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  1. Best metallic I have used not to mention their regular thread. thumbs up!
  2. Wish the best. Prayer sent.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by redhawk19 Japanese shrink they talk about is similar to flocks without the x's in it. Lamiglas uses it on some of their rods.. Hi, do you know if those X flock material is same quality as Japanese shrink people are talking about? At least the part without the X on it. thank you.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ZAFisher It will depend on butt to reel distance, but try this (a little odd compared to typical very long butt US style surf rods) Butt to reel stem: 550mm Reel stem to stripper: 1000mm (equates to roughly 875 from spool) Stripper to choke: 900mm Space intermediates to bulls eye Space runners by load, or to start divide available space into 5-6 equal distances (around 125-150mm depending on # of runners) Test. Thanks for your input... do you find that size 12 choke is better than going with all size 10 runners? or is it just asthetic in your opinion? I ask because of another change of direction from 12 to 10.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ZAFisher 30 25 20 12 spaces very nicely. Lose the 16 and add a 10 8 vs 10: 8 lighter and should help tip recover faster but not sure if I would do this. 10's will work well, get one extra ie 4x 10 for a total of 8 guides + tip top 12 tip works nicely with 10 runners. Under-bind question: you can get into a separate discussion/argument about this.... I wouldn't. Others swear by the practice. Hi Zafisher, I'm building the same one now... what distance are you getting from the spool to first stripper guide kw30J and the choke point. I take it kw12 is the choke guide?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by PhilCVG If someone hands me the layout, I'll never learn ... Been reading a bunch and I'd rather post it and have it critiqued Given that the blank is going to be used for braided line 20 to 30 lb ( 20lb in almost all cases ) and I will not be looking to reel knots or clips through the guides, it seems in the KR Concept idea, I have the option of two reduction trains: A. KL20H - KL10H - KL5.5M B. KL20H - KL10H - KL6L - KL5.5L Since the blank is a GSB, it bends deeper into the blank, it seems the recommendation is to use the 4 guide reduction train. The layout would end up: KL20H - KL10H - KL6L - KL5.5L - KB4.5 - KB4.5 - KT4.5 x 5 to a LG4.5 ... In the ballpark? Personally I would choose option A based on your 20lb. but nothing wrong with your option B, it should work great. If you are going with your B option above, I would probably use 3 KT4.5 instead of 5 KT4.5 on 8' Lami rod. Total of 5 runners Best
  7. Hi Zafisher: KL20H; KL12H (not the 10H) KL8M; L7L do you feel that KL12H is better suited than kl10h? I was thinking KL20H kl10h kl6m or kl7l then kb6 as running . what is the distance do you get between each of 4 guides setup from stripper to reduction guides? Thanks
  8. any new release date on these RV guides?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Nyyankees325 has anyone had the same experience that the Chinese made VS reels are a little smoother then the American made ones Yes. from my experience Chinese made vs seems smoother
  10. I purchased the new oval knob recently. Sorry. Please close thread. Thank you SOL.
  11. I would Definitely get the upgraded chuck. it's worth the investment if going with Alps etc.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know what might be a fair price for used clemen power wrapper? thank you. Edited: looking to purchase one for a spare.
  13. Hello, Looking to buy a used silver van staal oval knob. Thanks.
  14. I have the new 3000 and 4000 EX. Not sure about the old model but new EX I believe the body is sealed with o rings, handle etc. I dunked the EX and I didnt see any water in the spool as well. Not 100% sure if drag is 100% sealed but so far so good. It seems Daiwa is improving on mid price reel. It's smooth as stratic CI4+ if not smoother but not as smooth as new sustain. I think it's an excellent price for the reel. Hope this help.
  15. I believe your question is a good one... under wraps or not. I asked these type of questions whom I learned from as well. For that matter, any questions is a valid question.