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  1. Fishin Mag, Why thank you for concuring ! Hey , it is what it is. Trying to maintain a modicum of honesty . Good luck to you , seriously . Bill J
  2. Not only will I defend it , I’ll second it , realist not racist . He’s got the balls to say what all the weasels are thinking . Do he erred on where they’re from , could have fooled me after listening to the BS they spew . You want racist ? Try listening to them . I don’t care where they go , just go. Bill J
  3. Maine Guide said A/C units need to be redistributed , nah , just a a good day or two black out , that silly little one the other day was hardly enough time to strap up & rally the troops . Need some time to ya wake n bake git stuff rollin
  4. Gulf Vet , First , thank you for your service...You are correct , I didn’t read the info you mentioned , however I heard the breakdown from a respected source ,the numbers you mentioned are in the ballpark , I think they may even be low . Thanks for pointing it out . I’m not a big fan of the little purple headed skank / ****, that being said , I may be a bit biased . Bill J
  5. Cut back on benifits given to people in country who don’t deserve them ( illeagles ) stop throwing $$$ at un appreciative sh t hole countries , organizations , take care of those who ran in when everyone else was running out. Do what’s right . Bill J
  6. “ Run Forrest ! Run ! Today , “ Run Jose !, Run !” .... Shinnecock Inlet , Brings back some good memories , one not being running it in the fog , with an ebbing tide & a north wind after being offshore for a few days , yikes , pre radar , someone up on the bow listening & looking for the breakwaters . Young & Dumb , Good Ol Days ! Nights weren’t too bad either !
  7. There’s a few people who set up tables across from where the Towers once stood . They’ve been there since the area was reopened . They profess to have the same knowledge concerning Govt. conspiracy as you . For some reason , there seems to be fewer of them , and they aren’t there as frequently , either way , I suggest you take a trip to the City & talk with them , kindred spirits , or perhaps you are one of them . Your rambling , all over the place . Even managed to get a little anti Israel dig in there . Have you ever considered what would have happened had we not got involved in WW11? . Just go fish pal , enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds us , all the little things we take for granted , clear your head . Good luck to you . Bill J
  8. Flybyme, please accept my condolences . I was there the day it happened & for many , many days thereafter . I’m not going to go on & on , for various reasons , one being some of the horrors are finally fading , I’m part of the WTC , Mt. Sinai Health Registry , which monitors folks who responded in various capacities . Fraud is running rampant . $$, should be allocated to ensure the benifits disbursed are deserved. Whatever moneys spent vetting these claims will be a good investment in the long run . Bill J.
  9. A brand would be helpfull , help ID em next time they slink in . Any suggestions as far as brands ? Circle “T” - NG - or maybe I initials of country of origin ? ie. MX, ELSAL,GUAT, HON .... ,
  10. Pulling big tubes on wire - monel - stainless was a popular technique for bass / big weakfish years ago . Very popular tactic in the N.Y. Bight , don’t remember too many folks utilizing south of there . It was practicly an art form , many variables , ie. colors , tube size , weights , certain bends in the tube to achieve certain actions. I was fortunate to fish with some older gents who passed on certain proven techniques. Bill J
  11. I saw Pelosi giving a news conference or something this am . It was the longest amount of time I ever watched / listened to her . She truly looks to be in bad shape , seriously , sadly I have a sister who she reminds me of lol . Thankfully Sis is in better shape physically , however their politics are in step with each other . Makes for interesting get togethers.
  12. Exactly , Notice Me !!! This coming from someone with close to 200,000 posts . Ya can’t go on this site without you being on it, responding to or getting involved in any & all issues that will get you attention . Pathetic . Not that I give a rats ass , only pointing out a fact . Bill J.
  13. It seems to me that the Dud & his lil pal Magic man or whatever are the ones triggered by a comment , opinion . Such silliness is hardly worth the effort of responding . This is all u get
  14. I think I have a pretty good grasp of what the flag represents , IMO . Do you ?
  15. I don’t know if she’s a flag kneeler , however in my opinion , she’s a nasty piece of sh t . I pity any of those other woman who have to tolerate her to play on the team that represents America . It’s a disgrace that she is allowed to remain on the team after her no class display . Bill J.