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  1. That “ music “ sucked . It’s a silly argument that isn’t worth the energy . Believe whatever you like.... 50 million Ugandan shillings is what, like $17.35?. That being said ,I give the guy credit for trying , good for him .
  2. Roger that . Thank you to all who gave their all . Thanks for posting.
  3. If the fakes over at the NYT’s really wanted to honour people who died , they could have printed the names of the approximately 110,000, US Servicemen & Woman who where killed in the Viet Nam War , the Korean War , and the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts , with a little creative typesetting , it wouldn’t have taken up much more space on the front page. I find it disgusting that a solemn time frame , set aside to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in our defense , is used as a cheap political stunt. Disgusted however , not surprised .
  4. Mum, is right , I’d like to ad , the biggest factor in how these fakes treat them is fear , they try to emulate them in words , actions , fashion , music , figuring maybe they won’t slap me around & take my lunch money, or my $ 200.00 kicks that mommy bought me. That’s the wigger mentality . The rest , they just figure , we ll give em enough to keep them from rising up & taking mine. There is no humanitarian mindset here. If these a holes actually spent some time with black people , they would learn that n awfull lot of them just want to be treated like everyone else, not all by a long shot , but enough. I’ve found that honesty goes a long way . Don’t pretend you like me , it’s disrespectful , I’m not advocating hate just truth . Realist not Racist
  5. Normally I ignore the ***** , where do or did you ever have anything to do with black people ? You’d **** your pants if you ever had to deal with any black people. Your a fake , like most of your pathetic ilk. Don’t lecture here JO. I’m proud to say Realist not Racist , I wouldn’t sink so low as to say “ I have a black friend “. I don’t have to . I grew up in the effin hood , still here , I can walk any **** where I please , can you do that ? Your a fake .
  6. Same ol same ol , They get all black n ghetto at this pointe in a campaign .POS Hillary did it , they all do it . The reality is they , they don’t want to be anywhere near or deal with any “ real” black / brown folks . Phony’s also of em . “ I ain’t no ways tarred” BS bottle of hot sauce , yea right . Biden’s an idiot . Why did the media bury the interview where he talks to a recording ? Now the idiot boxes himself in with the stupid woman of color as a VP comment. Non of those females should go anywhere near the Whitehouse , unless it’s to sweep up & dust .
  7. There is a never ending stream of this type of scumbag , always was always will be . As long as there is a corrupt biased media that refuses to look under the rocks and shed a little light on what’s slithering around under there , the treachery & bull**** will continue.
  8. Run Stacy! Run !.... Go get u some yardbird !
  9. The more he posts , the stupider he looks
  10. Ha ha ha ....
  11. “Muncie Funk “ hmmm, Wasn’t he a back up dancer with Lil Richard ?
  12. Yea , it is a bunch of BS. It’s always been that way. Bitch n moan that it’s been a terrible season , the weather , if we don’t have a good Labor Day Weekend .... Been going on forever. When the sidewalks got rolled up after Labor Day , prior to these communities becoming year round , I could understand the somewhat the need to maximize profits , it exists now , however it boarders on gouging . Overpriced everything , lousy food , even worse attitudes . Bang the Bennies for every dime.Cops whose employment is to generate revenue , not protect & serve. People need to remember this when heading down the shore. Lol I’m no newbie , my family has had property , homes in the Seaside / Toms River / Ocean Gate area for over 50 yrs. I’m more local than a lot of the locals . I’m also a proud Bennie , the latest nonesense should come as no surprise , keep this in mind .
  13. I just jumped in here , I don’t normally comment without having more info , however, just seeing the handle referencing bilbo or some other silliness is enough for me discount the post out of hand . The response by Mark G was good, in my opinion , I intend no malice whatsoever , who or what you believe in is your business.
  14. Check out Pipeliner’s Local 798 site , lots of info . In the NY area , Operating Engineers local 15 runs the welders . Various locals in the northeast will give you info . If your willing to work , get dirty , laugh , meet some real good people , tolerate some balloon knots , you can enjoy a good career . It’s not for everyone , however , there are opportunities out there . Welding pipe can be lucrative , it’s been fairly busy for the last decade in many areas , could be slowing down though. It’s a skill that is always in demand . The sooner you get in , the faster you can get out , if you play your cards right and avoid certain pitfalls , ie. Living above your means , the fast life , vices . Good Luck , Were your PPE!
  15. It’s a shame , I always enjoyed some of the content on 60 Mins. I will no longer watch it due to the constant bashing of any subject matter that isn’t leftist. The puke Scott Pelle is particularly revolting , he of the earnest gaze, never missing an opportunity to push his / 60Mins. agenda . L. Stahl & the rest of the gang fall in step dutifully . On the rare occasion when there is no agenda , those segments can be riveting. I remember watching 60Mins. with my Dad , a newspaper man since it’s inception in 1968, it was cutting edge for it’s time and gave me a thirst for knowledge & info that lasts to this day. To see it become so politicized detracts from its appeal , for me at least .