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  1. I wonder exactly whats freaking him out?
  2. False. Bud is crap. Rolling Rock is refreshing and tasty esp when it’s been really hot.
  3. Hey guys and gals. I’m looking to buy a decent safe but have no clue about them. Can any of you recommend anything?
  4. Wtf are Dad shoes?
  5. Dude when I was 17 one of my teachers was out for a week. The sub was in her mid 20s and so hot. I hit on her everyday after class. I tried to get her to get together. She flirted back and kept telling me she had a boyfriend, but I could tell she liked me. I shoulda tried harder.
  6. I bet somebody shanks him
  7. And the theme song would be called The Dingleberry Song
  8. Hey **** you!
  9. Got pizza last night from our usual place. Different guy making the food. It was terrible. Kid wouldn’t finish a slice, wife didn’t like it. I ate it with a shrug and was up half the night with indigestion. Time for a new pizza joint.
  10. Don’t forget to report to work for your drug test
  11. Nice looking safe Terry. I might just skip the small and go for the big gun safe.
  12. You’re a good Dad. Good to know his disinterest in story time is normal. Can’t wait to read to him.
  13. Happy Fathers Day ya nob. Don’t you need to finish baking or something?
  14. Oooooh you have 3 running vehicles and they’re all gay!
  15. Rabbit fur is warm as hell
  16. Expensive way to get them to have fun. I’m all for getting them started young and learning how to defend themselves and be warriors. Our society needs that.
  17. I was thinking 6 or 7ish. I was trying to figure out what ppl are doing trying to get 4 year olds for.
  18. There was a special coors I had last summer that was pretty good. I forget what it was called though. Not a foofy light watered down beer.
  19. Thank you for the info. I’m starting to get fascinated with safes. There’s so many out there! Now I want a safe room, stand up safe, and small one but bigger than I thought I’d need. And thanks to everyone who posted I had no idea how many people used safes.
  20. Loose lips sink ships
  21. That’s so cool! Good for him! How old was he when you started him in bjj?
  22. His jeeps not white like Reeds I bet.
  23. But it’s good for your skin!
  24. I’m not sure how they test it I was at work and my mom took him. It’s an eye specialist of some sort, we had my daughter in there for her eyes. She’s got glasses now. Things are ok, not great. Improved somewhat. I’m working every day so I’m tired lol
  25. My kid is just 4. He will rarely get into story time and books. Just had his eyes looked at and he’s colorblind. Maybe that has something to do with it. I took him for a hike today after work. He wanted to bring his little backpack. I told him he could as long as he carried it in and out, cause I’m not carrying it for him. On the way back he wanted me to carry it. I said no, you brought it, you carry it. He put it down amd kept walking. I said ok I guess you don’t waht it anymore somebody else is gonna find it and have a nice pack. He picked it up. He tried once more telling me I could just clip it onto my pack. Again no. He carried it all the way. It was empty and light, and the hike wasn’t long. But I’m trying to teach him to do for himself.