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  1. Is the water up there even above 50° yet? We used to go up there in July & August and the water was really cold. I wouldn't want to go in there now, even with the high temps last weekend.
  2. There's some Brazilians posting videos on youtube of every fish they catch in the west end, it doesn't matter how small. You get to see the insanity there.
  3. West end Shifty. You can fish with 2000-3000 of the best canal fishermen in the northeast. All of them on about 300 yards of rocks.
  4. Hey Shifty! How's the puppy?
  5. they're actually a very tasty if you handle and cook they properly. smoked bluefish can't be beat.
  6. It's actually pretty amazing how much is unknown about bluefish, especially the spawn.
  7. Hmmm, I thought I read that blues go out to the deep atlantic, mid summer, to spawn. what state is this? i don't need the specific location.
  8. Another googan would have caught him with a savage sand eel, kept him out of the water too long to get his hero photo, then thrown him in a trash bag in the woods to take home later 'cuz he's over the slot size.
  9. Who had May 19 in the pool as the date for the 1st googan arrest at the canal??
  10. There haven't been enough social media posts yet of people catching slot fish or bigger to motivate the report chasers to swarm the canal. The crowds will be back...very soon.
  11. you can use the progress bar in youtube to rewind the video. I think it goes back about 12 hours.
  12. I still have about 6-8 years of Outdoor Life magazines in a box in my attic. My father bought me a subscription when I was kid. Then I kept it going with my allowance money.
  13. You tell me. You see this yesterday? Some of those big lie defamation lawsuits are starting to be settled. Guess what? Still zero evidence of any election fraud. So true that even the Wall St Journal has to admit it. But you should keep believing.
  14. They literally can't live without me. I can't come on SOL without them STILL quoting me. The best part is they think they're right about something even though reality proves them wrong.
  15. They're lowering the water for some dam repair/construction work. The last time the water was dropped this low was in '15 when they dropped it for the water main replacement near the causeway & the gate 25 parking lot.