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  1. So you complain about media bias by using a heavily biased site as your proof. Too funny. From HotAir's website: " is part of the Townhall Media alongside,," A quick search on Townhall media shows that it's part of a right wing media group owned by a former aspiring Republican politician, Stuart Epperson, who twice lost to his Democratic opponent in North Carolina. Townhall media is also part of a media network that owns a bunch of Christian-themed radio stations. Yup, you're complaining about media bias while defending your arguments with even worse media bias. Keep it up.
  2. You realize that wanting to know about gutting EPA regulations isn't a partisan issue? Yes/no? Funny how right wingers on a fishing site, that also has hunting sections as well, couldn't care less about the environment you'd think they'd want to protect. National Geographic has a great running list of Trump's assualt on the environment. I'd link to it but for whatever reason, Tim doesn't like linking to fact checking in the PG. Here's a very short list. Trump appointed a coal industry lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, as the new EPA head. Trump expanded gas & oil drilling on protected lands that protected grouse. EPA criminal enforcement is currently at a 30 year low Trump rolled back Obama coal regulations. (Coal is a dying energy source. Let is die.) Trump expanded air blast testing in ocean searches for oil & gas sites from FLA - NJ. This method is dangerous to whales, dolphins, etc Trump opened up parts of the Artic to oil & gas drilling that haven't been drilled yet Trump disbanded an EPA air pollution review panel Trump expanded mining near Yellowstone National park Trump rolled back requirements for gas & oil companies to monitor released methane from drill sites Trump rolled back fuel efficiency and emissions standards on autos Trump cut NASA's monitoring of climate changes I could list a lot more but the point is made. There's nothing partisan with wanting to know how Trump is negatively impacting the environment. Considering that he uses his tweet storms to distract the public from his executive orders and deregulations, FOIA requests are very much needed. Maybe you should go fishing once in a while instead of being in the PG all the time. Maybe you might care about preserving the environment so you can actually catch a fish, rather than complaining about perceived media biases.
  3. Not at all. Tomkaz started off whining about an alleged anti-Trump media bias by defending his whine with a news "source" that's even more biased than what he's complaining about. It's worse than saying CNN is left leaning because Breitbart says so.
  4. So you're worried about media bias but then you post an article from the highly partisan, conspiracy theorist, right wing biased, the Washington Free Beacon. Just an FYI, the founder of the Beacon, Micheal Goldfard, use to write for The Weekly Standard. More importantly however he was involved with the right wing think tank the Project for the New American Century. That think tank was a who's who of Dubya's administration. PNAC was petitioning Clinton to attack Iraq a year before Dubya was even elected president. The architects of Dubya's failed war, such as Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Armitage, etc were all part of PNAC. The reason these FOIA are going up is because Trump is doing his best to gut regulations in agencies like the EPA, along with putting a bunch of partisan hacks in charge of those agencies. You proved to us yesterday that you want your media with a far right bias like Fox. You don't have to keep proving it. We get it.
  5. Were you there during closing week last year? It rained, a lot, about every other day on top of all the rain we received all summer and fall. I was fishing from the tree line in many places during closing week. Many parts were under water and unfishable. It was all because of Mother Nature. She can be just fickle and a pain in the arse as the MDC.
  6. You can put a bead above the swivel. I do this when fishing at night when it's hard to see the swivel. The bead keeps the swivel from passing through the eyelet.
  7. It's been different every year I've fished there. In '17 there was a Nor'easter on opening day. A couple of years before that it was sunny and 70 on opening day. Some years it opens on the 1st Saturday as is the plan. Other years it opens up on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday because of ice. One year the water is high. The next year the water is at normal levels. The year after that the water is really low, leaving spawning grounds either shallow or exposed. Lately we have to deal with crowds snd spot burning because of social media groups that tell the world about the Chu. You never know. Two years ago water levels were really high. Spring spots that I love to fish were under water. Last year the water levels were at the high side of normal. Those same spots were barely accessible.
  8. So, 7 pages now of you complaining that no one presents the story like the Fox propaganda network does. We get it. You want all media sources to present a story with the exact partisan spin that you want on it at every second, every minute of every day, no matter if there are 100s of other stories already in the pipeline when ever a "breaking news" event occurs. Just stay on Fox. You'll save yourself a lot of typing time and moral outrage.
  9. You mean like when Obama called the Benghazi attack an "act of terror" during his Rose Garden speech then Fox, the Republicans, the PG, etc moved the goal posts and got all outraged that Obama didn't use their exact specific arrangement of words to describe the terrorist attack?
  10. Compared to the man in the White House who rage tweets from his toilet bowl at 3:00 a.m. I'll be joining AARP any day now. Just sayin'. After all, he considers this to be "presidential".
  11. I'm here to enlighten the PG regulars.
  12. Got a problem with the truth? No one has a "right" to use Facebook or Youtube, especially once you violate their terms of usage.