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  1. please read the forum rules about buying and selling on this forum . thanks ,derf
  2. Greetings. I've found my way here by way of some fairly extensive research into a cache of vintage fishing equipment that I purchased from an estate sale several years back. I collect other things that initially caught my eye on a tip from a friend but was fortunate enough to be offered a pile of fishing stuff to sweeten the deal on the other things I was buying from the estate. Anyhow, among the many interesting things I found, I've come to understand that I have two early Atom lures with glass eyes! I've sold some of the more common wooden Atoms on Ebay and set these aside to consult with some of the gurus on vintage lures. As I understand these are exceptionally rare, I didn't want to rush them onto Ebay before getting my head completely around the potential here. So, on that note, I suppose I'll just post some pictures? Feedback is very much appreciated!
  3. metafit

    Glass Eyed Atoms Find!!

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