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    “His words are like poison ivy.”-Terry Mac
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    Playing guitar, Muay Thai, Fishing, Hiking, outdoor things
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    Travel through space

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  1. I love a hot beef taco. Big lips sink tips!
  2. Sideways you say? That’s why I’m here.
  3. He’s dying? Or finally realized what a whelp he is and went away?
  4. So she’s a whore? I’m sure she’s got plenty more lives to ruin.
  5. Like his master!
  6. He called his dog stupid!
  7. Where’d he go?
  8. So not too long ago! Has anyone ridden anything bigger?
  9. So the stuff in these vaccines will be activated when they release chemtrails on the unsuspecting populace, turning the vaccinated into mutated super aggressive monsters:
  10. Passed out drunk at the stop light more likely
  11. And you’re their queen.
  12. Yeah that’s it that was sick!!
  13. They’re afraid of your smell
  14. I agree. Shoot the skunks.
  15. Didn’t somebody just ride the biggest wave ever?