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  1. New member, no joke? What’s this world coming to....
  2. Imagine the floaters....
  3. Got any more pages to read man? ..I’m just looking for a little something for after work to wind down....
  4. I’m 260 and it’s not a problem for me.. I have one with the pre vantage seat, no armrests.. (2013?) that might be a better choice. I launch in a muddy bank and I frequently fall backwards into the seat purposely to slide back thru the mud and put a lot of force on the seat.. probably kinda dumb, but the seat holds up fine...
  5. Yea, I find their web site a pain in the butt...
  6. They are so cheap, I keep an extra pair in my car and on the boat. Ugly American, I am.
  7. I buy from goggles4u.. real cheap, so I don’t mind when I sit on them. 35 bucks for a pair of transition lens and frame. I have bought 3 or 4 pairs.. My wife will not buy online glasses.. she pays 200 plus for hers from someone who was probably selling cosmetics two weeks before.
  8. What do I do with the cans? Keep them till next time I go up?
  9. Could not go last Thursday but got up there today... long ride.. long line to buy beer.. I asked the guy behind me about the beers they had, he said today had some unusual beers.. I bought my limit. 30 cans.. 4 single shot vanilla bean stouts, 6 C55, 8 I have promises to keep, and 12 aaalter ego. Just had a promise to keep. very nice. My daughters boyfriend is coming over this weekend, he apparently loves the stuff.. thanks to everyone on this thread who promote Tree House, it was fun and I will go back on a day when I can have a pint outside..
  10. I remember trying to make mop heads when I was a kid. Used my mothers yellow yarn. I didn’t have any jig heads and just tried casting them around the canal. Never caught anything. Didn’t know that’s what they were called... brings back memories of standing in the herring run trying to catch herring with our bare hands
  11. After getting a great deal on this reel, I bought a penn Reel cover for it. I followed the recommendations for this Reel, a medium cover, but It is pretty small..I would recommend a large...
  12. I have a 50 dollar dunkin card for sale. Not a coffee drinker, 42 shipped. Thanks, Brian
  13. Are the fish piers any good to fish from? I remember only catching pinfish and feeding them to the herons. There were lots of catfish in the cove at this house when we stayed there 3 or 4 years ago..
  14. I just read this thread and now I need to go there... Coming from Wareham, I’ll be in Upton on thurs afternoon. It’s just another 30 mins or so from there.. Is thurs 4 pm a good time to go there? Is there a good first timers list of beers to buy? Thanks!
  15. We have the opportunity to stay at a waterfront home for a week at the end of February. Coming down from Boston. Would it be worth finding a charter boat? Or is it off season. Would love to fish for southern fish. thanks for any advice. Brian