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  1. Might just be jumbo scup..
  2. If I get EEE and disappear from the site, watch for a big fishing equipment sale... my wife will be dumping all my equipment real cheap. She thinks it’s all 5 and 10 dollar items....
  3. Slip a MAGA hat in the box with the sneakers
  4. I use box traps.. they work very nicely. Use a zip tie to hold a chicken leg on so the turtles (or crabzilla) don’t steal it. I wait 8 minutes between pulls. Brackish water...
  5. Found something that will work. Thanks!
  6. I did not find any this am at the canal.. 1 million yesterday... think the ones in really canal will bite a sabiki rig? Or are they too busy running from the bass..
  7. Looking for a good pair of used korkers size 14. Got any in the closet gathering dust? Thanks! Brian
  8. 1) anybody eat them? I like to smoke bluefish, is the taste similar? 2) can u catch them with a throw net at the canal? thanks for any answers..
  9. Anyone go? Thinking of taking a trip up. Any good spots we should see? Anyone got any loonies?
  10. We saw it last week in buzzards bay... didn’t know I should tell anyone...
  11. That cover is awesome! Alas, I too have a medium 18 inch model
  12. If i see someone fishing a spot, then I go and fish it later, doesn’t it become “my” spot now?
  13. Last weekend was slow, Thursday I went out and it was good.definitly picked up.
  14. I battled a dozen yesterday and won...
  15. I remember that week when they were 10 bucks each.. were u the guy with the shopping cart filled with them? I bought 10 and was thinking I bought too many...