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  1. I took the kayak out this am...had a couple hours. It was real windy, so I just sat in a calm area and drank my coffee on a beautiful spring day. Caught two little schoolies, but I didn’t care if I had caught anything.... I get where you are coming from...
  2. Tons of fun incoming with topwater lures! I love spring!
  3. It’s a freshwater one.. I will be changing the hooks before it rusts.. I love using the small Zara on light tackle.
  4. Nice 22 inch schoolies were slamming the topwater yesterday. Bone Zara spook.. need to put on heavier hooks pretty soon..
  5. My son said he spied a few in a yard the other day. How long do they last? He saw them Monday, I’ll try to find them tomorrow..do they live all week? Thanks for any tips..
  6. Can’t find the right caterer yet.. it’s either burgers and dogs or buffet crap...I definitely don’t want to spend the whole time behind a grill, but I do enjoy that part of a gathering... but sitting back and having a few cold ones while someone else does the work is very tempting.. just gotta find the right caterer...
  7. I agree.. wouldn’t he get out of those wet waders right away?
  8. My wife had back surgery a couple years ago. She loves kayaking and has a revo with the cloth seat. It hurts her back a bit after a few hours.. I’m looking at the new compass models with a chair seat. Anyone use both and have any comments? I will have to sell the revo and get the compass if it is better for her back. It the compass as steady in the water? Thanks for any advice and comments.. Brian
  9. Found one today..a few sea lice attached
  10. You would need a permit for those style pots.
  11. No license required if the trap is open- meaning the crab can come and go as he pleases, like the star traps or such. You must tend to them, you can’t leave a trap overnight.
  12. How many crabs per trip are you looking to catch? I’ll put out 6 traps on a sat morning, catch about a dozen in a couple hours. Then cooking cleaning eating is another few hours, so it can take the better part of a day. Chicken leg on a string works great, couple traps off a dock is fun. I go about 6 to 10 minutes between checking traps. Don’t get bit, they are strong buggers...don’t sit them in water after you catch them, they will drown. Gotta be 5 inches point to point, but 5.5 and bigger is what you want. Dirty shells mean they are packed with meat, white shells are new and scrawny meat inside. Best to let females go, even if they don’t have eggs..they carry eggs for next year. If you need help once they are in, pm me, I’ll let u use my traps if you want. I can’t wait!
  13. Last fall I learned that the large fish were concentrating in a certain area during low tide. This year I plan on targeting big fish in that area. I have mostly smaller plugs, so I would throw that plug during these times and hope to bring in a personal best fish! Thanks for the contest!
  14. Sorry, I got sucked into the gutter...can I have a do over?
  15. Steve...got a promo code?