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  1. Tax charges. For taxes he didn't pay during his addiction. People often do stupid stuff during addiction. He's a private citizen. It has nothing to do with the '24 election.
  2. I'm so glad I didn't vote for Hunter in '20. I'm definitely not voting for him in '24!
  3. You're adorable. You think you have a gotcha. Evergreen trees were used to celebrate winter solistice loonng before they were ever used to celebrate xmas. But you knew that.
  4. No it's not. Btw, many of not most of the trees have secular symbolism
  5. No, it's not. No surprise, you don't understand the difference.
  6. He was significantly better than the other option. And he's a better president.
  7. It's their living space. And they are not forcing anything on anyone. If we have a Jewish president, and he or she lights a menorah, I couldn't care less. Now, if Joe tried to force Xmas trees on every household, then I'd care. I'm almost certain you don't understand the difference.
  8. Seriously, right? Hunter's a private citizen and not an elected government official. And for 4 years now, the Repubs haven't produced any evidence of any wrong doing by Joe.
  9. You're in CA, yes? That's a bargain. One of the 1st times I rented a car in CA back, around '11-'13, when we filled up the tank of the rental car before returning it at the airport, regular was between $5-$6 a gallon. Although, we were in the bay area and flew back to Boston from SFO. I don't know if prices are higher there than where you are in CA.
  10. The righties want to celebrate xmas with dick pics. No surprise. They never fail to disappoint with how quickly they can post up Hunter's dick pics.
  11. Facts hurting your feelings?? 81,000,000!
  12. He earned that. Remember during multiple surges when FLA was leading the country in daily deaths? "Boots" was such a prolific killer, due to his horrible management of covid, that FLA was laping CA in daily deaths, even though FLA has almost 1/2 the population of CA. From the Oct '21 surge And in September of '21
  13. Doesn't matter. The ex rapist-in-chief is already guilty/liable in the civil trial. They're just figuring out how much damages the Trump crime syndicate is going to have to pay. Hey, did you see this last night, "Boots" Desantis is a joke. Christie made him look like scorned little child when he pointed out that Boots, Nikki and Ramaswamy are afraid of a 77 year old, fat ex rapist-in-chief.
  14. I've been fishing Cardinelle streamers at Quabbin since I was a kid. My brother and I would tie up a bunch every spring and did really well them. Fast forward to my late 20s, I'm playing baseball in an adult, amateur league with a couple of Bill Chiba's grandkids. I was also in a fantasy baseball league with the grandkids and their father, who's Bill's kid. Fast forward another 10 or so years, I'm googling the Cardinelle streamer pattern to see if the version my brother & I tied was true to the original pattern. I discover that Bill Chiba helped come up with that pattern. The following March, when we're doing our fantasy baseball draft I ask their father if he was related to Bill Chiba who came up with the Cardinelle. Their father said "yeah, that's my dad". I tell him I've been using his father's streamer pattern since I was a kid. Up until that moment, I had no idea of their connection to a streamer pattern that I've used for years. It never fails to surprise me how small a world it is, even with 335,000,000 people in the U.S.
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