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  1. Thanks for sharing the piece by Charlie Daniels . Bill J
  2. Oh I see , Republicans are hypocritical , having no core values . Kinda like calling a wall “Immoral” yet partial birth abortion and profiting from such behavior is fine? Bill J
  3. “Classless comments “ Concerning RBG, not unlike a lot of the comments made contiously concerning the POTUS and any oneone else who opposes or disagrees with Dem/ Lib. mindset or policy’s . Bill J
  4. Hamlet , Good point. Some of the issues , beliefs , mindsets of these people is bizarre. They go beyond political ideology. I see some of it as actual mental illness. Again , good point . Bill J
  5. “Bizarre and untoward” ? Why is that ? If I recall correctly , the results were relatively close , no landslide victory, close enough that the Dems. we’re disputing some close outcomes. Why , because the polls were wrong ? Polls which are easily skewed ? Why was it”bizarre & untoward ? Cause it didn’t work out to your liking ? Bill J
  6. I concur , that is a great book , I failed to mention it in my previous post. A friend gave me his well worn copy when I began fly fishing . I return to it often , always extracting a bit info each time . Bill J
  7. A fairly high profile conservative talk radio host in the NY Metro. area made an interesting observation this pm. There’s been very little MSM coverage of the young men found dead at Mr. Bucks residence . Had it been an illegal alien or Hispanic chances are the coverage would be extensive . Bill J
  8. J, Exactly. Great point . Not only in the present situation , all situations involving questions of competency moving forward , without bias . Maintain a standard of competency. Checks & balances . Bill J
  9. It’s easy on teachers however , just give em all “A”s, individuals really don’t matter . Lol Bill J
  10. Report it as a racially motivated shooting . Post composite picture of a white male, standby to see who gets pinched for the shooting . The amount of coverage will now depend on who the suspect /suspects are . One already in custody , another one has been arrested , waiting to see who that may be. If it doesn’t fit the narrative it will get minimum coverage . IMHO Bill J
  11. Well said Fish Hawk ll, I was told the same thing many years ago . Bill J
  12. Just saw a piece on the news where she explained her comment : “ I come from a beautiful urban environment , Detroit , where we use colorful language in interesting ways.”Colorful ? Interesting ? Yikes
  13. POTUS doesn’t like criticism . No one does . Kinda like when the Dems were criticized for for there behavior regarding Kavanaugh . They turned it up & tried to destroy the man . Boo Hoo Bill J
  14. Shipwreck, We could use more young men/woman like your son . You all should be proud . As for the subject of the thread, it’s similar to Hillary carrying around hot sauce & proclaiming “ I ain’t too tired “ or some such nonesense . It insults the intelligence . Bill J
  15. I enjoy them all , however “Flyrodding Estuaries “Ed Mitchell , seems like it was written for me. My signed copy of Rich Murphy’s “Big” book is special also . Bill J