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  1. ugh, I can smell the patchouli from here
  2. Niffty close your ears, it's on Fat Wreck Chords
  3. I have three consecutive years of about 20 yards each composting in windrows in an open field that get turned regularly and we still get nasty annual and perennial grasses that pop up, even in the oldest stuff. Some people are also concerned with meds and supplements that were given to the horses, and we regularly find syringes w/o needles in the mix. Granted we get ours in a roll off dumpster, I'm sure if you are just loading a couple 5 g buckets you could pick them out. It is good stuff, we top dress all veg and cut flower beds with it and see great results. Just have to be careful because pH can be all over the place and EC is variable. We also mix it in our large mixed compost piles during the growing season to offset all the green going in. 2,4d has a half life in soil of about two weeks, though it can be longer in aquatic situations. I believe once metabolized by the plant it is only a few days, meaning any weeds or grasses sprayed will be 'clean' faster than the surrounding soil. In both cases there is no remnant of 24d after a month or so. The hay has seed heads that either don't get digested when eaten or fall to the stall floor and get mucked out. Timothy grass is an usual suspect, as is johnson and barnyard grass, as well as seeds from cover crops. Rabbit manure has the highest NPK, and milorganite (we all now where it comes from, right?) is 6-4-0 with some iron
  4. I would also blame Belmo and his indie bands like HuskerDu, Relplacements and such for taking the edge off punk and making it a bit smarter, punk music with an emphasis on music. Nothing wrong with that, there is still true punk out there to be found and punk music making it a bit more accessible.
  5. I wouldn’t go that far, and Fat Mike far from created ‘soft’ punk or melodious punk. Descendents kind of developed that to an extent. Mr. Weasel also has his hand in making and producing said genre. It all has it place, for the most part. I know you know Blink182 and consumer punk is not the same.
  6. Kind of like free range foie gras
  7. they make egg drop soup
  8. Cage free? Real men eat vending machine chiken Do those ^^chicken supply these eggs?
  9. one step ahead of you