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  1. Negative goes from battery straight to pwm. The positive goes from battery to breaker and then from other side of breaker to pwm. the breaker also has a trip switch so you can use it as a master disconnect
  2. I have one that I use when my wife wants to fish. Two can definitely fish out of it, much easier for front person. Front room is a little tight. Seats are great. Paddles well for a barge. Does better in creaks marshes than around waves (not a lot of rocker). Not a lot of hull slap. I paddled it is a single for several years and it handles well. The rudder kit is nice.
  3. I don’t completely disagree in regards to the XT90, but the gold plating doesn’t corrode. I personally use Anderson connectors but many don’t like them either. They are easier for me to work with and I like them with #8 wire. Of course I also use a battery tender connector from my trolling motor to thru hull. No common sense.. I use the wireless controller from Gama. Mine has worked well, but the reviews are all over the map on it. My batteries and controller are in front hatch to balance weight of motor on rear. I’m not sure I would do that again vs just putting it all in a case on the back.
  4. They work, just corrode pretty fast. The RC XT 60/90 are cheap and you solder on. The Anderson connectors are also nice, just expensive
  5. The wire colors will depend on the brand and if you had a pwm head or just a 5 position switch. Mine had red, black, yellow and brown. Yellow and black run through a resister?? to shed excess power as heat, which allows slower speed controls. The PWM pulses-on/off to control speed, so you only need the red full power and black wires and the box works its magic.
  6. you should always have a fuse or breaker. Breaker can be reset https://www.amazon.com/Bussmann-CB185-40-Surface-Mount-Circuit-Breakers/dp/B01BDNVVSM/ref=sr_1_4?crid=5ZU11MSBKNPV&keywords=bussman+40+amp+circuit+breaker&qid=1565374862&s=automotive&sprefix=Bussmann+40%2Cautomotive%2C161&sr=1-4
  7. Yes, the pwm (assuming it has reverse) handles all the other functions. Make sure you have a circuit breaker at the battery before the PWM.
  8. I Also predrill and use a screwdriver. Seen too many times the screw gun stripping threads due to the speed/heat. You have to keep it slow or heat develops. YMMV as most disagree with me
  9. Nasci for a 2500/3k size the Lews pro spin or inshore have great drags and my pro spin came with a spare spool. Picked it up on sale for less than 100. The Diawa fuego LT has held up pretty good even though the flex concerns me sometimes. I primarily target redfish and sheepy. Flounder and trout as secondary in same areas. Ymmv.
  10. I use one, mainly for getting home as my shoulder has gotten worse. Also useful like you said for slow trolling. Used plywood and made template and tested, then cut out of starboard. I had inserts that were for power pole to use as mounting points. On minn kota transom mounts, take off the clamp mount section and you are left with pivot points. I use two small micro pulleys to help raise it. Really makes it easy and keeps the heavy motor head from twisting. Currently using a motor control from Gama. i have a 45lb motor, but I had it. I think it is overkill and usually use 50% power or less. Hooked up to cheap sealect rudder pedals for control.
  11. I recently needed a part from Lews, realized they probably hadn’t responded due to ICAST. Waited a few days, then an email, the part was on the way NC. TD has always been good to me, everyone gets overwhelmed at times
  12. I like the commercial sink style pull down sprayers that sit higher
  13. I have similar 3k on the stellarlite 8’ fast taper 10-20. It is a nice setup. Also 10lb braid
  14. 1100 Watts! I was wondering when someone would come out with a new one. A lot of newer low Lv motors coming out for the crazy electric skateboards and bikes. Curious if they keep battery pack the same.. bet you can drain a battery quick on high
  15. The previous gen Spheros in 4K were great reels. Glad to see the smaller SW reels. Get rid of that damn reverse reel switch and anything else that would let water in.