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  1. Well done video! Thanks for sharing . Bill J
  2. I’m no kid , been around a long time ,I’ve dealt with all kinds of cops . “ If you were nice & thanked him for his service ....” Like u said “ Come on man, “ Your paying the extortion no matter what u say , its all about the $$$. And yes , they DO target off islanders , especially Yankees . The guy who got ticketed shouldn’t have gotten out of his vehicle , no he wasn’t under arrest , however do you want to play FLeeBailey with the cop ? . Lastly , I try to be as respectful as I can to all law enforcement , however some make it very hard , for some reason folks who “carry a gun for a living “ tend to be a little too arrogant in my opinion. Question Authority. Bill J , oh I’ve been to Buxton , it’s beautiful !
  3. Glos , Not the time , nor the place for that , Take it to the Towne Tavern , Political Grafitti.
  4. I watched the towers rise , I watched the towers fall . Spent too much time there during the aftermath . I can see the Towers of Light Memorial from my yard each year , just as we watched and smelled the acrid plumes for what seemed like an eternity ...Being registered with the WTC Mt. Sinai, Rescue & Recovery Workers Registry gives me constant reminders , reminders I don’t need , not a day goes by that I’m not drawn to look east , still not fully understanding , however a short ride to the Tear Drop Memorial helps in a small way. I’ve taken visiting family members from far & wide to Lower Manhattan ,most visit the Memorial & Museum , I can’t and doubt I ever will . Keep those who’s lives were forever changed in your thoughts on a continual basis not for just one day , spend a moment reflecting on all who sacrifice so we may live our lives in freedom and safety . Never Forget Bill J
  5. It’s great to hear your making progress in your recovery . I’m looking forward to your sharing your new adventures and indespensible “pearls of wisdom “ ! Keep punching in the clinches , Bill J
  6. “Bow Tie Man “:Wasn’t ‘George Bailey’ the main man in the classic film “Its a Wondrful Life”? .... Bill J
  7. As abhorrent as I find this nonesense , I agree with Jimmy Z ....Just say NO ! Lol Bill J
  8. Your a very fortunate man , lovely family , they to , are fortunate to have someone to open their eyes such wonders . That area is a treasure . I’ve rafted the Upper Hudson , overnighting on extended trips near the head waters . Being able to throw a rock across , and catch trout , smallies & pike in the same behemoth of a river that gives up pelegics in the early fall is increadable . Long live the North River . Bill J
  9. I feel for you. Long story short , what I thought was sciatica was much worse . Close to 40 yrs. of heavy construction , an extreamly active outdoor life and too many untreated injuries finally caught up to me . Get it checked out . Don’t self diagnose . What may seem like sciatica may be spinal stenosis or something worse . After an MRI , the Dr. treating me actually shook his head .I won’t bore u with old man ailment story’s , let’s just say it ain’t good lol , I just had an epidural to gain some relief & mobility , unfortunate surgery is on the horizon . Take care of yourself , don’t be a hero . Good luck , be well . Bill J
  10. The mention of live spots brings me back 35 yrs. to a certain pier bay side Ocean City Maryland . Spent a nice week there with while in the service . Pay a small fee to fish the pier , live spot for a pittance . Some of the wildest night time weakfishing I ever enjoyed . I think of that spot often , especially now with the weakfish not nearly as abundant . Thanks for all the interesting & informative posts . Thank you for your service Bill J
  11. BFD is fortunate to have you gentleman as friends , we , are all fortunate to know him thru this forum , as limited as it may be . Personally , my flyfishing skills , philosophy and success owe a lot to his posts. I’m relatively new to this form of fishing , BFD has emerged as a true fountain of knowledge , offering simple down to earth answers and insights into not only flyfishing , but a myriad of topics. “All the Best “ to you as one of your peers was fond of saying. Keep punching in the clinches ! Bill J
  12. Your both blessed , Happy Birthday Sir ! Many more great days for you both . Bill J
  13. Yikes ....Bill J
  14. Midway had a rep as sort of a live & let live beach , growing up my bro & I & some pals would cause a little mayhem I SSP & jump the fence at the end of the boardwalk on to Midway , to make our escape , The Ol “Hippy Beach” bonfires , pups runnin around , fire work displays that were better than the one in the Heights on the Fourth , easy access to IBSP , Arts Sand Bar , White Sand Beach Motel , Rossi’s , watched a crusty old timer drag a bass bigger than my little brother up on the sand , made em lay down next to it just to be sure lol lots of action in them dunes north end of IBSP too , $$$ changes everything once Midway went with the Condo Assc. It was over , however change was inevitable , but oh it was sweet , the good ol days , nights weren’t too bad either ! Bill J
  15. It looks like your ties will catch , the common thread in all advice I ever received , was to buy quality material , take your time , invest in a few good tying books , attend shows / symposiums , join a club and from someone much more expierenced than I , in most instances less is more . If you can read a newspaper thru certain ties , it’s sparse enough . I have found this to be true , especially when fishing streamers , flat wings & my own hybrid I like to call ‘ kinda sorta flat wings ‘ not your classic flat wing , however they work . Most importantly , enjoy yourself . Bill J