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    Who doesn't love a big bass? Freshwater bass fisherman turned saltwater angler overnight.
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    Craft Beer, Pool, Poker, and obviously Fishing
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  1. Sick work man!!
  2. I will give.
  3. I will give
  4. Second year at this and I'm glad I stuck with it. Only 2 dinks last year. This year, lots of fish in the 26" range on sp minnows. Mainly Mother of Pearl and Bone. Bigger fish to 40" on jigs. Couldn't manage a topwater hit at all. Even when they were breaking all over at times. All during Spring and Fall. Summer was great for Black Sea Bass and Scup. Got a Sea Bass almost 6# and a Scup 3.5# while targeting Fluke which were not around for me at all.
  5. Savage Sand Eel and Sp Minnow and all size bucktails and...................................Everything. lol I'm a little OCD when it comes to filling my bag.
  6. I will give
  7. That's 1 way to fill the freezer. If that's your style anyway. No one is judging.
  8. RM Smith Loaded Jigsmith. Can be fished many ways.
  9. I will give.