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  1. Many thanks, very informative.
  2. Many thanks for clarifying the situation. just curious thats all. all the best.
  3. Apologies for being out of the loop. Are the VS series of reels still made ? or is it now VSX and VR only. i have a vs100 and love it, not looking for another just curious.
  4. I’ve got a couple of old ‘DAM’ good reliable rods.
  5. Is that a shimano speedmaster ? Rare and top quality. Nice.
  6. A really sweet one is the daiwa lazy 7’ 6” telescopic from japan. rather pricey and now there seems to be some shipping issued from japan due to the crisis. i also have daiwas mobile pack rods again from japan. Avoid the models rated as u/l as these are far too soft. However the daiwastream wise is a serious u/l hence the price. Depends what species you are after. i did try a Kastking Blackhawk, it was ok but not for me. i have a black hole ns hurricane which i got from a seller in Croatia. Expensive , very light and extremely compact. Some trouble with the rings had to replace the tip ring and re glue another. Great rod though and so light in the hand. A couple of pics with trout, first is the daiwas lazy and the 2nd is the black hole.
  7. 1/8 oz kastmaster for ultra light stuff.
  8. How about a fin nor lethal 30 ? very light and strong and the price is well under budget.
  9. Many thanks. all the best.
  10. Will the u/l rods be 2 equal sections? i have a couple of European spec black hole rods ( I’m in the UK). would love the 8’ Suzuki but shipping would be prohibitive. a two piece rod might just be doable shipping wise, i think there is a lot of interest in u/l fishing so thanks for your reports and input.
  11. Firstly , very envious of your rod purchase. Although the blanks are made in England we can’t get century USA specification rods over here. Sounds a beauty. i have a couple of tsunami shields, 3000 size, nice and light but i would say that the drags are a bit erratic. They do take a bit of a battering though so for the money not bad. in addition to light surf i use them for river wading for trout. This is my best this year. which ever reel you choose, enjoy that rod,
  12. Exciting developments, look forward to finding out more about the reel.
  13. Love these to , not how to books , great stories.
  14. I use mono for lure fishing both saltwater and freshwater ( U.K.), big fan of ‘trabucco’ XP’s surfline, not sure if available in the US though. Super limp and strong in relation to diameter. ( 0.25 mm equates to 15 lb breaking strain ). also use suffix lines which are always reliable.
  15. I like okuma ceymar’s , nice and smooth, good line lay. just got a fin nor lethal 30 , feels good, not put line on it yet. feels real solid.