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  1. Or make your reel manual and you don't need to think about handle placement when there is a blitz going on in front of you or when you let someone else use your rod... Easy choice for me.
  2. The reel still has a bail, but you have to "flip" it by hand, which is what you should be doing if you use braid anyway...
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said.
  4. “You're gonna need a bigger boat” Very generous of you, thanks!
  5. Now that is some excellent sarcasm!
  6. I always whip finish a loop on my fly lines (folding it back on itself) and have never had one fail. Years ago I had a simple knot-breaking machine and tested every which way you could make a connection, the only one that never failed was the whip-finished one. I am surprised so many like the nail knot as it failed fairly easily, just by pulling the coating right off the core of the line... In my first year of guiding for stripers, I quickly learned to test that leader to fly line joint any time an angler showed up with their own gear, about 80% of the time a simple pull on it parted the knot... (This was about 30 years ago, I am sure it would be better now.) I will stick with a Whipped Loop.
  7. I hope they impounded everything they had with them including their vehicles!
  8. When I first started guiding over 30 years ago it was at night for trophy LM or SM. I guaranteed a 5lb LM or a 3lb SM and never gave away a trip and one of the key things I learned was when fishing open water at night; darker is always better. On a clear night, the moon would rise and the fish shut down... A cloud would pass by the moon and the game was on! I have caught a few fish on bright nights, but it is like 10 to 1. Also interesting is the bass will hit top water as soon as the water is open and just before ice. The trick at the "ends" of the season is to find the warmest water, compared to the lake. Early season I like the mouth of brooks as often the water flowing in is warmer and in the fall/winter big rocks that have sucked up the heat of the sun. I once got a nice 5lb in the first week of Dec. in NH running a jitterbug up against a stone bridge, so you never know.
  9. Try frogging at night, it may help with your timing...
  10. If you want to stay on top or just under one the "Toad Lure" is a good choice and rigs weedless well. If you are looking to get deep into the weeds I would fish a large worm with a pegged Tungsten Bullet weight to punch through the growth. Me I just keep fishing the frogs as I just love the explosions!
  11. Robert’s ranger, now that is a lure that will cast a mile... Used them for years for blues, don't think I ever got a striper on them. I most often fished them on the surface (as I believe they are meant to be fished), but I found times when I let them sink (when fishing a deep jetty in the middle of the day) and worked it back I could get a few blues when it seemed none were around. I need to dig some of them up as they are said to be good for Rooster Fish and I am heading to Costa Rica next month! I was out in LA and picked up a few West Coast Tins, but never had much luck with them...
  12. Bimini to Bimini loop to loop, will not break and can take apart and change lines. If I am into the fish of a lifetime and I am into the "backing", I don't want to be thinking about if "that knot" that has always been "good enough" is going to hold...
  13. Any smartphone with a signal will do better than a Rosetta stone... Those bikes will be nice and quiet to sneak up on people, fast.
  14. Don't forget Mummichogs, especially in the estuaries.
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