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  1. Are they 9oz and 18” long?
  2. I have Daiwa Saltist STT5000H spinning reel, brand new in box $200 shipped
  3. Depends on your fishing needs and your reels…. I am using tape on all my big reels and minimum 300 yards or more of bride for distance casting (zero backing). Easy calculation I can cast 150+ yards plus and fish can pull another ~100 yards then is a ~50 yards left only on the spool. On the small reels (no distance required) I am using tape and mono for backing to fit a 150 yards of braid.
  4. I am using wires and now is like any other lure and its shinny and it can catch any fish...
  5. I think this reel comes in a 3 sizes:
  6. Ok thanks for the info. I will pass on them.
  7. size and weight please?
  8. Is the Century 12 ft. 2.75 SP rod still for sale?

    1. Mahigo


      No its sold

    2. Starsnstripes


      Ok, thanks for the reply.

  9. Pablo, I am using Daiwa emblem Z5500A (24oz) and Daiwa Isla 5000H (21.2oz) on my all Century rods, cause I am looking for distance and retrieve speed. You can use any reel on this rod. Daiwa reels are not parallel foot and they are going very well on these rods. You shouldn't have any problem to use Ultegra reel on this rod. The most important is a distance from the reel to first guide and in this situation distance is huge 42" (1070mm) and the guide size is 50mm. Don't worry be happy... Rick
  10. I have a brand new Century SP 12ft 2.75lb T/C (special performance) with the bag. If you are looking to toss 2-3oz extreme distance this is the rod. Please check the link and let me know if you need any additional info or specific pictures.....
  11. Daiwa Saltist STT5000H - with braided line ~500m 40lb - brand new or Daiwa Saltist STT6500H - brand new $205.00 shipped, Paypal
  12. I am using Century FMA 13ft rod (UK) and it can handle easily 5oz+…. This rod also can throw 1oz SP cause of the length of it but this is not the distance I would like to see. I didn’t see any rod with that big range, its almost impossible to build rod like that….
  13. You want to throw SP’s and 4.5oz lures with one rod, hmmmmm…. I do not think you can find such a thing… It doesn’t exist
  14. Reduced ................................. $101.00, shipped, PayPal or MO
  15. $50.00 OBO, shipped, PayPal or MO