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  1. I like okuma ceymar’s , nice and smooth, good line lay. just got a fin nor lethal 30 , feels good, not put line on it yet. feels real solid.
  2. Great report, thanks. how did the 2 piece perform?
  3. Two piece rods would be very interesting, especially the. 8’ suzuki. i’d be after one of those.
  4. Okuma ceymar is a great reel. Superb line lay and profile. over here in Europe they are supplied with a spare aluminium spool which is a great bonus. i’d probably go for the ‘30’ size.
  5. Yes it is rather loud, i think it’s based on those brass things they used to use on ships, full speed ahead captain !
  6. Nice Peerless Bam you have there. huge line capacity and i think it has a titanium spool. classic looking surf reel.
  7. Wonder if it for downrigging / trolling in tidal waters? just a thought because of the weight ratings.
  8. This is my 8’ black hole hurricane telescopic, which packs down to 18 inches. the great thing about telescopics is that they can be left rigged up and ready to go in under a minute. Also can pack em up and put in a bag if you want to go for A cafe stop.
  9. ‘Season on the edge’ by john skinner, certainly one of my favourites. also ‘striper tales’ by d j muller. ’30 days on the beach’ by bob Wagner , not striper dedicated but a fantastic read.
  10. I have 2 shield 3000’s. The new one has exactly the same problem as you describe, i.e. no drag the full drag, it’s all over the place. swapped old spool on new reel and it’s fine. maybe the newer ones have too many seals that are effecting the drags?
  11. Class rods and a vr50 , great looking combo. you have fine taste indeed.
  12. Looks an exciting reel. i have a question for johnyacht if i may, slightly off topic but would the spool on a tsunami guard 3000 fit the shield 3000 ? Are they interchangeable?
  13. Is the new reel called the ‘guard’ ? With more seals in the 3000/40 sizes? or is it a revamped shield? i have two shields 3000 size used mainly for freshwater at the moment and very happy with them, they have landed some fine trout.
  14. Had my first fish on my 3000 size shield, sorry it's freshwater one. Reel loaded with j braid, good line lay and casts superb. Trout taken on a 1/4 oz acme phoebe in the u.k. Impressed with the lightness of the reel.Just wanted also to thank the boys at j and h for getting the reel to the hotel in NYC over the holidays. Great service and it arrived exactly on time as requested.
  15. just got hold of the 2500 and have loaded it with 8 lb. mono for trout fishing. it feels a brilliant reel, great line lay, didn't need to adjust the line lay with the shims provided. i look forward to using it soon, i think penn have a winner here. it is very solid build but feels nice and light. well done Penn !!