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  1. There were a couple big ones cruising back and forth under the dock while we were there.. one grabbed a metal I had and peeled line out around the dock and the line broke. Had a couple other follows, but they would turn away... I did catch a 14 inch snook, which was on my wish list, so I have that going for me...
  2. Is Night Shift any good? Going by their new location tomorrow..it’s a coffee roastery/experimental brewery....
  3. This
  4. Back from Sarasota, I was able to scratch 2 new species from my list.. caught my first snook! Had a big jack on, but he went around a piling and snapped off. That was fun... caught a few sheepshead, kinda like tog fishing, damn bait stealers... wish I had more time to fish, now I have to figure out how to get back down there! No red tide at all, but I was told it killed 60% of the fish in Sarasota bay..Thanks for all the replies and the help, Brian
  5. Just got back from a week in Sarasota. Did the tourist thing, but I was impressed with the amount of access to the water. Beaches, parks, turnouts.. lots of places to throw a line out. Also the price for a small retirement home is way more affordable than around cape cod. I am going to try to convince the wife to think about retiring down there somewhere. My question is, are summers in Florida worse than winters in New England?
  6. The place I will be staying at has a small dock, and the owner who doesn’t fish says he sees jacks swimming under frequently. So, lure or bait? Any help on what lures might entice a bite? I have plenty of stripper lures, but just figured I would ask in case I need other lures..Thanks in advance!
  7. Let’s add color into the question.. what colors work best? Spring , summer, fall? I never have any luck with blue lures. I don’t use them because I never catch with them, maybe it’s a self filling prophecy.. I like bone and yellow.
  8. I still have the scars..I had one nun who walked up and down the aisles tapping the ruler in her hands ...finger poking in the chest was also a favorite of the nuns where I went to school. They were mean. In 3rd grade I was forced to print all year while my classmates wrote in cursive because my cursive was so bad. They were punishing me, but I didn’t care, it was easier to print. There were nuns and Lay teachers in my school. (Women who were not nuns, just regular folk who taught there) funny how the nuns were the mean ones and the Lay teachers were the nice ones...lots of stories, mostly about getting in trouble for doing boy things that nuns didn’t like.
  9. 10-4, thanks!
  10. Offer 30 shipped for the guppy pencil and the ss popper. Thanks
  11. They got the idea from girls softball...
  12. Nuthin but a good shoot
  13. Imagine the foreign trawlers going up and down the coast...
  14. We are starting to think about our next move.. we do all of our searching ourselves online. I’m just wondering if a realtor is worth 15 or 20 grand to sell our home when the time comes..
  15. Quick question about paying interest..halfway thru a 9 yr loan..30k left.. 8% rate.. is it worth refi to 5% for 5 yrs? Or have I already paid all the interest..don’t care about the monthly amount..