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  1. I concur, the book Jimmy Z references is an excellent read. First time I set foot on a party boat was a Viking cod fishing trip out of Montauk . I was a little kid . Pool fish was bigger than me. My last cod trip was close to 20 yrs. ago. Stellwagon Bank jigging trip. 6 of us +the capt. & mate, averaged 13-1500 lbs. of market sized cod, + a few wolffish , pollock. My crew & I would try to go twice a year. In a way , I can’t help but feel I contributed to the downfall of this fishery , along with the garbage cans full of whiting we took to the commercial smoker. Funny thing is , I can count on a hand & a half all the stripers I ever kept. Same thing with the Quincy flounders , I participated in the overfishing of that resource also.Confession is good for the soul . This also explains why I’m so aware of issues pertaining to conservation as I aged . I wish I had a solution . To think there are a lot of younger fisher folk who will never know the wonder of healthy fisheries is unfortunate . Bill J
  2. Isn’t this the same person who promised , than assured her constituents that she would finish her term if elected / re-elected not too long ago? If I recall correctly she stated she was not throwing her hat in the Presidential ring. Amazing. Bill J
  3. Hilltop, “Feeble”? Hardly. Bill J
  4. “A minority of Americans are having Their political ideology thrust upon the majority “ You said it I didn’t . All the fringe groups , LBTG whatever , and all the rest of these groups push their whacky agendas on the more conservative common sense driven folks . Why do I get the feeling that had the Dems. /Libs/Progs prevailed in the last Presidential election , the system wouldn’t need “fixing “ Bill J
  5. Cman , Yes , the size of the wash tub has been somewhat problematic in the past , I’ll give the smaller basket a shot , hopefully I’ll be putting it to the test shortly . Have a safe & productive season ! Bill J
  6. “Normal , professional treatment”? “Triggered” ? “Frivolous” If it was your son would all this apply ? Bill J
  7. Charloots makes excellent points. Ego , producers & others lining up to highlight him, it would all benefit him financially , personally , I don’t think he gives a rats ass about anyone but himself. Typical . He did it to help himself . Anything else it may have achieved is extra. Bill J
  8. I picked up a Peak Rotary, I’m happy with it , well made , price wasn’t overly prohibitive , like any other tool ,quality pays , it doesn’t cost . But the best you can afford, you won’t regret it . Bill J
  9. If your having trouble finding the components to set up this very productive rig , try a supplier who caters to walleye fisherman . It’s a very popular technique when using live bait for walleyes . Doorgunner, I look forward to your informative and entertaining posts , thank you , have a safe , productive & healthy season . Bill J
  10. Bdowning , I’m glad you found my post helpful . If your interested in cinder worms & or fishing a “hatch” check out Capt. Cast a Fly in the Flyfishing Forum . He is instrumental in a seminar run each spring up in Ninigrit R.I. These folks forgot more about cinder worms than I’ll ever know lol . Bill J
  11. Bdowning , It’s early for a worm hatch. Temp. is probably the largest factor governing “Worm Hatches “ Earliest I’ve ever witnessed one was mid - late April after a quick warm up, where I do most of my fishing in North Jersey . The “Hatches “ aren’t as intense as in other areas- R.I. Conn. Mass., however the result is the same, albeit , to a lesser extent than in other areas . Also , sea worms can act as an “indicator species “ to a certain degree . They won’t live , “Hatch” in severely compromised waterways . That being said ,I applaud your thinking outside of the box , hang in there , springs coming ! Bill J
  12. Chewy, Prior to 9-11, I had a spot that got deep fast . Depending on conditions , I would add an egg sinker on the running line ahead of a 18” piece of leader material attached with a swivel & bead ahead of the swivel ,fishing the eel like an artificial . Another method was to add a an appropriate sized trolling weight 12-18” ahead of the eel , again fished like an artificial. There are other was to fish eels , however this method was simple & effective in my situation . Hope this helps. Bill Jo
  13. BFD, Keep punching in the clinches ! Bill J
  14. Perhaps I should have clarified : The media hysteria concerning security clearances requested by the The President . I was wrong to assume readers would grasp the thought behind the post .Being called “Political Graffiti “ , I assumed readers would have a modicum of knowledge concerning such matters . Clear enough ?Bill J
  15. Yet again , the MSM creates a controversy concerning Pres.Trump. The Pres. could request security clearances for anyone he wants . If after passing a back round check the clearance is issued , it will provide zero access to classified material without the “Need to Know “ . DoD 5200.2-R . “ Knowledge , possession or access to classified info shall not be afforded to any individual solely by virtue of the individuals office , position or security clearance . “ You have to show an absolute need to know the information you seek as well as having the proper clearance , before you are allowed access to classified material .I have/had expierence in such matters . Again , the MSM creates a controversy where there is non. Bill J