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  1. but this is technology, and if you have been doing what you say you do, you know things do not always work and need to be fixed and patched etc..etc. hence why you have a job.
  2. Mother
  3. I bet he won’t throw rocks anymore
  4. It really is luck of the draw. I would look for bunker pods. Catch and rig on a circle hook and drop down with a 2-3 oz weight. Might have to hop around pods to find them. A lot does depend on location
  5. Nice company
  6. And then the utility company can adjust the temp as well. On hotter days they will raise your temp to 78. It’s in the fine print.
  7. Damn crane eating my fish in my pond
  8. Did Russia take over ??
  9. Wow intriguing. thank you
  10. Any give a brief synopsis??
  11. Hope she gets better soon
  12. Ukraine
  13. Happy Father’s Day all
  14. You will be fine. Looks like hot chocolate