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  1. BFD: I am sure I speak for us all when I say, that if we could shoulder some of the pain from your shoulders we would. Instead, we offer our prayers for your fast recovery and a quick return to the water you love so dearly.
  2. C Robin: I second Flyman's advice. Good selection and I have found hem very friendly. A couple of the guys in there are even fly fishers and understand our needs as well. Keep us posted as to how you find the shops you visit. FR
  3. Marcel and Brian: I would jump at the chance too!! However, I might just watch you guys from the mill restaurant while I taste the food and beer so you would not have to waste time when you are finished fishing. Another great report, Marcel, keep 'em coming. FR
  4. Agree with Capt Lew: Pick, LMB, Crappie. I can always wash my hands. Sorry Tim!
  5. Surf: Lake Champlain near Port Henry (especially Bulwagga Bay) has terrific LMB fisheries. Long haul tho.
  6. Del Gue: We are happy to hear that! BFD and Hunter: The reason why groundhogs are better at forecasting the weather is, as my Dad used to say rest his soul, is that the weathermen do not have windows in their offices!! Hmmmm!
  7. Misled: I understand your situation. However, price point is the most important consideration before anyone can advise you as to the appropriate tool. I have a Stonfro which is great, but very pricey. Thanks to my wife for a combined Birthday and Christmas present. Let us know. FR
  8. Marcel: I would suffer the cold with you just to be in that pub. Looks like it was as much of a reward as it was to catch the first fish f the new year. Thanks for the report.
  9. BFD: I agree. I have always felt bigger eyes were the side on which one should err. Hope you are doing well.
  10. I am full of GAS too! My fear is that when I die, my wife will find out what I REALLY paid for all this gear!!!
  11. Thanks, Marcel. Glad to see the streams trying to recover from the terrible drought. Good luck and have a merry holiday season.
  12. BFD: If anyone would find and post this tip, it mustard been you!!! However, thanks for the find. I will use it. FR
  13. Well, this is not a pix taken while fishing since, as of Nov 1, my main efforts involve chasing an English Setter through hills and dales after pheasants, I caught this celestial event while in the field last Saturday. I have seen sun dogs before but none that looked like this one.
  14. Where did you find that gem??
  15. Thank you. Love the flies.