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  1. Prince Albert (in a can) > Herb Alpert > Fat Albert > Eddie
  2. Fat Albert > Eddie Albert
  3. Was down there yesterday, saw quite a few dangling on the grasses with arms outreached, waiting to latch on
  4. All ticks, once hatched from egg, need to feed on blood at all life stages. Some instars are smaller than poppy seeds, but are still active feeders and can transmit disease. They may just look like specks of dirt on your ankle, until you look closer and they are moving.
  5. To add insult to injury, he winds up paying to watch
  6. a bird ate a rodent as people watched. riveting stuff
  7. you really are an chocolate starfish
  8. I would rather see native grasses planted and maintained than a weed colony. Wildryes, switch grasses, little blue stem can all be ornamental when planted in a designed landscape. Those weeds will choke out any native grasses or wildflowers until invasive woody plants can establish themselves.
  9. What does provenance have to do with invasive tendencies? I don't see one native plant in that picture.
  10. Awesome job at making your neighbors spray twice as much to control the invasive plants that blew in from your yard.
  11. Fart Smeller. The joke is transposing the F and SM, making Smart Fellow(er) into Fart Smeller. snart fiffer makes no sense