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  1. Republican Obama haters didn't call Obama a mother effer because that wasn't racist enough for the haters. They were too busy calling him the n-word, like Republican NH Police Commissioner Robert Copeland. ( Fox News link ). Or CA republican Marilyn Davenport who sent an email of Obama in a family portrait of apes. ( Fox News link ). Or CA republican Dean Grouse wen sent an email of the White House with a watermelon patch in front of it after Obama was elected. ( CA newspaper link ). Or Fox darling Ted Nugent calling Obama a sub-human mongrel. ( Fox News link ). Thank you. I take that as a compliment. You just verified that I'm not racist or religiously intolerant, unlike those who attack Tlaib. And I love and support the constitution which gives Tlaib the right to run, and be elected to office, no matter her religion.
  2. Article 6, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution - "but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States" There are videos of Trump publically dropping a "motherf-cker", I posted one elsewhere in the PG, so Tlaib is just following the Potty-mouth-in-Chief's lead. Just sayin'.
  3. Looks like Pence, & Trump, declaring ISIS is defeated, is repeating this classic mistake.
  4. Probably the cost of housing and the sh*tty mass transit system. I'm glad Amazon didn't pick MA. That would of been 10s of thousands more people driving up housing prices and clogging up the Pike or the T
  5. Trump has nothing to do with it. Boston has had a surging job market since the early 2000s thanks to the tech boom and colleges like Harvard, MIT, BC, Northeastern, etc providing world class talent to the market. During the '08 - '09 crash Boston was one of the few regions in the country that wasn't affected by the crash (or minimally affected). During the crash I was never worried about losing my job.
  6. If you do IT, healthcare or biotech, Boston has an awesome job market. I changed jobs last April. During my search while I was going through the interview process for my current job I was also interviewing for six other jobs. And I had a dozen potential jobs in the queue if those didn't work out. Jobs that I applied for last year are still open. However the housing market does suck. Two family houses that are converted to two-unit condos are going for $500K to $700K a unit in my area.
  7. Taco Bell?? Tacos?? Mexican food?? Mexico?? Sorry if this one flew too high over your head.
  8. I put a rear, single hook siwash on all my poppers. A few years ago I was getting out fished, at a ratio of about 3-1, by a guy next to me even though we were using the same colored poppers. All his poppers had bucktail siwashes. Mine didn't at the time. Since then mine all do. I believe it adds more movement to the lure to make it more alluring. I want to try putting a small flag on (large) Sebile Magic Swimmers. I take the back hook off of them because it snags the line too much. I've been wanting to throw a flag on it to put even more wiggle on the lure.
  9. AOC is questioning the size of Trump's manhood income. Love it! Get ready for the misogyny to keep spewing from RealDonaldTrump