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  1. Thanks, I'm pretty sure I've seen it before driving down 95. Looks like a good spot.
  2. Good to hear! I've heard they hang around for at least two years after hatching. I think I'll try to find a spot to shore fish next spring instead of putting the boat in the water. I commute up 95 through DE and PA so I'll have to scope something out. Lures would be really fun but not sure if there are enough fish around, even in the spring.
  3. Yea this is pretty much why I think it might be worth it, and if I have my boat docked in Philly I can almost walk there it is so close because I'm moving there soon. A few years ago I was in NJ and could launch my boat close by but it was still a hassle to trailer the boat every time. I think if I get in the habit of going out a few times a week for only 1-2 hours I can figure out some patterns and increase my chances of being there when the fish show up. After spring maybe I can figure out how to catch some largemouth. Apparently they are out there because they had the bassmaster tournament at Penn's landing in 2014 or 2015, although I think I saw that Mike Iaconelli had to go way up some tributary to find fish.
  4. Yea I'm wanting to target the spawning fish mostly. I would be fishing south of Trenton in the tidal area and I don't think the fish hang out there very late into the season. I think a lot of guys target between the delaware memorial and CB bridge because that is the primary spawning area.
  5. Is it worth it to get a slip for my boat on the Delaware around Philly area to try for stripers in the spring? I fished there a few seasons back and it was not very productive. I mostly focused north of Philly and only managed one nice fish and a handful of schoolies after at least a dozen trips. Last year I heard was tough fishing as well. I'm on the fence about whether it is worth the time. Anyone have luck there on a boat this past spring?
  6. Ocean County yesterday sunset and this morning for sunrise. 3 shorts last night on a black AVA right in the wash next to a rip. Skunk this morning. Talked to a guy on the way back who said he snagged a couple herring then caught a short on a swimmer before the herring moved out. Reports of a large body of bait up north.
  7. Been hitting the big D for sunrise the past few days near philly and only one 18 inch fish to show for it. Tryin to chunk with fresh mullet from the fish market rather than frozen bunker. Catfish are all over it. Wondering where the fish are, water temp jumped to 56 over past week I think from all the rain.
  8. Any reports from the delaware bay/river area?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lichum A few more numbers: If 3,000,000,000 fish per year were killed at a constant rate: The hourly kill would = 342,466. The kill per minute would = 5708. The kill per second would = 95. Wow, ok there's no way that is possible.
  10. Nomo this morning 5-7:30. Tried throwing some bait and hooked a couple dogfish right away, then had another good hookup but line snapped immediately. Switched to lures and caught nothing. Didn't see anyone else catch any, most guys left after sunrise. Really cold out there.
  11. Fished nomo yesterday around 1:30PM. Fished a large stretch out front, a decent amount of guys out, nothing but the skunk. A lot of guys just standing around or moving looking for fish. No bait or bird activity to be seen except for a few loon type birds diving around the jetties but they didn't stick around for long. Was about to pack it in around 4:30 but decided to stay out as some locals were saying the bite was turning on at night recently. Managed one short on a blurple bucktail teaser. Gonna try soaking squid early tmw morning. With possible high 20 degree temps just want to bundle up and let the bait do the work.
  12. Yea I agree that those numbers are hard to believe and the most logical thing is that they are including fish eggs/larvae in those numbers. There must be a published study somewhere out there that explains it.
  13. Saw this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday about the effects of the Salem nuclear plant on the surrounding ecosystem. The article states the following: "Salem is having a devastating and lasting impact on the Delaware Estuary's ecosystem. For example, the facility kills 48 percent of the striped bass in the Delaware River every year. Simply put, Salem is the largest predator in the Delaware Estuary and Bay." Anyone have any links to the studies conducted to determine these numbers? Presumably these fish are being killed by being sucked into the massive cooling water intake. Anyone know what they do with the fish that get sucked in and are too large to pass through the system? Here's a link to the article: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20141112_Lawsuit_settled_over_nuclear_plant_fish_kills.html
  14. Ocean county yesterday 12-4 PM out front, skunk. First time fishing this area and found a sweet sand bar, winds shifted from E to W, couple other guys fishing with no success.
  15. I have been wanting to try a sluggo drop shot rig. With the weight on the end it will cast far plus you can fish it dead slow.