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  1. Yup, stay out. Many inlets are tough for the boats navigating tide and wind, they aren’t looking for you and might not be able to dodge you without endangering their passengers.
  2. I took pvc foam Siding board and heated it over a piece of 7” galvanized duct piping. The curve makes it strong. Then adhere the tournament sticker to it
  3. The factory subaru extended cross rails are Thule Aero
  4. You need a amp hour meter. The Drok are very reasonable
  5. Thanks, just look at draft for hull scraping...
  6. I am not the droid you are seeking for that problem
  7. The newer torquedo, no gear reduction, allegedly more power efficient but heavier and larger. No gear whine. 403 vs 1103 I have seen some pics of straight torquedo control knock offs, minus gps, safety, can’t remember the company, maybe China via Canada. The names seem to change every year PWM some programing difference. There are some that run brushed or brushless based on software setting or just connecting all three phase wires together to run brushed. Clearly the vast majority are geared to RCandbrushless. like running my 3 phase motors on 220 with a vfd.
  8. Underwater with the motor ? Just making sure we are saying the same thing
  9. https://www.amazon.com/PowerMax-Brushless-Trolling-Stepless-Control/dp/B07TB1TXNT they all look the same, ymmv
  10. I noticed on some of the newer advertised Chinese brushless trolling motors (don’t know if they really exist, haha) the pwm is in the motor head. Extend the potentiometer from handle and wallah, that would save a lot of problems.... but no repair parts would ever exist. and yes on the charge, Mine draw about 10 amps for an hour or two.. then drop down to like 5 and then around 1or less for around a day before my charger clicks to charged state. Now sure how much of that end Charge is meter draw or if it is the BMS and my charger playing games. My meter does not seem to be accurate at really low draws.
  11. The aqua bond or werner, carbon shaft plastic blades. Probably 230 and 240 length as a wild guess
  12. The valence recommendations are 20 amp recharge..... I use 10, because that is what I have. The meter definitely has it Drawing 10 amps, which is controlled by the bms
  13. I normally sit and cast. I can stand in some yaks and cast, but I am a lot more wobbly than I used to be. Always sit down to fight a fish. I don’t want to fall out into oysters in the middle of nowhere. Not a lot of wading where I usually go. Limited sand bottom. Mostly oysters and muck, stinky sticky muck
  14. How is the draft and hull slap with the EX123.