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  1. It will be nice if van staal do this. Putting a bearing on the traverse guide. They need it. Specially on the bail version. People use it for tunas
  2. Very nice rod. I got the 9'6 and the 11. My set up with the 9'6 is light so I use it the most. You won't be disappointed
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Got a slow pitch rod for like 73$. Can't beat that
  4. Really good news. We should see it before the fall run.
  5. Saw the video on YouTube about this spinning reel. Stainless steel gears, forged body and carbon composite rotor. Wondering if john yatch or any one else got more info. Like price and pics
  6. You mean print a strong nut with the floating shaft capabilities? That would be awesome
  7. Just notice the rotor on my bg3500 doesn't have 3 screws to adapt something like this. Anyways, is an awesome idea.
  8. Cool. Can't wait for icast to hear more about it. How about the weight? Light like the shield?
  9. The signol reel from china looks a little like it. Not the spool or the rotor, but the body
  10. Awesome gear. What's the ETA on the reels? Hopefully fall?
  11. Looks sweet. Thanks for the pic. Now one pic of the gear please
  12. I believe they are showing it on icast next week. So next week we will have more answers. Stainless steel gears are a big difference with the shield
  13. Haha, you know we know. Forged aluminum, machined. I'll open another thread like I did with the shield.