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  1. Shouldn’t assume..
  2. I have been paying the taxes on eBay since I started in 1988....it’s only a problem if you don’t account for it. Just like any other business...
  3. I’m not going to lose my house (or any sleep) over this, luckily my wife is able to work at home thru this. I have been fishing almost every day, so I got that going for me.... I have worked hard enough over the years that I can choose what to do next. I could probably get a job working for someone else, but I have not done that in a long time. As for eBay, there are still plenty of buyers out there if you have the right items to sell. I’m not collecting any government handout, but I wont stop my Former employee from getting a few crumbs from the government.
  4. Thanks for the encouraging words (from those who wrote them) I’ll be ok, I can slide along for a while. Hopefully the economy will come back strong. wayne tj- what the hell are u talking about? Thankful that I’m closing my business? career? School? That’s funny. Please go crawl under a rock.
  5. I’m done... my employee makes way more now than I can pay him. He is ok with riding out a couple more months making 300 bucks more a week than if he was working.. I have lost a bunch of customers, so I couldn’t bring him back for a while anyway. I had a good gig going, I would sell stuff on eBay and he scooped the dog poop. I did the bills and took care of the customers. I don’t want to go back to scooping the poop, I can squeak by with my eBay sales, (hopefully) ... I won’t have to pay all the bs payroll taxes etc for an employee now. He figures he can find another job in July... if anyone in Ma needs an estate cleaned out, let me know... Kaninekleenup out...
  6. Just found this thread.... I just cut out the collars for the first time today. I butchered them, but after I trimmed them up there was a good amount of meat. Cooked it in the cast iron and they were great! I’ll be learning how to trim them correctly this year!
  7. Looking for a pre Vantage style seat for my older pro angler. I broke the hinges on mine. Thanks for any leads! Brian
  8. Spank you very much!
  9. Tomorrow is money day for me...
  10. The warming of the last few days has turned the fishing on .. caught my first topwater fish of the season this am. I love seeing them follow the lure when it’s calm..got a 24 inch fish a little later. Good day all around. Good luck everybody!
  11. Well, life got in the way, but I got out this AM in my kayak and caught 5 schoolies. So the fish are here.....nothing on top water, just a rubber shad. No lice on any of them..
  12. Quadrillion....get read to here that one of these days...
  13. Ok, how do u store a half a loaf overnight? I put it in a gallon bag, and the crust softened up. Still good, but any other way?
  14. Ok, here is something I heard...I had direct deposit of my refund last year. But, I used H and R Block. Supposedly they have my bank info, but not the government. So I have to wait for a paper check. I get the status unknown when I check on the gov site..
  15. Isn’t it about time this picture shows up again?