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  1. Pssst, the fact that you didn't answer the question didn't go unnoticed.
  2. Feel free to Enlighten us with your theory of when you think the switch happened. I don't base my views based on one person like you did with LBJ. Btw, LBJ expanded Civil Rights and voting rights for minorities so whatever his personal views were he did the right thing.
  3. Not at all. The PG is the safe space and echo chamber of deplorables. This is the only place where I have these discussions because of the high concentration on deplorables here.
  4. You can make it whenever you want to be...I couldn't care less. Sounds like you have an agenda about it, knock yourself out. Funny thing about Lincoln. If you look at an election map of when he won, the election map lines up almost perfectly with today's red & blue states. So today's blue states, Democrat, voted for Lincoln. today's red states, Republicans, voted against Lincoln.
  5. Yeah, the Republican Southern Strategy of the 50s & 60s during the civil rights push. The southern racist have always been southern racists. However, the Republican party really felt strongly about recruiting them into their ranks.
  6. You mean Robert Byrd who denounced his youthful mistakes from when he grew up in pre-civil rights West Virginia. The Robert Byrd who was a champion of civil rights in his later decades. Robert Byrd who was instrumental in raising money for the MLK statue in D.C. The Robert Byrd who was celebrated when he was eulogized by the NAACP after his death? Nice try. Next time try using some factual talking points, not long debunked partisan b.s.
  7. Republicans now. Republicans deliberately recruited them into their hate-filled folds and now unequivocally own them.
  8. Yup, Agolf Twittler is not a racist.
  9. Is anyone in your group bringing a car over? My girlfriend & I rent a house on the Vineyard every July. We've had a friend bring a boat over a couple of times. He got a mooring, pretty inexpensive actually, at Tashmoo Boatyard & Crane Services (I'm mostly sure this is the business). My friend had an inflatable dingy for his boat. We drove him down to the Lake St dock on Lake Tashmoo and he'd paddle out to his boat's mooring. We were on the island last week. There was a pretty good blues bite on the east side of the island. I don't know if the hot weather since we left has changed that bite.
  10. The Republican led house did. The Repupblican led house, then the Republican led senate and then the Republican president signed that tax cut, in addition to big increases in military spending that has pushed the deficit back up to $1 trillion.
  11. FishinMortician thinks the evil 'gubment brought the towers. So a conspiracy theory meme certainly applies. We all know the PG regulars only laugh at racist, misogynistic, homophobic or religiously intolerant memes. However this one applies.
  12. There's literally nothing you folks won't believe if Fox, Breitbart, Worldnetdaily or Trump lie to you about it. Psssst, 89% of all abortions are on fetuses 2" or smaller. They aren't ripping limbs off of babies. They are literally using clumps of cells. Funny how doing medical research with aborted fetal tissue was perfectly fine when Ben Carson did it but now it's a factually incorrect abomination.
  13. Maybe FishinMortician's on to something. After all...
  14. And we know which ones Agolf Twittler loves, the poorly educated, because he knows when he says "go back to your country" or mexicans are "rapists, drug dealers and thugs" that they'll follow that whistle wherever he takes it.