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  1. They had no WMDs, they were not an immediate threat, they weren't linked to 9/11 or Al Qaeda and they were getting enriched uranium from Africa. Dubya & Cheney knowingly lied.
  2. The beat up colors probably look more natural than the shiny, a little too vibrant paint job of a new plug.
  3. Comrade Bonespurs had his mind on bombing Iran 8 years ago. And combat dodging National Security Advisor John Bolton has had a hard-on to bomb Iran for decades. Just like Dubya's inner circle had a hard-on to regime change in Iraq. Btw, here's a famous quote from Bolton - "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost." Family members of people who have made extraordinary efforts to personally avoid combat should be the first ones on the battlefield of unnecessary wars. There's no reason to start a war with Iran just like there was no reason to start a war with Iraq.
  4. Have you ever heard his interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air? She's one of the best interviewers out there. She's really good at getting people to reveal what makes them tick. As much as I loved KISS when I was a kid, I lost all respect for the person, Gene Simmons, after hearing that interview. His intellect, creativity and integrity is about as deep as a spoonful of water spilled on the floor.
  5. Alabama, Missouri and Ohio's current war on women will fire up the Democratic vote. That'll more than offset the deplorable vote. The Republicans forgot that they aren't supposed to actually overturn Roe v. Wade because that's what they've been using to fire up their evangelical votes. The Republicans need to keep dangling that carrot out there to get the vote.
  6. You are the poster child of why bible studies don't belong in public schools. Leave out the parables from thousands of years ago and teach math, science, logic, biology, critical thinking, etc. There's a very good reason why MA is #1 in education in the U.S. while bible belt states like Alabama, Mississippi, etc. are consistently at the bottom. You understand that "choice" means exactly that, "choice". If you don't like abortion you and your family can "choose" to never have an abortion. In fact, you and your family can have as many kids as they want. If I support "choice", I'll never have any impact on how many more of your ilk your family brings into this world. However, If a woman decides an abortion is necessary, of if an abortion will save a woman's life, or if an 11 year old girl is raped and impregnated, necessitating an abortion, then it's not the PG's, Mitch McTurtle's, Ted Cruz's, the P-ssy-grabber-in-Chief's, the pope's and especially your g-d dam f-cking business. Careful throwing around the "bigot" label there Knight771. You're an unapologetic homophobe. Just curious, should the 11 year old girl who was raped & impregnated in Ohio be forced to carry and deliver the baby of her rapist? If you are so "pro-life", do you think a young child's life should be put at such a risk? In 2018 there was a 14 year rape victim in Paraguay who was forced to carry the baby to full term then vaginally deliver it because of their strict abortion laws. The 14 year old died from the stress of delivery that her still growing body wasn't ready for.
  7. If it's good enough for the pope and his bishops, in addition to the Republi-abort party, why isn't good enough for everyone else?? Hmmmmm??
  8. Who voted for the law in Alabama? Yup, a bunch of white guys. You walked right into that one...just sayin'.
  9. Me too. I hit a blues spot on Sun evening. Two or thee three seals were cruising back and forth at not quite a full cast from the beach.
  10. Nice report again Riptide! Have you seen many Blues yet?