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  1. End of each day cutting about ~2ft of the braid when changing the leader cause of constantly spinning heavy lures (~2 1/4oz to 3.5oz)….. End of the season flip the line around so the unused braid end is on the front....
  2. size and weight please?
  3. Your lures are awesome and your shop set-up is like a laboratory... Congratulations.....
  4. Thank you, I am looking for Surface tension lures.
  5. Lot 3 if BA BA Buoy not taking Thanks,
  6. You think it's not worth it to do this? But the hooks and the split rings looks very ugly after 2 weeks of using them in a saltwater. I can cleaned some of them but some of them has to go, and its costly.
  7. All the best and Happy New Year 2019.
  8. Congratulations.... You are very lucky to fish during the winter time. Enjoy.... Happy New Year.
  9. I fish only during my vacation time during the winter time escape.... Every day after my fishing is done for the day I washed my rods, reels and lures in the shower at the resorts and wiped all with the soft cloth and let it dry to be ready for the next day (not on direct sun). Last day of my fishing the same routine with my gear and placed all into Plano jumbo rod case and i went home. Most of the time when I get home the temperature is at least minus 20*C and there is no way to work on the gear any more outside, they have to wait until my next vacation trip….. Rods and reels are ok but I noticed that some split rings and hooks are getting rust on them, perhaps the chipped ones and I never spent so much time to wiping them just rinse and dry them. Hope to get a good recommendation from experienced members on how to protect my gear from salty water.
  10. Sorry no reels. Thanks for the interest.
  11. No worries.... and please let me know if you find it.
  12. bump I thought you will buy the lantern or stove at a garage sale for a few dollars and you will get a nice new reel with a spare spool when we agree on a trade.
  13. Thank you for the nice report of your fishing trip. Nice size of the fish. If you have a longer surf rod (like a 12ft) it will help or not?