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    “His words are like poison ivy.”-Terry Mac
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    Playing guitar, Muay Thai, Fishing, Hiking, outdoor things
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    Travel through space

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  1. You sling a lot of mud for a yapper
  2. I chit you not, my 7 year old son was watching a cartoon. Jurassic World. Based on the movie but for kids. Well the one girl has a crush on the other girl and they get together. They even kiss. I couldn’t believe my eyes this is a children’s program. They label it as acceptance. Truth is it’s brainwashing. Kids don’t need to be exposed to any sexuality in their cartoons
  3. Well we don’t want you to die so there’s that. And somewhere Red has $20.
  4. And the paddle!
  5. Happy Birthday Recie, Red wants an extra hard pegging tonight!
  6. So you’re advocating physically abusing Spaz then.
  7. And when the EMP hits, EVs all are just garbage.
  8. Yeah I said he turned out to be ok. Trying not to let acceptance hit him all at once, he could die
  9. It’s also one of the things that doesn’t need to be included in kids movies
  10. It all started with Spaz, but he turned out to be sorta ok. Sorta.
  11. I told you not watching. Based on your general agenda I figured it was sucking the EV Dong
  12. Go get busy under AOC’s desk pinko
  13. I’m not watching your commie propaganda
  14. I think Tomspaz might find that harsh and uncaring