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  1. Ok ,We will be there on Friday . It would be awesome if we could make this happen.
  2. Password works now... incredible video as usual. Any chance of getting this on the big screen at Edison this weekend? I'm sure we can find people that know people that know people to get it up there
  3. Password doesn't seem to open the video.Not sure if its on my end or if the password is incorrect.
  4. I picked up this basket at the end of our striper season here in NJ and really have nothing bad to say about it. I currently have the linekurv and a few homemade (IKEA step stool) baskets, and I don't think I could go back to those after using the Take basket. Very comfortable if you fish the rocks and when landing fish (especially in snotty weather); you don't have to worry about swinging it to the side/back. I plan on taking the basket to the Bahamas, and I hope the dark color won't be an issue. However, I hear they are working on a lighter color for tropical environments. All in all, check them out and I don't think you'll be disappointed. They are currently running a 10% discount with the code word "Somerset", but it only goes until this Friday (Feb 10)
  5. If you look for the cheeky schoolie tournament video from 2016 you get the idea of the vibe. Not sure of what details I can get into on this site, but its a good time if you dont take it too seriously.
  6. Very nice report. I am planning a trip to the Bahamas in the spring and your information was most helpful. Do you find fly pattern matters (crab vs gotcha for instance) or does weight and size trump pattern? Thanks in advance.
  7. Is this in relation to the tournament that is planned for the 20th?
  8. A few shorts out back today. A bit of a xhuck and duck with the wind but the fish cooperated and put a nice bend in the old glass rod.
  9. Yoy for this time of the year would be closer to 3 in.There is a study that has been started this year to take dna samples from Raritan bass and try to determine their origin. Ill see if I can find the link tomorrow.
  10. I have had the Bote 10.6 hd for a couple seasons now and love it. Some mods were a shorter fin to get into real skinny water. You do not want to run aground unexpectedly,it gets your attention pretty quickly.Also added a magnetic paddle leash. This has worked out really well for keeping the deck clear when fish are spotted. Just drop the leash that is on the paddle towards the board mounted magnet and drop the paddle over. Paddle just floats alongside the board till you need it again. My rod holder is a rubber cable organizer stuck to the stash pod cover. Works great for keeping the rod in place during travel.Btw the little round containers that the simms cleats come in fit perfectly in the stashpod.I keep an assortment of flies in those just in case I dont want to get into my pack.
  11. My number two fly last season ,after the venerable clouser.When the fish got picky this was my go to fly.A cheap tie with uni mohair and saddle hackle. The eyes are ep gamechange and are a breeze to work with.
  12. I was waiting for RJ to chip in... here's my take on things: I agree that all the stripers in the Raritan at this time are Hudson fish. I have not seen any evidence otherwise. Based on the way the Navesink stripers spread throughout the California river systems to spawn over the years, it can be assumed that they don’t always home. Taking this knowledge, we can apply it to the Hudson fish, who may be seeking out other rivers (i.e. the good old Raritan) to spawn. Perhaps when the Raritan ran deep and clear, stripers had successful recruitment there. However, I haven’t been able to find any evidence of striper spawning in the Raritan since the Industrial Revolution. The “run” we see in the spring seems to be dominated by males (based on their smaller size), with some females making an exploratory run. We know at one time there was a very successful shad and herring run on the Raritan that no longer exists in the numbers that it used to. Even with the removal of some dams, the Island Farm Weir is a major barrier to anadromous fish, even with the fish passage (as it stands). Although there was a good run of American shad this year, I'm not certain that's what the striped bass are after. The decline of river herring, especially this year, seems to mirror the decline of stripers in the Raritan. I believe the drive to continue upriver is determined by their food source (i.e. more herring). Therefore, more herring would attract more stripers, especially the females. I would like to see proof of young-of-the-year (1-2” striper) from the people who claim that stripers spawn in the Raritan. If you have pictures, or come across one in the future, please post them (this will not be considered a spot burn )!!
  13. nice crab either way,would like to see the point to point measurement though.