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  1. I have found two flies very useful on that river: The Ugly and the Usual. The fly shop in "downtown" Wilmington can supply you with those. However, stop in both shops and get two views on working the river. The rod and reel advice is another issue and will be based on your price points for each. I would not go cheap since that might ruin your experience. I would not go too expensive, since that might be an unwarranted expense if you decide FF is not for you. I will not give you advice since I am partial to the brands I use, but I carry a #6 and a #4 7'6" rods and reels with floating lines. I also carry extra spools for each reels as well as back up reels. I spend since I want to die tired and broke. And my daughter is an attorney, she doesn't need the estate.
  2. Sounds like crepitations: All the above are options, but have a shoulder specialist work you up. Then decide as to PT, off-handed casting, and last, surgery. Remember, a surgeon's job is to do surgery. So keep that in mind. I would do all else first. BTW, DAQ: Nice lung field!!!
  3. Ditto above with one proviso: Finding someone who still has the "eyes" to tie them on a leader. I AM OUT!
  4. PS. Feather Craft too.
  5. Red Fox fur @ Bears den
  6. I have broken a 4wt, 6wt and a 9x9 Clearwater II rod and sent each back to Orvis for repair. They make a whole new tip section of the rod. As was indicated by Cape, they need the whole thing to make the proper new part. That is the way I went each time. Now, cost is the next issue. How old is the rod, what shape is the rest of the rod in, and is it worth it to even mess with it? Can you get a similar performing rod for $66? I think you have 25 years to decide until the warrantee runs out. At 75 yo, that is more than a lifetime guarantee for me. Keep us posted on your thinking. My 2c.
  7. Hopefully it will not get down to this:
  8. I use a custom fly (Moribito One and Only), 9wt, fast sinking tip line, casted on a bar and stripped off the bar into deeper water. Works well if they are around. But, many more chasers than takers. Never thought of the oil thing. Maybe this year.
  9. Adirondack Ugly: Go to up there and down here on the Isle of Long.
  10. South Dakota Walleyes are the best. Walleyes from Lake Champlain a close second. Most FW fish here on the Isle of Long do taste like the ponds in which they live. Since most trout here are stocked, they are not as bad as they will be as holdovers. My 2c.
  11. A priest, a lawyer, a politician and a hooker walk into a bar. The bartender says: "What is this a joke?"
  12. Marcel and Brian: Allowing for the pub closure and Marcel being denied his usual fare, I saw some venison, hasenpfeffer (?sp), goose, some trout and, my favorite, pheasant. All washed down with a really good brew!! Hmmmm! BTW, we had pheasant marsala last night.
  13. Snook: You should add: The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton, 1683. Speaking of classics. But tough reading.
  14. JimH: A few years ago, I was in Oklahoma on business and I was chatting up fishing to someone who, out of the blue, asked me if I had time to do some fishing. I told her that I did not but why did she ask. It turned out her hubby was a caretaker of a very sizable "ranch" where a very famous TV fisherman (who will remain unnamed) had "lakes" on which he could get me for a day. I was told that when they film an episode, let's say on bass fishing, there was a "lake" that was fully stocked with the target species. I would guess that if you have a filming crew, sound techs, etc. you had better catch fish with all that expense. I understand that, but, boy, did that pop a bubble. So yes, sometimes even the Pros do not catch fish all of the time. But, then, again.....!
  15. JimH: I have been fishing for bass for 65 years (since 10yo) and your collection looks like my tackle box. All 6 of them. As my bass fishing partner is wont to say: "Everything in your tackle box can catch a fish." And I always reply: "Not always!" All the more reason to buy some more!!!