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  1. I'll take this shipped to 19090.
  2. Apologies for overstepping the rules.
  3. Plenty of vg saltwater set ups for sale in the fly fishing BST forum right here on this site. This summer got my son set up with a nice 9wt rod/reel combo found on that forum. Worth a look.
  4. Mark d - tell me/us about that manual pick up you did on the 710. I have used the ones from "thefisher-man" on ebay but he doesn't seem to have any left. I have a 710 that I need to modify. Thanks in advance for the info.
  5. Surprised John Cole hasn't been mentioned. "Striper: A Story of Fish and Man" is a fantastic tale set on the East end of LI. Away all Boats is another which is a series of short stories about the boats he had or worked on over the course of his lifetime. Peter Mathiessen also wrote a very good book about the Eastern LI: "Men's Lives" Both of these aren't necessarily about recreational angling, but about a way of life chasing stripers and inshore fish as Baymen. As a native of LI, I feel like these HAVE to be read if those are waters you ply.
  6. I'll take the BVK for asking.
  7. I'll go $80 shipped. PM for payment details etc
  8. There’s an outback forum online that I went to when I needed rack recommendations. There’s tons of info on it. I now mount Yakima towers & bars to the factory installed mounts. I use them for a hard box, surfboards, and various Home Depot purchases...
  9. I'll take it. Please PM with details.
  10. No hijacking
  11. Is this a belt only bag or is there a shoulder strap? What are the dimensions of this bag? Thanks for the reply.
  12. would consider purchasing the GU 2 tube if you want to sell...
  13. Do you have the shoulder strap?
  14. No problem on timing, I'm in no hurry wanted to land one some time this winter. Let me know when you're ready and I will be too. Have a great Holiday!!