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  1. Hey, Marcel and Good2go, what are ya trying to do, get us fat??? Bad enough my mouth is watering! Marcel, another fine report. Good2go, I do not like chocolate cake otherwise I would ask for the recipe.
  2. Ditto on the great pix. Jealous, OHHH YEAH!!!!
  3. For all you watchers of kids growing up, watch Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink" on u-tube. My gal is 42 now and hates fishing, but she's a lawyer what do I expect.
  4. I agree with most that has been said and suggest that the responses to your questions are here with no need of a book. ;-). Also add to your list of possible LMB "lures" Kinami and Yamamoto worms of various colors all Texas rigged. Killer last week was a purple variety. They cast well, last through the weeds, and are reasonably priced (E-Bay, Amazon, etc.) Lay one of these babes on the pads and wait a minute or so, and then jerk it of the pad and see what happens. Good on LMB, Pickerel, and Crappy. These are worthy additions to your armaments. Have fun.
  5. I just love my Stonfro. Beautifully made (Italian of course), easily swapped jaws (aircraft fittings), came with everything, and works well, so far (3 years). Also under $400. But, then again, I am prejudiced, being Italian and all.
  6. Sorry, JJ, nope.
  7. JJ; There are a couple of fly shops in Blue Ridge who can be very helpful in giving advice on what flies to use and where to use them. There is also a place to fish with tremendous fish and fishing environment: Bobby Still. Look him up. Might be a bit pricey, but for a 4 hour session for young ones, it might be a life changing event. There are plenty of public places to pull off in that area. Also poke around the Oyster Rodmaking store for a very unique experience. I haven;\'t been in that area for a couple of years, but those times past have been memorable lifetime experiences. I hope the same for you. Keep us posted:
  8. Yeow! It's been years since I have had those. I might try for them! Nice catch!
  9. Newatit: Unless the Great Blue is fishing in your fish pond. We have that problem a couple times a year. Unlike the Kingfishers that also visit us, the Blue is easier to see!
  10. Ditto on Matt7082!
  11. I have found two flies very useful on that river: The Ugly and the Usual. The fly shop in "downtown" Wilmington can supply you with those. However, stop in both shops and get two views on working the river. The rod and reel advice is another issue and will be based on your price points for each. I would not go cheap since that might ruin your experience. I would not go too expensive, since that might be an unwarranted expense if you decide FF is not for you. I will not give you advice since I am partial to the brands I use, but I carry a #6 and a #4 7'6" rods and reels with floating lines. I also carry extra spools for each reels as well as back up reels. I spend since I want to die tired and broke. And my daughter is an attorney, she doesn't need the estate.
  12. Sounds like crepitations: All the above are options, but have a shoulder specialist work you up. Then decide as to PT, off-handed casting, and last, surgery. Remember, a surgeon's job is to do surgery. So keep that in mind. I would do all else first. BTW, DAQ: Nice lung field!!!
  13. Ditto above with one proviso: Finding someone who still has the "eyes" to tie them on a leader. I AM OUT!
  14. PS. Feather Craft too.
  15. Red Fox fur @ Bears den