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  1. Good2Go, Thank you for the interest. Please see the weight on the picture for each one without the hooks. Please let me know if you like them.
  2. Good idea ... to keep the same lure auction as much as possible
  3. last call $70 shipped
  4. Reduced $75 shipped
  5. send me your address and you will have no problem anymore….
  6. 30lb braid and double uni to 30lb leader to swivel & TA & lure. My leader (mono/fluorocarbon) is less than 3ft when its new on a 13ft rod. My swivel never go into tip guide. Not always using swivel.
  7. I got the payment, thank you. I will pack all and send you tracking number.
  8. All prices are on the pictures: 5x spools and pliers together. $15 - 30lb/25YD SEAGUAR $15 - 30lb/25YD SEAGUAR $45 - 30lb/100YD SEAGUAR $25 - 30lb/(100YD)~90YD SEAGUAR $25 - 55lb/(100m)~85m -YGK $45 - Pliers Total $170 Thank you,
  9. Doesn’t really matter what reel you put on your new rod. Fish bite twice a day -- before you get there and after you leave. Welcome to SOL….
  10. I couldn't find anyone who can make the sunglasses with the progressive lens so I went to Costco and bought the ESP Over-the-Glasses, they are polarized. No style........
  11. Do you remember the prices?
  12. Here are the Japanese Seaguar fluorocarbon leader 30lbs, few spools, 3 are brand new and one is partially used. In addition one spool of the Japanese YGK fluorocarbon leader 55lbs with more than 85 meters (I think there is more than 90m). All for your consideration to reduced the shipping cost of the pliers. Please let me know.
  13. Sure that’s fair….. Please send me PM with your shipping address.