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  1. I have more let me know what other colors you might be interested in and I will dig them out
  2. Here are some more colors for you to look at.
  3. Not sure if hooks are original. Will pm PayPal info
  4. Sorry for the delay. This is what I have $20 apiece shipped hooks will be removed. I have more colors if interested
  5. I have a penn 7500SS that I would like to exchange. how do I go about
  6. I am pretty sure I have Mack and pink. Away until Monday will post pictures when I get back
  7. I have several of these what color are you looking for?
  8. No problem only interested in one. Thanks anyway
  9. 22 please
  10. Can a slammer III be put in the water while unhooking a fish?
  11. I looked him up he is just what we are looking for. Thanks for your help
  12. I am looking for a charter for 3 people. One of the them will be my 91 year old dad so we will want to fish the intracoastal where it is calmer. Thanks for any help you can give us.
  13. Bleach have used several times works great
  14. How anyone can say this fish is in the water baffles me. would you fish or have you ever fished in that supposed water. I highly doubt it.
  15. Would take the three 3/4 oz for $20