregard for natural resources/ places is appalling . It’s bad enough your exploiting the resource in horrific ways , but do you have to leave piles of used refried beans in your wake ? Try to hold on till you get home so you can crap on the hot pepper / tomatoe plants .
  13. Taylor Ham , it’s a Bennie thing . Never used the term “ pork roll” , drives em nuts down the shore lol …… The Ol Fool was running his mouth about being the best thing to ever happen to union Labor, how he will “always “ have their backs , blah, blah , blah . Tell that to the thousands of Pipeliner Local 798 members , many of whom are friends , co workers of mine, Operating Engineers & all associated trades & businesses that were lied to & shafted after the Ol Fool decided to put the kibosh on new & existing N/G pipelines , after securing Union endorsements . They are all full of donkey dust , I can honestly say I never once followed my Unions “ recommendation “ as to who to vote for , I went so far as refusing to allow the 5 cents an hr. deduction from my wage for a PAC . Didn’t go over well , didn’t care , I always found my own work , never depended on the Union to find me work, I very rarely was without work .
  14. I saw that silliness , meanwhile , fuel , gas , diesel , home heating oil , has doubled , baby food shortages , food prices skyrocketing , Leninist show trials , kids being taught drag queens & buggery is the norm , Gay Pride flooding every segment of society for a month , and all the other BS , and this is the pressing issue at hand ? Renaming a mountain because you don’t like the history behind the original naming ? Good to see the priorities are straight
  15. We fly The Colors all day , every day, properly lit after sundown , when it begins to show signs of wear , we replace it , folding it correctly and depositing it in a box provided by a local VFW Post. We revere , respect the Flag, and all it stands for , we believe in affording it the honor it deserves .