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  1. Middle pic is Colocasia esculuentas; when grown as an ornamental it's known as elephant ears, when farmed known as taro root. It is mildy poisonous and has "spears" in its cells until cooked or soaked. It is one of the first cultivated plants. Last pic surfer looks like she may get clotheslined.
  2. quick Google has her net at 100k, but you're right some are prob still into it Born and died in France
  3. jinx, buy me some coke
  4. big man, big thirst (apparently bad taste in beer). A Foster's would look like a 12 oz can in his hands
  5. Just one word is off, are should be far. Really not that hard to infer the correct meaning, high or not
  6. similar pic from Mass, Top pic no doubt a bunker, even has the frowny face bottom pic looks like a racer blue, long and lean. The anal finlets are bit more blue fish like than bunker, as is the color
  7. I think his excuse would be cocaine, but for the others who are serious about it...I have no idea
  8. Not even a month and you have run out of stale facts to C&P in here.
  9. Corona, Queens is like...
  10. No Bad Religion? some pretty glaring omissions and questionable entries (Nirvana #1 ffs?) I know what you're trying to do here, but Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)is probably one of the most under rated/ under appreciated songwriters thru any genre. I'm glad they never really got the recognition they deserved or sold out. The Ramones suck anyway Here's one that reinforces your views from another thread
  11. NY is still trying to figure out the rec side, but Cuomo has repeatedly said that there will be no home growing allowed. There is no homegrow available for the med side either, or even flower for that matter. Clearly a money grab. Why buy overpriced 1/8s when I can grow pounds on the same dollar. If that's the case, I don't want it to be legal, as 'decriminalized' still allows the black market and homegrows. I feel that they would be actively going after the homegrower for tax evasion , instead of just stumbling arcoss some grows.