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  1. Just docked my boat in Babylon, Ny for the season and new to this area. I am looking to connect with others that would like to go out fishing, diving, spearfishing etc. Responsible captain here safety is always first. Mostly go out after work during week and early on the weekends. If thats a fit send me a message - it sux fishing alone! Thank you.
  2. Thanks Vin. Lunch plus leftovers.
  3. For anyone else new to the forum its 15 posts and then you can PM.
  4. Things you find walking the beach
  5. Are these those plovers I hear so many wonderful things about?
  6. Diamond jig green tube
  7. ok then this post is to put me at 11.
  8. Sandflee & Toller Thanks for the responses. I didnt realize I couldnt get private messages. My number is five 1 six -four seven 7 - nine five zero five. Call or text so we have a list. I'm going out once each day for next 3 days -always weather permitting. As far as my season...I hit the surf for the past few years and up until last week or so. Blues were great, fluke were just starting and the stripes where a no show for me.
  9. From the album Untitled Album

  10. From the album Untitled Album

  11. From the album Untitled Album

  12. I was then wondering if the shads was American (endangered) or Hickory (no size limit season is all year). The way to tell the difference is on the Hickory the lower jaw protrudes past the upper. Thank you gym rat.
  13. Can you guys please ID what type of fish this is? Thank you.