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  1. I updated that I watched 1:54. The first two minutes were nothing but lies and partisan bullshyte. I can guarantee the last 8 minutes are more of the same.
  2. within the opening 54 seconds he's areadly lying through his teeth so no point in watching the rest of his partisan, inflammatory, rhetoric bullshyte. edit: watched about 1 more minute. God you deplorables are gullible, easily maniputed simpletons. The protests are about Trump?? Yeah, about that. No. They are about systemic racism and police brutality against people of color that doesn't go away. But go ahead, believe Tucker's b.s. that this is about Trump.
  3. I'm sure Michelle O. has no desire to deal with 4-8 more years of a bunch of racist deplorables, Fox News, the Republican party, etc. but if she joined Biden as his VP, a Biden/M. Obama ticket would win with a majority about as close as Nixon's in '72.
  4. Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. I"m sorry, show me where it says if you "were there all day" that your 1st amendment rights have a time limit. And I couldn't find the part in the 1st amendment where it says you have freedom of speech except when the president chooses to use tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades to clear an area to do a stupid photo-op. Please, show me in the constitution where it says this.
  5. Mine have come when the tape eventually got some folds or creases in it. The line would snag on that fold just long enough to snap a lure. I use hockey tape, which works really well. I'm just very careful how I tape my finger to make sure I don't get folds or creases that cause issues. I developed my own taping method after experimenting with it a little. I used to use a glove on my casting hand but I've destroyed every type of casting glove, even gloves with kevlar in the casting finger like Aquaskinz. And once you tear through a glove finger, line snags very easily in them. Hockey tape works great. And it's cheap. I keep a roll in my lure/gear bag. On short outings I only have to tape once. On longer outings when the tape eventually gets too wet, I'll have to retape, usually only once.
  6. Hey dimwit, the complaint is about how he got that pucture. Trump used tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades against peaceful protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights in order to take that pic. And wiping his arse with the Constitution to get a completely meaningless picture was an exercise in stupidity. The P*ssy-Grabber-in-Chief is about as godless as they come. His only God is stealing other people's money and getting constant attention to fuel his bottomless narcissism
  7. show us the video of Bubba having tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades used against peaceful protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights in order to take that pic.
  8. Keep telling yourself that. I've read the full transcript and the context of your misquote. They didn't label "blacks as 'super predators'" as you claim.
  9. You don't have a uterus. I couldn't give a flying rat's arse what you think about abortion. Your opinion literally is worthless.
  10. I don't want/like Biden but he's still better than Trump. And he's polling a lot better than Trump which has been pissing off the Racist-in-Chief since the summer of 2018. Looks like Trump's failed Ukranian extortion attempt didn't hurt Biden in the polls as planned.
  11. The funniest party of some Republicans (justifiably) criticizing Trump is how quickly the deplorables turn on said Republicans for daring to question their precious F├╝hrer.