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  1. I hope you don’t plan on keeping them.
  2. Does this have to go through each state like it did last time, and a few decide to do things differently? I’m not really a fan of a slot. Lots of big fish will inevitably die and become fish/crab food for a photograph at best. In all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if mortality of fish over 35” didn’t see a significant difference. I’d rather see 1 fish @ >28” or a shorter season based on geographic location; such as catch and release only during spring and fall migrations. also concerns about cutting out a significant portion of fish within a certain size/age and creating a large gap between the younger generations and older of specific size class.
  3. Let’s keep on topic here.
  4. Anyone here about this proposal to build flood gates before the throgs neck bridge to prevent flooding in NYC? Because **** everyone else right?
  5. Penn Toyota can eat a bag of .... FYI
  6. Man you couldn’t even fish rivers like that around here in your imagination.
  7. Been used in the landscape industry for awhile. I don’t think they’d work well in sand. dont worry, regular tires aren’t going anywhere.
  8. Yeah I was going to mention getting lost. I asked the guide about DIY. He said it’s very doable and done a lot. But mentioned there is some risk of weather and getting lost. Though he didn’t seem that concerned about the latter
  9. Definitely DIY opportunities. Stay in Tulum and wade/rent kayak.
  10. Sorry meant what outfitter. but saw it was actually in first pic. First that was just a corny decal at first. sounds like a great trip.
  11. What guide? that place is ridiculously awesome. Got my first bonefish there, a beautiful one too. Tough conditions with wind and rain.
  12. I’ve caught them on same flies as striped bass. A very accomplished fly rod guide/mentor showed me a pretty unique fly that he said works wonders. I’ll try to get a pic when I can. Always caught the ones I’ve got at estuaries. I’ve been told marsh areas are good to try to specifically target.
  13. I didn’t check the thickness. To be honest I don’t do a ton of work on my truck myself. I don’t notice a smell. Will try greasing them. Is it just a fitting you pump the grease into?