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  1. Both 12 and 13 are very good but I will go with 13ft perhaps will get more distance. I am using 13ft and I am happy with it, never had 12ft.
  2. Are you sure you are looking for FMA 12ft or 13ft ?
  3. I have the Century SGR rod (Stealth Graphene Rod). 12ft, two equal 50/50 sections.
  4. I have brand new 5000H or 6500H... $185 shipped
  5. I like them… With that shape they should nicely skipping on the surface. Could you please tell us the weight, diameter and length of them If there is no secret? Thanks for the pictures
  6. Sorry mistake
  7. Ok no problem… I have to correct it, this is the newest model from Century UK, with Titanium guides, it called Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced Spod rod. Very light rod. I am using FMA2 13ft for some time, very good rod I love it. I bought this SGR which is a little stronger than my FMA to use it with heavier lures but I screwed up my shoulder and now even the FMA is too strong so that is why I am selling it or will try to trade it for lighter one without use it. Good luck with finding the FMA.
  8. Would you consider a Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced rod. 12ft, two equal 50/50? UK made...
  9. There is one reason only:::You can’t fish where people swimming…. same thing in USA and other countries.
  10. I did't check my mail box for a couple of days so the 10 days journey was a little shorter.... Thank you for a smart packing them. I like them. Thanks,
  11. I got the envelop with the split rings. Nice packing..... Very good quality split rings. Thank you,
  12. Yes I will take them for $110 shipped Please send me PM with your Paypal
  13. I will take 2 packs. (50 x 2 = 100) pieces, please.
  14. Possible to replace the tip-top for the bigger tube diameter? I need 3.2 mm or bigger.