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  1. I catch my first fluke of the year while flyfishing a back bay drain for bass . The vast majority of years , it's mid May & the fluke are keepers , than I start targeting them , they are a blast on the long wand .
  2. Thanks for posting ! Wonderful, as usual , can never get enough schlag !
  3. I left out the fact that very dark flatwings in varying sizes do an excellent job of imitating leaches , a common and sort after food sources for many northern species.
  4. Try a flat wing pattern at night for pickerel ( walleye) . If you can find a light source, such as a boat dock , cottage deck with lights , or a neck down with current , you will be pleasantly surprised, I've used this technique a lot in Ontario. Anywhere smelt are forage , flatwings excell . The pike devour them also. Fish gotta eat , they don't care if it's a fly , plug or jig , if it looks good they will eat it . They work well early in the season when just crawled along over emerging weeds also .
  5. Guilt or innocence is secondary. Having this farce front & center during the next 2 yrs is what's important. As far as the rest of the country , it's hard to say , with the media being in the pathetic, ultra biased , disgraceful state it's in, they will work overtime to suppress truth in reporting while pushing Orange Man bad.Conservative media is vastly outnumbered in all forms , this cannot be ignored, especially in this world of editing , drive by reporting. If there was parity , we wouldn't be witnessing this charade, courtesy of an AG & DA who's stated goals were to get him . Pelosi's remark concerning proving innocence sums it up. What truly amazes me is the shortsightedness of people , failing to see the bigger picture, the implications of this in the context of all the other whacky BS that has been going on, from the environmental to the social , domestic policy to foreign, none of it is designed to streanghthan or advance America. In my humble opinion. I've a grandson entering the world next week , my first, while over joyed, my joy is tempered by the reality of where we are as a nation in a volatile, unstable world . We are fortunate to have many, young people in my vast extended family , great kids all , as yet to be borns to teens , to young parents , I worry for them all .
  6. Try to contact a Veterans Assistance office near his location , or anyone else that can be trusted nearby , organization or individual. I can guarantee, if he gets involved in a program , AA etc., he will be exposed to people with problems worse or at least as bad as his . This could be the revelation that sets him on a path toward healing . I wish the best for him and anyone struggling, and for those trying to help .
  7. Anything farmed is suspect, I abstain. Blowfish are delicious. We caught them by the bucketful , Manasquan Inlet , mid 60's / early -mid 70's . Didn't have to pay for bait , scooped up huge surf clams that would fall from conveyors off loading the dredges just west of the current bulkhead , Point Pl. Beach , south side of the inlet . Deep fried , the tails seemed like enormous shrimp to us kids at the time. These were large blow fish , not the aquarium sized examples I've seen lately.
  8. It's been a while since I was out west , I'll be heading west very soon , Bad Lands , The Bob etc. It's nice to be retired relatively young . My Western experience was centered around US 40 from Lake Havasu Arizona all the way east , so I guess you'd say SouthWest , that being said , I'm hearing the area I'm going still remains fairly normal , retaining many of the values & thought processes that I find appealing.I generally keep to myself as do those I roam with , that being said , it's not locals , but fellow visitors I'm leery of. America is the most beautiful country I've ever seen , I've traveled a bit world wide , I've yet to experience a place with such diverse beauty.
  9. It doesn't seem odd that 95% of the animals who terrorized, assaulted, burned cities weren't even arrested , prosecuted? This is fair to you ? Yet , Right leaning people are hunted down , tormented and thrown in jail , no bail , sentenced to years in prison for crimes that normally would receive much lighter terms. Your the reason this country is in the state it is .
  10. Where's your " special counsel " for the Biden crew ? One sentence, that's all your worth , I'm feeling generous today
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