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  1. Been used in the landscape industry for awhile. I don’t think they’d work well in sand. dont worry, regular tires aren’t going anywhere.
  2. Yeah I was going to mention getting lost. I asked the guide about DIY. He said it’s very doable and done a lot. But mentioned there is some risk of weather and getting lost. Though he didn’t seem that concerned about the latter
  3. Definitely DIY opportunities. Stay in Tulum and wade/rent kayak.
  4. Sorry meant what outfitter. but saw it was actually in first pic. First that was just a corny decal at first. sounds like a great trip.
  5. What guide? that place is ridiculously awesome. Got my first bonefish there, a beautiful one too. Tough conditions with wind and rain.
  6. I’ve caught them on same flies as striped bass. A very accomplished fly rod guide/mentor showed me a pretty unique fly that he said works wonders. I’ll try to get a pic when I can. Always caught the ones I’ve got at estuaries. I’ve been told marsh areas are good to try to specifically target.
  7. I didn’t check the thickness. To be honest I don’t do a ton of work on my truck myself. I don’t notice a smell. Will try greasing them. Is it just a fitting you pump the grease into?
  8. To show how spotty and unpredictable it is, This morning no scraping from the wheel.
  9. I’ve had a scraping noise coming from drivers side front brakes. Strangely it comes and goes, it’s not constantly scraping and will often only do it the first 5min of driving. but does seem like there is contact being made with the pads and disk. I lifted the truck and was able to confirm this from what I can tell when I spun the wheel. Is there a fix for this or will it require new brakes? second issue is a knocking from suspension on front passenger side. It’s worse when it’s cold or when it’s wet. Mechanic has checked the CVs multiple times and can’t find an issue. Is it possible the cold/wet conditions just cause the knocking in CVs due to grease “freezing”? Any issues here to worry about?
  10. Should specify that I would prefer the switch in the cab. But it sounds like it shouldn’t be too much of an issue on battery. is it possible to make it so they don’t automatically turn on when opening doors?
  11. Each will go on end of rack just past the last cross bar.
  12. Ok, so I hate light bars on the beach just as much as anyone also so please don't flame me. Hopefully these are not in the same realm and I do not plan on using them EVER on the beach. I purchased a few Buyers LED 4" work lights to mount to my lumber/ladder rack. I'm trying to figure out the best way to hook them up. Ideally I would like to set them up with their own switch. However, I thought it'd be even easier to just tap into the cargo light/brake light on back of the cab, which already has its own switch. This light does turn on when you open the door, so I assume this would turn on these utility lights as well. So for this method I was wondering if a.) is this possible and b.) will they be a significant drain on the battery when truck engine is off. But if I were to set up a separate switch, how would I go about that? Truck is an '06 Tundra and the lights are Buyers LED 4". 12-24V, 1050lm, IP67, 20G.
  13. Helps a lot my friend! Much obliged, blown away by your help/info. Portugal was the original intention, and actually keeping it open to maybe driving over there at some point.
  14. Awesome info. Somewhat disappointed that streams/rivers will be closed. Would love to target trout in those scenarios as that’s my favorite, but your enthusiasm for barbel has me all worked up. when you say weather is “bad” is it cold bad or rainy bad? I don’t mind the cold. also, by and far the cheapest RV rental is located in Barcelona. Am I out of my mind to fly in there to drive the 6+ hours to coast where I intend to do the majority of my time? I could split it up and on the beginning and tail end of trip do my fly rodding.
  15. How is weather in January? I’m kind of finding mixed reports?