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    “His words are like poison ivy.”-Terry Mac
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    Playing guitar, Muay Thai, Fishing, Hiking, outdoor things
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    Travel through space

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  1. A little better at a time. Hopefully in the next few months it continues to improve. Been having a lot of fun spending time outdoors with my 3 year old. He’ll be 4 this weekend. Got the kid hiking all over.
  2. Thanks man it’s a process we shall see where summer ends! Kids are great.
  3. I hope your bare feet get stuck in hot tar on a roof today
  4. How’s everybody here?
  5. I’m good man thanks! Been really busy with family stuff and work. Took a little break from internets. Been warm so I’ve beem outdoors a lot and working second job now too.
  6. Sup Frodo?
  7. What are they asking for?
  8. To Terry.
  9. Never!
  10. i almost missed you there
  11. I’ve been away but I missed ya all. Sort of.
  12. I heard this someplace, “if your girl goes great head or is great in bed you, if you friend asks you say eh it’s ok. They aren’t interested after that.” So, eh, it’s ok.