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  1. When macs are around I've done well with white or green mac poppers, green mac savage sand eels, green mac SP minnows or mac X-Raps.
  2. Congrats Old Goat! My lady and I have been together for 16 years. That seems like a long time. I can't imagine 60.
  3. Couple of times a week and I'm good. I really enjoy fishing but I have other interests as well Even once I retire I don't think I'd want to fish more than two, three times a week
  4. I was there on Sunday evening after the Pat's first game. The water levels were on the high side of normal. The water at some points was up to the tree line. The rain from the remnants of Florence will probably push it up some more. I was primarily targeting salmon, hoping they were in pre-spawn feeding mode. The water was still very warm so I didn't get any that day. I know Quabbin salmon are 50', 60' feet down right now so the Chu salmon are probably deep as well. With all the rain we've had this summer the October spawn should go as scheduled.
  5. We had a cold spring that delayed migrations. Then we had the hottest August on record, which raised shoreline water temps, pushing fish out to cooler waters. I've caught a few few between 34" - 43". The season has been very up and down or hit and miss but it seems more like a normal season, just on the low side of normal. My guess would be the weather has affected water temperatures and where the fish are. The water temp in CCB near Boston was around 72° on Labor Day weekend. That means it was even warmer around the cape, especially BB and the south side.
  6. Yes! Smoked seal sounds tasty!
  7. The bald eagles at Quabbin reservoir in western MA are the same way. They keep an eye on any boat that hooks a fish and will swoop down to grab a released fish from the water. I had that happen to me last year. I released a salmon but I didn't spend quite enough time reviving it. The fish slowly swam away from the boat then was swiftly snatched from the water by a bald eagle. I've even had a bald eagle follow me around a kettle pond in Eastern MA, waiting for me to release a trout that it could grab for dinner. No wild animal will turn down an easy dinner.
  8. I can honestly say I've never caught a striper when there are seals where I'm fishing but that can just as easily be coincidence or the seal(s) chasing away the bass.
  9. I was living in West Springfield when that happened. It was a very loud kaboom!
  10. Do other states already do this?
  11. When I was first seeing this story breaking, and seeing how wide spread it was, I couldn't help but wonder if somehow this was terrorist plot, somehow sabotaging the gas lines. Now I wonder if the randomness of the locations was caused by a contractor/builder who took shortcuts or Columbia gas taking shortcuts. Someone's getting sued, for A LOT of money because of this. Fortunately the fatalities and injuries have been on the low end. If these explosions happened over night when people were home or sleeping, this could have be a huge tragedy.
  12. Channel 7 was showing video of a house freely burning with no firemen available to put it out.
  13. I wonder how many guys became shore fishing comm guys after last year thinking they can make easy cash at the canal? I'm pretty sure I've seen a poaching operation a few times this season mid-week, during over night west tides. Same guys, same pole number, same behavior that looks like they're hustlin' fish to their car or truck.
  14. The canal has definitely fallen off from last year's insanity if the comm guys can't even make the quota. Here's a novel idea. End the season when it was supposed to end. If the quota isn't reached, that's ok.
  15. I started using grips mostly for toothy fish like bluefish and lake trout. However, I like using them for stripers. It helps to control the fish, especially feisty schoolies that like to thrash around. Nowadays I pretty much use them for all fish, mostly because it helps to control them. It seems like they stop thrashing around as much once you get the grippers in their mouth. Anything that helps prevent embedded hooks in my hand, and helps me release a fish more quickly to get it back in the water, is a good thing.