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  1. The HUK is also the one I found to work the best. I do wish it was a bit longer for neck coverage. ( Florida) I wear it with a straw hat most of the time. If really windy, then just a ball cap. The design of the straw/palmetto hats varies greatly towards wind resistance. For gloves I have been using the ones from Buff. Haven’t used sunscreen in a couple years. Bugspray on the other hand.....
  2. Check eBay for the valence 12rt used battery has been the recommendation of late. I picked up two for $200 not too long ago. Gives me 80ah. Sometimes I take just one. I’m not sure how accurate the 40ah is. I can almost get more runtime out of a gel wheel chair battery. But it will be LOW, not sure how long it would last at that deep discharge. The lithium circuitry just turns it off. And both Valence weigh less than a single 25ah gel. make sure and check the max continuous discharged rate. Some of the cheaper lithium batteries have less than half the continuous amps of the best batteries. the lithium iron and lithium ti are both supposed to be safer batteries technologies but with lower stored energy. It all gets a little complicated for my old country brain. Good luck!
  3. At work the 9v all had to be taped to go in the recycling bins. Had a car battery in my truck bed years back going to get a new one. Someone pulled out in front of me and it slid forward with the terminals wedging under my aluminum toolbox. That was exciting
  4. Surprisingly the brighter blues rank very high in visibility. Whatever the color, a yak is low to the water. Orange paddle blades and flags are visible at much greater distances
  5. Old school, but I use a penn 113N for snapper and grouper when on a whim they open the season. Dropping straight down. If casting something lighter for sure
  6. Work your core muscles and stretch. For me, back and shoulder issues, soft rod and limited motion. Think smooth, nice and easy almost like a fly rod. If I try and throw far, I will be crawling back to the truck.
  7. I did rust converter followed by zero rust (wear a respirator). I have lizard skin in the inside of some panels
  8. Thanks! Was looking for weight reduction as apparently I have gotten old and batteries are heavy. Cant afford a 100ah lithium. Luckily, I only need it to get to and from the area I fish. Too shallow in most of it for motor, lots of oysters and narrow creeks
  9. I have been reading nonstop reviews, forums, white papers, etc for the various LiFePh batteries. Huge differences in sustauned current and warranties which of course correlate to cost. Looking at 50ah for 40lb troller. does anyone know what average amps the trolling motors are pulling in a yak vs a boat? Any insight on betterquality brands? I am pretty (old school) knowledgeable with electrical systems, but the current (pun intended) state of programmable BMS, etc is maxing out my oldtimers thanks in advance
  10. Stainless and aluminum definitely don’t mix. Powder coating is legendary for failures as a deep scratch can start the lifting process. T3 Anodizing while more expensive is much tougher and the parts become electrically neutral. Or so I have been told with a bunch or words I didn’t understand
  11. 17,000 lbs, If you stick it that would be a heck of a wrecker bill, unless you brought your tank too
  12. I have the sr version of that cart. Very nice. I generally use the hard tires due to oysters where I go. I put the soft wheels on (of my kayak cart) if I go somewhere with soft sand
  13. Is one color cheaper
  14. Always thought this was a chief one (not this nice) was my last Jeep with a 400sbc.
  15. Higher trim F150 have memory settings which will move the pedals, mirrors and seats back to preset positions . Probably an option on lower trims.