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  1. I am making a trip out to Montana in October and I’m planning on bringing my fly tying tools and materials. Does anyone have an interesting cheap way to keep there stuff organized while traveling?
  2. I will take the 10' rod. I am located on the north fork.
  3. I agree Ron was very helpful and a good guy to talk to. I absolutely love this reel and i am excited there customer service is so good. Cant wait to purchase more products from them!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. Got a call from Ron today. He had phone issues over the weekend but I am sending the reel back to him to be checked out.
  5. Yeah it was a very expensive reel and I loved it when it was working right. The drag was super sensitive and you could finely adjust it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I have a 3tand t 100 reel that I bought slightly used. I have used the reel a handful of times and when I went to get it ready for the season I noticed the drag to be off. When I move the drag nob everything feels fine but as I back the drag off the tension slowly decreases and when the drag is back all the way off there is still a significant amount of tension. Has anyone had this problem? Or does anyone have an idea of what I can do? There warranty only covers original purchasers and they have been tough to get a hold of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I recently picked up an american tackle sw1085 blank to build. I could not find any specs about this blank and they have not returned my emails. Does anyone have info on this blank? Line size? lure weight? tip size? butt size?
  8. sorry Fishing the gut a few different spots on the north fork of long island(the gut, hortons, the race) mostly using 1oz to 2oz bucktails with anywhere from 12oz to 20oz of weight in anywhere form 75 to 20 feet of water.
  9. I am looking to get everyones opinion on there favorite conventional boat rod for bucktailing stripers and blues in deep water with heavy current
  10. Hey guys i have a 2014 chevy silverado 4dr and im looking for a thule rack for my spinning and fly rods. please let me know i f anyone has anything thanks
  11. Wow beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing
  12. Does anyone have experience with this braid? Are there a lot of wind knots? How smooth is it?
  13. I just ordered a vs 150 and they are gonna put 40lb j braid on for free so I will test it out and let you know
  14. Sorry I actually just found a vs 150 and bought it. Thanks though