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  1. Awesome info. Somewhat disappointed that streams/rivers will be closed. Would love to target trout in those scenarios as that’s my favorite, but your enthusiasm for barbel has me all worked up. when you say weather is “bad” is it cold bad or rainy bad? I don’t mind the cold. also, by and far the cheapest RV rental is located in Barcelona. Am I out of my mind to fly in there to drive the 6+ hours to coast where I intend to do the majority of my time? I could split it up and on the beginning and tail end of trip do my fly rodding.
  2. How is weather in January? I’m kind of finding mixed reports?
  3. Wow awesome info. I probably should have specified but I was intending to fish fresh water. But now that I am seeing what’s possible in the salt I may need to bring some gear for the salt as well. I’ll be mobile as I will stay in a camper. Not 100% sure now I’ll fly into Barcelona as my main intentions are to surf along the Atlantic coasts. really appreciate the info so far!!
  4. Looks like I'll be pulling trigger on a Spain surf trip for January. So far probably fly into Barcelona and drive over to Mundaka where I'll hug the coast. So far that's how it seems it will work out as it's the cheapest option for a camper van, somewhat of a shame as it's a bit of a drive but the price could let me stretch it to three weeks as opposed to two; and I'll be mobile the whole time anyway. Since that's about a 6 hour drive I figured I'd break it up and do some fly rodding. Anyone ever been?
  5. Yeah checked that, no issues there.
  6. I keep a marine VHF radio in my truck to listen to NOAA weather reports. I live right on the LI sound and it always worked great with clear reception until this year. Ch 6 is the only one that vaguely works, but it’s next to impossible to hear the reports. Any reason it would crap out?
  7. You’re giving me some serious nostalgia. I caught a big bow on the SF last fall and absolutely fell in love with Idaho, probably the only place I could give up the ocean for. Check out the film ‘Fly Highway’.
  8. Something you can hose out the inside would be money.
  9. I’m about a year out, but I’m just about ready to move on from my ‘06 Tundra. I’d love to find something between a half ton and 3/4 ton, if it exists. I like the look of newer tundras and the new Nissan Titan looks promising. This is a personal vehicle, but will be used for work and want something that can tow equipment for landscape construction. I don’t have one now but a skid steer is in also in my planned future. any experience with new tundras towing this kind of equipment? The titan actually seems capable, even saw one with a 5th wheel and multi car trailer. otherwise I will move on to a 250/2500 series truck.
  10. I always thought they did the Ford quigleys on f250 platforms, is this not the case?
  11. It’s in park slope.
  12. Not sure if it was built by quigley but had to get a photo of this NYPD 4x4 van the other night. Perfect surfcasting rig
  13. Lobster used to be used as bait quite often so I wouldn’t see why one would not work. A hook like this worm hook could be interesting to tie on as it would keep the hook up and weighted to get deep.
  14. Thanks guys. Sorry for delayed response. Will look into these options. Don’t want to rent a car, figured I’d see if I can arrange a pick up/drop off through a shop/guide/maybe taxi. I have to think there are options that backpackers use.
  15. Flying in from NY if that helps.