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  1. Tim, You are magician… you fix it. That’s a pleasure now, I can read for hours and I do not see them at all. Thank you so much, Rick
  2. Hello Tim, I am getting a lot of them. Please see attachment. Using Mac.
  3. Daiwa Saltist 5000 is one of the best reel for the rooster fishing, its fast retrieve reel. The Saltist previous model is even better it has 53.1" per turn. I am using 30lb Daiwa J-braid on Daiwa Emblem X5500A, 30lb braid is good, you will loose some distance using 40lb braid. As far for the rod I think you need a longer one, like 12 or 13 foot to get a good distance. Baja ocean has a big wave and you want be able to stand in a water….if you can get over 120 yards or more with your rod then you are ok. Good luck and have a good trip. My gear: 13ft Century FMA2 12ft Century SP 3lb S/U (back-up) Daiwa Emblem X5500A Daiwa Isla 5000H Daiwa Saltist 5000H (back-up) Daiwa 30lb J-briad and also no name braid Rogers Ranger Deadly Dick Pencil poppers Gibbs Hopkins lures
  4. I am agree with you. There is no way the lure will sink, my lure is flying 1.35+ meter per full turn.
  5. I have Century SP 12ft - 3lb S/U spinning rods. 1 to 5oz, 2 piece 50/50 split. You can cut the butt. I can send you the pictures of the rod if you want to see it. $325.00 shipped, Paypal
  6. I have a brand new Daiwa Saltist STT5000H or STT6500H. The reels are solid metal, strong and good for sharks.
  7. I do not need the pot, I am looking for more than one handle and band. Thank you,
  8. reduced price $310.00 shipped to your door, Paypal or M/O
  9. Sorry, no trades... but if I need anything I will get back to you. Have too many rods... Also have a brand new, never had a reel on it, Century SP 12ft - 2 3/4lb (1 to 4oz)
  10. If you can get the handle that means you are half way there.... Second hand stores and ebeey mostly carry them. The brand new reel is ready to ship out.... Thank you for the info,
  11. Hi lure man, Thank you for the interest and the offer. I would like to get a $175 for it. Rick
  12. I am in San Jose del Cabo and fishing by myself on front of my resort. Many fishermans are here on the same beach.
  13. I am going to Cabo for two weeks but I will be checking my emails regularly... Please don't be afraid to send a message.... Thank you, Rick
  14. Hmmm that's no good... I will buy the food coloring tomorrow and try to mix it with oil.