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  1. Marcel: Looks like a very productive day. Nice report. But, alas, no reference to your sustenance and libations.
  2. Ditto on Factor. I can only dream of tying that kind of fly. Great Job!!
  3. Great report, but that's one helluva dessert!!!!!
  4. Marcel: Thanks for the report. I noticed we have those yellow flowers here and the flowers in the next to last pix we actually have in our garden. The world is smaller than we think!
  5. Flyrad: Here is the best I could find. There is a little book entitled: "Trout Fishing on Long Island's Spring Creeks A Stream Guide for the Fly Fisher" You can pick up a copy at the LITU website for about seventeen bucks. Although the map is rather scratchy, the description in the book is worthwhile. BTW, I am not the author nor am I humping this book. Hope this helps. FR
  6. The Old fisherman.... The rain was pouring down. There standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick, with a piece of string dangling in the water. A passer-by stopped and asked, "What are you doing?" "Fishing" replied the old man. Feeling sorry for the old man, the gent says, "Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me." In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskies, the gentleman, being a bit of a smart ass, cannot resist asking, "So how many have you caught today?" "You're the eighth", says the old man.
  7. You almost needed a bigger and stronger net! Terrific catch.
  8. Bobnap: I would like to know of one as well. Hope someone finds one for us!
  9. Let's not forget the regulations on the bird raisers costing more and more each year. I have also noticed that there are fewer feathers in the packages than there once were. Shadow is right, they have 'em and we don't. Our club has been bequeathed a lot of materials from the families of departed members. Unfortunately, there are fewer of us to pick through the feathers which is ok. But, I hope I am not the last man standing, since all those materials will wind up in my house. There's just so much one can give to the CFFM.
  10. Marcel: That fly looks like a Frenchie but with a blue collar rather than red or hot pink. The bead a tungsten bead?
  11. I would try an Irresistible Wolf.
  12. Marcel: Another nice report. But I miss the luncheon report!
  13. Couple of years ago in the Salmon River NY.
  14. Nice Video. But it was bitter sweet. My first experience of the striped bass world was on a surf board in the early 60's. The blitzes back then scared the hell out of us. That's when, along with a board, I brought a rod to the beach. Yes, thing have changed in many ways over the years, and if things are tough these days for spin casters (I am one of those too), they are tougher for us fly rodders. I hope the capts are right about the future classes of fish for things cannot get much worse. Mr. Diaz, great job and thank you.
  15. BFD: I am sure I speak for us all when I say, that if we could shoulder some of the pain from your shoulders we would. Instead, we offer our prayers for your fast recovery and a quick return to the water you love so dearly.