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  1. I was out there today from 2:30 p.m. till dark. Water level is almost as high as it was in the spring of 2017. Lots of Shoreline is being squeezed out by the rising water which might explain the crowds where I was today. I got one Laker on a Shiner and some hits on kastmasters
  2. I'm a fan of Kastmaster XLs or Deadly Dicks.
  3. I've yet to catch a striper with a Sebile Magic Swimmer. Not because I try and fail. I just do well with other lures so I never bother using the Sebiles in my lure bag. On top of that, they cast like poop so I'm never motivated to put one on. What's funny about this is that I've caught lakers, rainbows and smallies with the smallest sized Magic Swimmer so I have confidence in the lure.
  4. My brother and I were fishing Quabbin back when we were in high school. We forgot our net that day. My brother hooked a massive smallie that he was able to get to the side of the boat. It probably would have been a lifetime personal best. He didn't want to lift the fish up with the rod in fear of it twitching & fighting then breaking the line. He then reached over the side of the boat to lip grip it. The fish twitched it's head sideways, snapping the line, then proceeded to swim away with the lure in its mouth. If fish had eyelids it probably would have winked at him as it swam away. My brother cursed so loudly it seemed to echo across the water and the mountains for minutes. Wasn't stormy conditions like you asked but because we forgot the net we couldn't get it in the boat. Decades later he's still mad about losing that fish.
  5. I've caught lakers and rainbows with the liveTarget rainbow smelt (pic), x-raps, and sebile magic swimmers in the smallest size. Lucky Craft pointers, which are like an sp minnow, also do well up there. I'd have to imagine an SP minnow would work, especially the 5 1/8" smaller size. I carry the 1oz in real pearl (white), blue/silver and chartruese. The only thing I've caught on the Savages so far was a smallie around 3 - 3.5 lbs. I did run into a guy about 3 years ago who had his canal rod with him. I think it was during the end of the year. You really don't need to cast that far in April/May or November. The colder water temps have the fish in close enough to reach with freshwater gear.
  6. Did he still have a spawning kype?
  7. I was last there on Sunday, after a 2nd consecutive Saturday of heavy rain. Some spots I like to fish were either submerged or the water level was right up to the tree line requiring some bushwacking to get to some spots. I try to avoid bushwacking at all costs because I always end up with ticks when I go off the trails and open shoreline.
  8. Pretty sure I know what spot your talking about. If it's the right side of the cove, while looking at the map, I know the bottom there is pretty rocky. I remember losing a kastmaster or two the first time I fished there. I also thought that spot looked soooo fishy. There are a lot of other good spots to fish bait that don't eat your rigs. I almost never lose a slip sinker, swivel and leader at the spots I bait fish. When I'm reeling in my bait rod to change the shiner I always reel it in pretty quickly at spots that have rocks to make sure my slip sinker doesn't get caught.
  9. Using both will help increase your odds of catching. I've had days where only lures worked but bait did not. Days where only bait worked. And days where I catch with both. Ya never know. Bait limits how much water you cover. With lures you can work all levels of the water column in addition to far out or close to shore. Using bait and lures let's you cover much more fishing area.
  10. Despite the Trump supporters dominating the narrative in PG, it looks like the silent majority are against the Divider-in-Chief.
  11. My all-time favorite metal for lakers is a 1oz blue/silver Acme Trophy spoon, which is just like the Shorty. Unfortunately Acme stopped making them when Uncle Josh bought Acme.
  12. What are you talking about? Any fish I target, I can catch with a Kastmaster, or other metals like a Pt Jude Scallop or Deadly Dick. If I had to fish with only one lure, it might be a Kastmaster. From 1/4 oz to 3 oz I can catch just about any fish with them.
  13. I use blue/silver 2oz - 3oz kastmasters pretty frequently at the beach. Sometimes yellow lures - poppers, storm shads, etc do better, usually when pogies are around. This storm shad usually does well in these conditions. They cast like poop, especially with a head wind, so I'd rather throw a gold kastmaster with a dressed hook.
  14. Just like Obama's mother. This is officially the end of birtherism. Thank you.