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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for Daiwa J-Braid x8 Line, Chartreuse or Multi-color, 500M, 30 lb. If you have it and not planning to use it, so I will buy it ...... Thank you in advance,
  2. No problem I can wait.... Enjoy your trip.
  3. Size and weight please? Thanks,
  4. Otony, Can I stop by this afternoon to take one of these, you have so many of them.... hahaha I like your design, nicely done, A+. I will add wheels so that it will be easy to roll them into a family room when friends come over as a conversation piece. If you create some holds for the reels on the this table then it will be a nice package. The only problem is I have to spend some money on the rods, I do not have that many like you. Thanks, Rick
  5. Is the eye open or closed? I would try them on my heavy lures. How much if I take 50 of them? Thanks,
  6. Yes, I agree with you...the changes will come soon..
  7. Sorry, I am not trying to push any one to do can use what ever you are comfortable with.... I think it's only a matter of time and it will be mandatory for sure...
  8. I have done the same on some of the lures, especially with the new dress-up hooks...
  9. Yes you are absolutely correct with some of the lures but not in all the cases. If you replace the treble hook with the single hook with a similar weight and a similar size, I think you would be ok. Generally the single hook has a little longer shank and this could affect the swimming of the lure but not that much. I am talking about the tail but the belly hook is a different story if you have a swivel then you have not that many options. I think the weight of the hooks are the most important when you replacing them, to get the nice balance….. The lure builders/designers has to follow the trend and add the single hook, already some of the lures comes with a single hooks. Time will fix this problem. In some countries you are allow to use single barbless hook only. No treble and no barbs hooks at all. I have very easy situation because I fish on top of the water most of the time, and I am using pencils/poppers but not the swimmers with metal lip. Most of my lures come with a tail hook only but I have a few with belly hooks too, I replaced them with double hook cause of the swivel, otherwise I will place the single one like I did on my Rapala’s. Most of my lures are flying /jumpers I will call them like that because they are jumping from side to side on the top of the water with the extremely fast retrieve 1.2 to 1.45 meter per one turn of the handle of my reel. But my fishing style is a perhaps a little different than yours. One more time: The single barbless hook should be mandatory to save the fish and for the safety of every one around you.
  10. Wow, nice one... thanks for the picture. It looks like your trip wasn't that bad, you got Rooster and Cubera and perhaps some thing else.
  11. AGREE.... Last year in Mexico I caught a small Crevalle jack, one hook in the mouth and the second hook right on the eye of the fish. I could not save the fish eye..... Shortly after that trip I replaced all the barbs with single barbless hooks and the lures looks much better, much easier to handle and they are not catching on my fingers anymore and much easier to store them in my tackle box and bag on the beach. Saving fish and my fingers at the same time. I will never go back to treble and barbs hooks again. The single barbless hook should be mandatory every where.
  12. Where are you?
  13. Thank you for sharing your fishing trip.... How about other fish, Jacks, Mali-mahi, Snook......? What part of the Mexico did you go?
  14. ***
  15. I am in ... Thank you,