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  1. I wonder if you can sell the ZA spool and the O ring from XA. Where are you located?
  2. These are from Daiwa Emblem PRO reel, they fit on my reel but they look different and I prefer the ZA model. Thank you for the offer.
  3. Thank you for the info. Who is the manufacturer ?
  4. The way I fish (fast retrieve 1.5 m+ per turn the handle) the fish perhaps don’t see the color of the lure which gets covered with the boiling water, instead the fish is chasing the fast moving object, plus the splash and noise. Of corse the shape of the lure is supposed to attract any fish bellow. I think nicely painted lures is protected from water damaged and look nice to catch a fisherman more than a fish.
  5. Length of the rods please? Diameter right above the reel seat please? Are they USA or UK made? Thanks,
  6. 1937 Horch German made..... That's a piece of art .......
  7. I was confused but now I am lost ..... I have been studied your list for many hours and din't get any good result but like you mentioned too many things plays an important part in each situations, line and gear and so on and on. Its looks like I have to choose one line from your list and try it for a while. Then buy next one if the first is not good. I need 20 or maybe 30 lb to get a good distance and will look later for the other characteristics of the line. To get the right one is not that easy task. Thank you for your time and advised.
  8. Tank you for the advice, I will look for these two lines you pointed out. I cross some info about Berkeley x9 but I do not see the P-line TCB8 yet, even though I am using P-line 50lbs mono for the short leaders.
  9. Hi aquholik, First thing first, THANK you for the tremendous work you have done and continued work on line testing for the SOL forum. Could you please help me in finding the braid line I should go for. I will use it just for distance casting lures only from 1oz to 3oz. Each day for 4 to 6 hours during my vacation time. Based on your list info, the Daiwa J-braid 8x 30lbs will be the most optimal for me. … I could be wrong. You have some feedbacks from the SOL members about good and not so good lines. If you can recommend 3 lines that you think are good to use for my fishing type - please let me know. Tight lines, Rick
  10. Yes, you can but I would rather have complete spool...
  11. Today I checked some of the stores but without any luck. Give me a few more days please....
  12. I called to Daiwa this morning they do not have them anymore. I was told they will order the "O" rings but no early than spring 2019. Tomorrow I will check the local plumbing shops and then let you know.....
  13. I sent you PM, please check it
  14. How long ago did you used them?
  15. Yes, I can see the letters are in tack on this site... Please send me a few pictures from the top..