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  1. A safe bet is to buy the best Garmin you can afford.
  2. That may be true but it was the sun that killed it in the end, after about ten years flipped over and uncovered... No problem from the many rock and strikes...
  3. Just to play devil's advocate (and I do agree It does not look good for his innocence), our justice system is set up so that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, so let's wait and see where this all goes. For all of you that want to torture a confection out of him, I would think by now that most people would understand you can make most anybody confess to anything under torture... So, keep in mind with a little time a "good" torturer could make every one of us reading this post confess to the murder of that girl... Not a very reliable technique to get info, but for many torturers it makes them feel righteous... Yes, most homicides where there is a successful prosecution, it is a relative or friend that is found guilty, but since 50% of murders are never solved it make that statistic look a little different. Any time you think the incredible power of the state is about to come down on you, innocent or guilty, you better get a lawyer. They will have no problem using everything they legally can and sadly too often not legal to find someone they can throw in prison. Or maybe you would just like a good old lynching, as I am sure no mob has ever lynched an innocent person...
  4. I build a high rack that I just step under, put the yoke on my shoulders, take a few steps sideways and slide it on the roof of my vehicle.
  5. Very tough epoxy that can handle some flex... Not cheap... I have an Old Town Camper made out of Royalex.
  6. I wear out the ends of my Old Town... On my second round of Kevlar Pads and West System G-Flex...
  7. I can only speak about what I do and how I treat the fish I catch... In every group, you will have people that only care about themselves, Even when you make it a law against such abuse, those same lowlifes will abuse the resource regardless (photos of Tarpon out of the water are still posted ). I do my best to pass on how to be responsible with our resources, whether I am showing my grandson, guiding, doing a seminar, or here on this board...
  8. All catch and release yesterday, for freshwater most of the fish we keep come throw the ice, which he is looking forward to!
  9. The pic of my 6 yr old Grandson with a 2.75 lb smallie I just posted this morning, is about my pride in him and a nice fish he caught all by himself... If you know how to handle a fish properly, fight it quickly, it has been my experience that you can safely take a quick pic and release a fish to fight another day... I do not take pics of every fish I catch (far from), but noteworthy (at least to me), I will if it can be done in a responsible way. As to posting, almost every pic has a different reason, some selfish, other times to show a technique works and often to save the douters from having to type that "without a pic..." But it always comes down to if you can do it in such a way they the fish will swim away to make more fish and I hope to put a bend in my rod when they are even bigger!
  10. Toke my 6 yr old grandson out for a quick trip fishing and his Great Grandfather came alone for a 3 generation trip (his father is not a big angler). The fish in this spot, have been getting a lot of pressure and we were not getting any bites, well I had brought the Auauview, so I dropped the camera and found plenty of educated fish... We went ice fishing mode, with small jigs, little bits of worm, and started getting fish. This one was the biggest and he got it all on his own! We wanted to get him out as he just got a new brother (that makes 4) this past weekend...
  11. Nope, not meant to do that... Needs to be repaired. Done right, take apart and reglue the reel seat on (normally flyrod easy to do). If it is an inexpensive rod I have drilled holes in the reel seat and filled it with epoxy for an easy fix, if not a good looking fix.
  12. We have had many great nights as the full moon was rising, fishing shadows of hills and trees until the shadows are gone. If there are a few clouds passing, we time it to when the moon is blocked... many nights we will fish every bass lure we have, and nothing, a cloud passes and from the same water we get a nice bass on topwater...
  13. Topwater at night has landed me and my client's countess 5lb+ largemouth and many big smallies. I fish all kinds of topwater lures and most will work at one time or another. For me one of the biggest keys is darker the night the better, a bright moon comes up, my numbers drop, a cloud passes in front of the moon game is on. A soft frog in the weeds works very well also at night... Covering lots of water also is important, when shore-bound I use Gliss line just to get that extra 10 - 20 feet of distance... It may be true that something that is worked under the water at night may work better at times (not that it has for me), but topwater is just too much fun!
  14. Love Horseradish on my roast beef sandwich, but a little goes a long way... And anyone to suggest anything but rare... SHAME! Quality fresh roll toasted with a little mayo, maybe a little onion is all it needs for the great taste of the roast beef to shine through! BBQ Sause and cheese are just not needed if everything is fresh... Nicks Roast in Beverly gets it right... Has to be sliced to order!
  15. Congrats! 37 for us and she says she is going to keep me around for 37 more! I am a lucky guy! May all the years to come be even better for you both!