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  1. “Solar panels sure grow some good tomatoes “ Yes , yes they do Bill J
  2. Good for you ! Congrats! Bill J
  3. I grew up in the inner city , still live in the city , learned early on how to deal with all types of folks , same thing in the military & the construction industry . I consider myself a realist not a raceist. I’ll go so far as to say most of the folks I know, that have a modicum of sense look at things in a some what similar sense , regardless of race, color or creed .I learned early on that looking at things realistically when dealing with people , all people ,can help you survive as well as foster friendships, create better working relationships and give you a better idea of exactly who your dealing with . Good decent folks come in all shapes & colors , works the same way with A holes . Bill J
  4. Besides the silliness mentioned in the previous posts, I’d like to hear from some firefighters / first responders , paid or vollunteers concerning the safety issues inherent in dealing with solar panels on roofs or whereever else they may be deployed . Bill J
  5. He is a clown . What’s more concerning is the fact that he was elected & re-elected. The shape of The City is approaching Dinkinsonion levels, time for another Rudy , as whacky as he was , he cleaned the mess up . Bill J
  6. Thank God my parents weren’t held accountable for some of my ahhh, “ indiscretions “ . However , I do agree to a point . I won’t pretend to be a parenting expert, however , being aware of what your kid is up to , who there running around with can only help. There’s plenty of lousy or non excisting parents out there. Left to they’re own devices , a lot of kids get jammed up. They are kids , it’s what they do. Finding the balance between being aware and being overbearing is a part of kid raising equation. Bill J
  7. BillZ, No offense taken, I should have clarified my response. In no way do I advocate ignoring , not taking advantage of the technological advantages available in the modern world . My intent was to highlight a simple , small , inexpensive piece of kit that very well could help divert a tradjedy. I have used , & been grateful to have some amazing navigation / communication equipment over the years , it has nothing to do with “ self gratification , doing without “. Another factor is space , which is very limited on a yak, also a power source. A good compass takes up very little of the former & doesn’t require the latter. If someone has the smarts to grasp using electronics , even simple ones , understanding rudimentary nav. using a compass should be simple . Stay safe . Bill J.
  8. Way too much reliance on electronic this that the other. Guys spend thousands on all sorts of foolishness to catch more fish and fail to be able to save themselves in an emergency. Someone posted that there’s power boaters that shouldn’t operate boats, looks like some people shouldn’t be operating kayaks. People have navigated for hundreds if not thousands of yrs. with out electronics. Personally , I don’t care what anyone does , I just find it amazing that anyone could be so ill prepared in a situation that could be life thereatening . Bill J
  9. I’m grateful a large segment of the Liberal population can’t reproduce . Bill J
  10. He may be nuts , however , NYC could sure use em about now. Unfortunately it appears The City is fast approaching the point of no return . Like Dinkins before him the current Liberal is flushing the place down the toilet . Say what you want , he got rid of the Squeegee Army LoL
  11. My work space was the Combat Information Center , my rate was an Operations Specialist . I was deployed to the Persian Gulf & surrounding areas in the late 70’s early 80’s , including during the Iranian Hostage Crisis among other interesting scenarios . It was a very challenging area to operate in than, more so now. I have no doubt if our Navy is allowed to operate unfettered , it can & will demonstrate its superiority. I have a nephew currently serving in the Operations Division on board an Amphibious Assault ship . In our very limited discussions , he has assured me the current Navy is more than up to the challenge if hostility’s should escalate . I salute all who have served and all who sacrifice and serve presently. Bill J
  12. Good for him ! He’s lucky having a big bro like you sharing his excitement & joy. Hope you have many , many more adventures togather ! Bill J
  13. Good for you ! You asked “Why “ ? In a previous post , Why not ?! Great job with the release , good karma . Again good for you ! Bill J
  14. I’m looking for info on which month -Late Feb or Early to mid March that would offer me better weather /fishing opportunities while at Big Pine Key . I’ve never visited , I will be using conventional gear as well as fly as the situations dictate , however I am partial to using fly fishing gear . Any & all info on weather as well as any other pertinent info will be greatly appreciated , I plan on visiting for ten days to two weeks . Thank You , Bill J
  15. I grew up across the river from the Towers , so close , that as they grew skyward , the joke was if they were to fall to the west , we could walk to the City . I saw em go up , saw em come down . Was there that day and many , many more thereafter. To this day, there are guys out on Church St. pushing the conspiracy angle . I havn’t been to the Memorial or Museum , doubt I ever will for reasons I’ll keep to myself. I respect your or anyone else’s right to question what transpired that day , which also happens to be my wedding anniversary . I didn’t see it happen the way you describe or the purported “ evidence” after the event . It is , and will remain an extreamly sensitive subject to many , many people . Bill J