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  1. Way to go Jack !
  2. Way to go Jack !
  3. http://www.itinerantangler.com/blog/podcasts/2013/05/05/how-to-silly-putty-spoon-flies/
  4. You can set 5min epoxy in a silly putty mold... one of the fly tying mags had an article a few years back. I tried them, it works like charm.
  5. Old threads but great info http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/59116-reading-the-water/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/177314-reading-the-water-again/
  6. Buy a ten... lifting power, land fish quicker and put yourself back in the game before the blitz disappears... will serve you better for other species and larger flies as well
  7. Here's a few... ok more than a few from tiny to 6"-7"
  8. Start with basic comparaduns and/or sparkle duns with deer hair or CDC wings. CDL make great tailing fibers. Add a few curved shank emergers and you'll probably be set. Trailing shucks of zelon or Antron work great for these.
  9. They are out of business. There was a rumor of the company being purchased, but I don't think that ever came to fruition
  10. Thanks to all. Yes Herring! I watched gannets bombing from the end of jetty for an hour and tied these shortly after
  11. This forum has always been a great place to share ideas and get advice. I've met several people here that I now consider friends for life. And though I haven't posted anything here in some time, I regularly check in to see if there's a question I can answer or something I can contribute to. It's cool to see the current stylings of both long time contributors, and novice tiers. Kudos to those who keep this forum alive and growing! Here's a few pics of recent stuff I've been tying. As usual, a bunch of borrowed techniques, applied where I found them useful
  12. Thanks just like a bucktail deciever.... first tie is short bucktail, then 3 ties of calf/kip tail, with the last tied in reverse/hollow
  13. I wanna play too.....Just some options
  14. The book is all that and then some.... As impressive as all the fleyes are from Bob and the contributors, the information on baits they match and fishing them is equally exciting. There's something there for beginners to experienced tiers/fisherman.