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    “His words are like poison ivy.”-Terry Mac
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    Playing guitar, Muay Thai, Fishing, Hiking, outdoor things
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    Travel through space

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  1. 20 million Americans.
  2. Then post you’re good apocalyptic song you ****ing pork sucking southern dick head.
  3. this is a great song full of hope
  4. Look at what’s happening. Parks are shut down. Beaches. No parking for outsiders. The economy is in chaos. But everything is ok. The food trucks aren’t coming. But it’s all good. Lol.
  5. The media is too full of misinformation. We hear this truth then the opposite truth. There are almost 20 million unemployed. We have gone off the cliff and we won’t see the consequences for months. Our infrastructure is failing insofar as the food system. Infrastructure is a giant chain. One part fails it becomes like dominoes. Time to wake up.
  6. Up and down dude. It’s been a long 9 months. We are trying to work through stuff. We may save this thing. As far as society goes, **** it.
  7. Hey Covid-19. Let’s dance.
  8. lets just get Armageddon on with shall we
  9. Dude, they’re using this thing as a platform to alter the world we live in.
  10. So go finish school and stop being Failmo
  11. Women need bras.
  12. Lol no. Been seperated a long while now.
  13. So it’s a face condom